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Mad Money Journey - The Book

Though I was extremely fond of Mathematics, I never really understood finance or better say never tried to understand the subject. I always found finance as a complex subject and believed that it’s not my cup of tea. But the fact is whether you like it or not, you got to understand this complex subject and apply proper strategies to develop your finance to live your today while securing your future.

If you face the same complexities that I have with the subject of Finance then I would like to introduce you to the book called “Mad Money Journey – A Financial Adventure” by Mehrab Irani. The book guides you and helps you understand the importance of managing your finances properly. It takes you to a journey to all corners of the world to experience and learn financial management through the experience shared by different people from different professions and nationality.

So, what’s the book all about?

Now if you have read Mehrab Irani’s 1st book – 10 Commandments of Financial Freedom – then you will find that “Mad Money Journey” is actually an extension teaching these 10 commandments of Financial Freedom from life experiences. The book is a fiction yet the author has successfully drafted all the characters and their experiences brilliantly to make it look real. You might find similar people sharing same stories if you too go on such a Mad Money Journey to the farthest corners of the world.

Mad Money Journey is the story of Dr. John Pinto who in spite of being a successful and renowned doctor has experienced extreme financial set back out of wrong decisions. The book enfolds his journey around the world to understand the 10 commandments that can lead one to financial freedom following an advice from his long lost school buddy, Vijay Desai.

My review about the book

I have read the books like A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and these books left a huge impact on my perspective about life. After reading these books, I became more eager to read fiction novels that comprises of an adventurous journey delivering important life lessons along the way. Mad Money Journey justifies that criteria for me.

I don’t believe in comparisons and wouldn’t compare the works of different authors. Mad Money Journey is a different book and takes you to a different journey while teaching you different lessons on how you can too achieve financial nirvana. Each lesson is described from the experience of various people from different destinations and the hardships they go through day after day without giving up. It guides you through the basics of financial planning with a letter for each destination.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who loves reading adventure theme novels that involves traveling, new experiences, alongside learning life lessons as you read then this book is for you. Don’t read it if you are looking for fantasy based stories with imaginary creatures or any cliché romantic stories as you may find this book utterly boring.

If you liked the books like The Alchemist and A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari then you will enjoy reading Mad Money Journey too.

Few Quotes from the book

The only thing in abundance in this world is money

Vijay Mehra

In this world, everything has rules. Schools, offices, hospitals, courts and governments, all have rules, so why won’t money, the most important thing in this world, also be governed by rules?

Vijay Mehra

And, finally, what is money? It is nothing but paper currency, and if you don’t know how to bear the current of it, then either it will burn you or it will burn itself.

Vijay Mehra

If this review inspires you to read this book then grab a copy of Mad Money Journey today.

Buy Mad Money Journey from Amazon or FlipKart

However, if you have already read the book then do let us know your review about the book in the comments below.

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School is a foundation establishment where you are asked to follow a regime, work hard, score high marks, and get ready for college. The teachers at the school are your guide who convince you that following their guidelines will help you become successful in life and secure a great future.

Well, for the most part it is true that working hard during school can help you be successful in life but that’s just the foundation part. School develops a fixed mindset within you providing limited career opportunities that you can secure only getting high grades in every class. And when you realize the truth in the outer world, you will face crushing defeat and let down.

Today, the schools are just pushing the kids to pursue a medical or engineering degree while there are many other alternatives and options out there which you may be good at as well as manage huge success at that. Schools seldom encourage the entrepreneur in you and instead push you more towards a boring risk-free and overly secured lifestyle.

But if you don’t wish to follow the crowd and want a life at your terms and choice then you’re not alone. There are many examples of countless entrepreneurs and business leaders who thought out of the box and eventually learned a lot of lessons the hard way that no schools will ever teach you.

Here are some important lessons on Success that you school can’t teach you:

1. Forget failure

The ultimate cause of cheating, copying or adapting to other means of deception is the fear of failure. From the beginning, the school warns you to avoid failure and some may stoop to terrible stages to prevent failing. The truth in fact is that the failure can teach you a lesson that no textbooks or teachers from school or college ever will. Many entrepreneur and business leaders have embraced their initial failures, learned important lessons from them and eventually curated their success path effectively. They chose to try and fail instead of fearing failure now and regret it later. Failure in fact is the 1st step towards success and there’s nobody in this world who has never failed once in life. Instead of emphasizing about the failure, try to learn from it and move on towards your goal to success.

2. Don’t be afraid to take action

If failure is the stepping stone towards success then fear is a huge roadblock. No matter how confident a person seems, everyone has fear. Fear of failure, rejection and pain are some of them. You are remembered not because of your fears but how you act on them. To accomplish any goal, the 1st step is the most vital and often the hardest. The main reason it is hard because you are afraid to take action. Once you take charge and despite the fear take the first step, you will get too busy following the goal that you would have no time to be afraid anymore. So don’t be afraid to fail instead step up face you fear and if you fail then learn from any failure you encounter in life.

3. Focus on short-term plans first

Parents and teachers have the habit of putting thoughts in you about the future from the childhood itself. They would define the career you must choose and set long term plans for you. Planning is essential in life but it is foolish to get carried away by such planning. Focus on today and take one step at a time towards your goal. Set milestones and plan accordingly instead of planning about the final destination from the beginning. Covering milestones will boost confidence and such small success with short-term plans will make you more positive towards your goal. Hence, create short-term plans and focus on them before thinking about the final destination. Life is a continuous journey and at the end you will reach somewhere. Enjoy the journey, learn from the mistakes, cherish the success and pass each milestone one by one.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

4. Raise your hand and ask a question

In a batch of students there are always few who will ask questions to clear their doubts whenever they are confused or get an opportunity. They are not scared or tensed while speaking in public while some others freeze when asking a question the class. It is highly essential in the competitive world of today to speak up when you are confused or have queries about your work. At workplace too, there are workers who are ignored or under-appreciated because of their lack of ability to speak up or add inputs. If you face the trouble of speaking up in the public then get help from professionals who train in public speaking with excellent and effective strategies. To be appreciated and noticed, it is vital to raise your hand and ask a question or give your opinion.

5. Belief is stronger than you think

Self-belief can do wonders in your life. The main difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is self-belief. The most brilliant and successful people in the world have one thing in common. All of them believe in their goals and honed their passions. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before inventing the lightbulb. If he had stopped believing in himself midway, the world would be still be in darkness. The same goes for you. Don’t wait for approval or validation from others. If you believe in your vision, your ideas then just go for it. Work hard for it with self-belief, and you will never look back in your life.

6. Patience is the key to success

A lot of teachers are really great at super responsive feedback, but that too can be a hindrance. It establishes an expectation for instant results, which isn’t conducive to success in the business world. Things happen slowly. They happen so slowly, that the main reason people give up on almost any endeavor in almost every aspect of life is because of the sluggish pace of dreams. They threw in the towel when they moved in inch in a year, when they expected a mile. To piggyback on the second point above, this, too, comes from fixating on the future. Successful people don’t focus only on the end, but also how far they’ve come. Jim Carrey and his family, for instance, were once so poor that they were living out of a van to keep food in their stomachs. If Jim didn’t have the patience and belief that one day he’d be a great comedian, we’d have never seen his genius shine.

7. See greatness in others, not just the mirror

In school we loathe working in groups, and are geared to focus only on our own performance. There might be a misconception that smart and successful business people are inherently selfish. While there may be a few examples of these in corporate offices across the nation, don’t let a few bad eggs spoil the whole carton. The most talented are also usually well liked because of their ability to help others shine brightly. They can easily recognize a hard worker, a hustler, and someone who lives life with a lot of passion. What’s more, successful people always help others look better than themselves. They don’t take all the credit, they do not steal the ideas of others, and they certainly do not back stab or step on others to get what they want. Dale Carnegie is the prime example of a successful entrepreneur who evokes and promotes camaraderie in the workplace through his bestselling novel, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Our formal schooling taught us many beneficial things, but there’s always more to discover and sponge up in our journey to achieve greatness. With the steps listed above you will be well on your way to learning the essential things that were unfortunately skipped in school.

The closing bell may signify the end of a scheduled school day, but not the end of your learning.

Really, it’s only the beginning.

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Children’s Day as I remember used to be a lot of fun during school days given the fact that there were no classes on this day. Those memories of every Children’s Day celebrated at School have faded a bit yet I remember getting chocolates from teachers and most of all there used to be singing and dancing events for the entertainment part.

All those memories came back to me yesterday while attending the event organized by Women Planet and Srotoswini Trust Vadodara where 100 kids participated in a painting exhibition at the Kamatibaugh Amphitheatre in Vadodara on the eve of 14th November 2014, i.e. Children’s Day.

The experience was completely blissful to see these kids unaware of what’s going on exactly, unaware of what they are doing, unaware of what future beholds were eagerly participating in painting the canvas set up in a semicircle with ample space for all of them. They also had a Canvas space for Visitors where even I gave a shot at my painting skills. I realized later on that Painting isn’t my cup of tea but then it wasn’t a competition or display of your skills instead it was about displaying your vision and creativity. Although I envied how these small kids were more creative than me, it was yet more inspiring and motivating for me to do what I am best at – i.e. Writing.

So I decided to give a shout out about such a noble cause that these people are doing for these kids.

What’s special about these 100 Kids?

I hate to call them street kids as it will be stereotyping which I am strictly against but then to make my readers aware of them I have to use the term anyhow. These kids belong to poor families who can’t afford sending their children to school and end up giving away their kids into Child Labor. These kids are picked by the volunteers and team members of Srotoswini Trust which indulges in a program called Pathshala to educate these street children.

For me, there can’t be a bigger cause than educating a child. As I don’t believe in Gods, I won’t say Children are closer to Gods. Instead I believe that Children are the most innocent and uncluttered beings. They are in the primary stage of life where they can be nurtured or molded into a specific character with respect to the kind of education they receive.

Education doesn’t mean things what you learn only from schools but it also defines anything that you learn in life with various different experiences. I was fortunate enough to get the much needed primary education because of which I can write today and convey my thoughts to the readers of my blog. At the same time there are lots and lots of kids who are not fortunate enough to get the much needed basic education which can help them become a better person in life by guiding them to make better choices in life.

Hence, a proper education is the birth right of every child. It’s not a favor or aid that we give to these kids but it’s more about giving them a chance, an opportunity that all of us who can read, write and understand today got. Everyone deserves an opportunity. It was my honor actually to be a part of this noble cause where I observed these innocent minds who are willing to make their Udaan!

You can also be a part of their noble cause or please give a shout out about them on your social media profiles. You can find their amazing work here:

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There has been a lot of Ice Bucket Challenge viral video out on the web lately ranging from top level IT Company CEOs to Hollywood/Bollywood Superstars and Sports Celebrities. But it’s time to move over Ice Bucket Challenge and focus or adapt to a fresh and desi-er “Rice Bucket Challenge”.

For those who are not aware of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, it’s a bucket full of Ice pouring on your body challenge initiated by for spreading the awareness of a condition known as ALS.

But in a country like India, such a challenge seems baseless and somewhat publicity stunts just to catch some eyeballs. The concept of Ice Bucket Challenge was initiated to grow the awareness about ALS and collect donations and funding for the same. While in India, we have bigger problems to cater and one of them is scarcity of water.

So, Hyderabad-based Manju Latha Kalanidhi came up with an idea to help those underprivileged with the Rice Bucket Challenge, fully inspired by the global charity chain discussed above to spread the awareness about the disease ALS.

The official Facebook Page of Rice Bucket Challenge displays the slogan, “Indian version for Indian needs”.

To complete this challenge, one has to cook or buy a bucket full of rice and feed the poor or those underprivileged children who needs it. Just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, one can challenge their friends, colleagues, associates by tagging them and using the hashtag #RiceBucketChallenge and move the challenge forward.

For some reasons if you don’t want to complete the challenge, you can also pass the challenge by donating medicines worth Rs. 100 to your nearest Government Hospital to help the poor.

Unlike the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s no organization behind Rice Bucket Challenge. A mere post on Facebook by Manju Latha Kalanidhi kick started this campaign. “My own local, practical and tangible version/response to #icebucketchallenge… save water feed the hungry!” she posted this on her Facebook profile and next the update got showered with likes and shares from all over India making the post viral.

As the “Rice Bucket Challenge”, the social campaign initiated by Ms. Manju Latha Kalanidhi went viral and became successful on social media helping a huge number of undernourished people especially women and children. To honor this effort of hers, the Indian Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO) has decided to award Karmaveer Chakra Award and the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship to Ms. Manju Latha Kalanidhi.

Please read the full Press Release here. (Opens as PDF).

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We may eat the healthiest diet and practice every kind of fitness regime to keep our body healthy, but if our digestive system is weak, then all our efforts to build a stronger body goes in waste. Stomach is a small part of body but it’s actually the most important source of strength. With wrong eating habits, irregular lifestyle and pollution, our whole body gets weaker in passing time. If, one intakes proper food that builds the strength and immunity power of body, then it’s unlikely that your digestion will become weak ever.


Body Shaming Meaning

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There are times when we face criticism on our body and skin. To get approval we rely on beauty creams, slimming pills and treatments...