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Gym has become an essential part of the lives of those who want to lead a healthy and stress free life. People apply for a gym membership for three good reasons: To look good, improve health and burst stress. Yeah, you read it right. Everyone wants to look good and have that great body. But having all toned body for girls and the muscled up structure for boys is not enough. Gym is one of those places where the guy and gals meet. Now you don’t  wanna approach a hottie with that body odour, greasy hair or oily skin caused due to sweating while working out and make a bad impression at your first meet itself. We have a solution for this and a quite easy one for that matter.

Let us give you a list of Gym Bag essentials you must have the next time you go to the Gym.

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  • Deodourant: Now working out in a gym or a fitness center is all about sweating those calories. But, sweat if stay on the body for a longer time results into odour and that too a really bad one. So if you don’t want to earn a notorious reputation for bad odour, you must keep a deodourant in your gym bag. Don’t try to be an extra smart and bathe in some strong perfume. Remember, its not a who smells best contest. A mild deodourant is good enough.
  • Disinfectant Tissues/ Hand Sanitizers: Sweat is one thing that can’t be controlled in a gym. With sweat comes germs and bacteria thrive in sweat. Actually in many countries its a courtesy to wipe it off during and after using the equipment. But, unfortunately not many follow this. In such cases, disinfectant tissues may come handy. Also it will be foolish to go a wash your hands very often with water during a workout session. A hand sanitizer is what that could come to rescue then.
  • Energy Bars: Working out in a gym has become essential in today’s fast moving world. People who can’t find time in the morning schedule their work out time in the evening after work hours. In such cases there are chances that you are out of energy by the time you finish your work out session and feel weak or hungry. It is very much advisable to keep energy bars in your gym bag which you can eat after your work out that helps you refuel your body until you reach home and have a proper meal. Dietitians and health experts advise to eat energy bars after workouts and only after consuming adequate fluids.
  • Music Player: You are likely to get disturbed or distracted with lots of people talking or some loud music being played in the background which you don’t even enjoy in the gym. Its best to carry a music player along with ear phones in your gym bag. Upload some up-tempo workout music or songs as your playlist and be focused at the gym while you workout. Having earphones on also restricts others to disturb or distract you during workouts.
  • Facewash: A good workout session will open up your skin pores that would release oil which if mixed with dust or dirt can cause acne. To protect yourself from any kind of bacterial infection or acne problems its advisable to keep a facewash in your gym bag which you can use to wash your face to take off the sweat, dirt and oil altogether.
  • Water Bottle: This one is the most important of all. As discussed above we sweat a lot while working out in a gym and because of which the body loses a great amount of water. This may lead to dehydration. Its often advised by experts to consume at least 250 ml of fluid within 30 minutes of exercise. This is actually in addition to 200 ml of fluid that you must consume every 10 to 20 minutes during workout. It would be time consuming and often irritating to make frequent trips to the water cooler to drink water and maintain the water balance of the body. You may even skip drinking water because of that. Keep a water bottle with you in your gym bag and drink water at regular intervals without the need of going anywhere.
  • Chapstick/ Lip Balm: Now you might be thinking if this is the list of some beauty contest or what. But you read it right. Gyms are often cool, air-conditioned which can leave your lips dry more often. And after those extensive workouts to get the right physique, you don’t want to smile at that hunk/hottie at the gym with your dry, cracked lips, do you? Now don’t over do this by applying a thick lip-stick or lip gloss; a simple lip balm will do.
  • Pain-Relieving Cream: Any physical activity need precaution and its prone to injuries. Its very much advisable to keep a pain relieving  cream in your gym bag as you never know when you may need it. Whenever you try a new fitness regime or follow a regime wrongly there are chances of that tiny muscle tearing which won’t be paining the first day but gets worsen if not treated the same day. Though use these cream carefully as they have side effects such as burning or stinging sensation. Consult your physician to find out the best pain relieving cream for you. If the injury is severe then immediately consult a doctor.


So, here are the useful and essential things that you must have in your gym bag. Just working out in gym is not enough, you must also be prepared for whatever while you spend your hours at the gym.

If you think we missed something important in the list please let us know in the comments below.


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