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Body Shaming Meaning

There are times when we face criticism on our body and skin. To get approval we rely on beauty creams, slimming pills and treatments that can alter our real appearance. So, what forces to change your identity? The answer lies around the people of your inner circle. Body shaming is done by parents, siblings, teachers, friends, or colleagues. The damage is done daily whether intentionally or not, it gives blows until you crack and give it to the negativity.

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Wrinkle Myths Debunked

Most of the women tend to look for the ways to get rid of their wrinkles as it’s considered as a sign of aging. There are many solutions which can help minimize the appearance of wrinkle on the face but one needs to understand how these solutions work. We tend to waste most of our time and precious money on these wrinkle fighting strategies which never works on certain skin. Wrinkles are a natural sign that your skin is aging but if the wrinkles appear in 30’s then you need to analyze on things you need to foresee which can be the main cause of skin aging.

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Best Face Packs For Glowing Skin

It’s a dream of every woman to look beautiful and have the everlasting, clearer, glowing skin, throughout the life. However, even though you take care of your skin daily, due to the growing pollution, harsh sunlight and hectic schedules inviting stress and anxiety, the dream of clearer and glowing skin seems a distant one.

Whether it’s the hormonal changes in younger teenage girls or the stress of day-to-day lives for adults, the skin becomes vulnerable to pimples or acne, tanning, blemishes, spots that restricts the skin from having clearer flawless skin. Although, there are a lot of skin care products available in the market, which could effectively solve these problems, they also dig a deep hole in your pocket.

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Best Healthy Foods For Glowing Skin

The one question every woman asks God is the secret of having a Glowing Skin.Desiring a flawless beauty is not wrong, but using chemical based cosmetics and makeup to look good is nothing but fooling yourself. Such products can make you look good for a short span of time, but harms your skin in the worst possible way. The true beauty lies in what you eat and how you lead the life. There are foods that have the power to make you feel good and help your skin glow naturally.

To help you attain a natural glow on your skin, I have compiled a list of Super Foods for that Flawless Younger Looking Skin.

Best Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin:

  1. Blueberries: Ranked as the number one antioxidant food by nutritionists, a bowl of blueberries can protect your skin from premature aging. You can have blueberries with yogurt or cereals every day to get your daily boost of antioxidants for healthy looking skin.
  2. Spinach: Green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that makes your immune system stronger. Spinach is filled with vitamins B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids that boost your digestion, removes toxins, good for eyes and boost blood flow in skin making you look younger.
  3. Tomatoes: Lycopene, the anti-aging antioxidant is found in tomatoes, which gets easily absorbed in your body and boosts our skin renewal process. So, if you want that spotless skin, opt to eat some tomatoes before applying it on your skin.
  4. Wild Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids are very essential in your body to make the skin supple and moisturized so that it doesn’t lose the elasticity. Wild Salmon is one such food which is tasty to eat and keeps your skin moisturized from the inside. Bake it in olive oil with some spices or grill it and sever it with fresh salad, either way salmon is good for health and it also suffice the need for Vitamin D in your body.
  5. Oysters: Once called as an aphrodisiac by researchers, Oyster is a good source of zinc that regenerates the skin renewal and repair in your body. If you have brittle nails, dull hair and tired eyes, eating Oysters will not only perish these problems, but it will also make you feel beautiful with every bite.
  6. Walnuts: Most of the people will give advice for using a walnut based scrub or cream for your skin. Well, instead of going for the artificial thing, eat walnuts everyday as one bowl can give you healthy hair, shining eyes, strong bones and smooth skin. Walnut is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E both known for their power to repair damage skin.
  7. Beans: One of the best source of protein is through beans and legumes. Protein is very essential in your body to repair damage cells. Consuming protein rich diet with Vitamin C helps the body to break it down into amino acids that speed up the repair and regeneration of skin cells.
  8. Avocados: Mostly this fruit is consumed as a healthy option for butter, but Avocado also contains high amount of biotin, an important nutrient for preventing dry skin, brittle nails and hair.
  9. Kiwis: Wrinkles and pigmentation are the two main problems associated with skin aging. Kiwis is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c which is good for healthy skin, bones and teeth. Also, consuming this fruit will keep heart disease and cancer cells at bay.
  10. Green Tea: A healthy beverage one can enjoy daily without worrying about the dead calories. Green Tea is a great source of polyphenols which cleans your system, hydrates the body and burns unwanted fat from body.
  11. Dark Chocolate: Though considered as a sin, eating dark Chocolate will always do well to your body. Dark chocolate protects your skin from sun damage and locks the moisture in your skin. If you’re suffering from acne issue, eat small amount of dark chocolate every day to balance the hormones in order to keep the digestive system clean.
  12. Yogurt: Did you know that one cup of low-fat yogurt contains more calcium than a one big glass of low-fat milk? Yes, that’s a fact. Eating yogurt is not only good for your teeth, bones, but also great for the skin as it provides natural moisture to the skin cells. Eating yogurt with some fruits can curb down your midday hunger pangs effectively.

Hope, with the data, you will get enough inspiration and guidance to live a healthy life, also get beautiful radiant skin effortlessly.

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Fashion is, as we know it, the trend of changes, or maybe the change of trends. However you would like to define it, one thing is for sure: what is trendy now can lose its value in the future and what is common now have been a sensation in the past.

Several inventions have shaped the fashion industry to what it has become of today. Important creations in the past became “trendy” and was widely used, morphing them into essential apparels like the bra, and bikini. Other important creations made the production of clothing more efficient like the spinning jenny and the sewing machine. The others listed here are considered as women’s must-haves and staple attires in the wardrobe like the miniskirt and the simple black dress.

The Spinning Jenny

The spinning jenny was created in 1764 by James Hargreaves. This innovation made the production of cotton yarn larger by eight to 120 spools at a time. Hargreaves lived near Blackburn in England which supplied “Blackburn greys” which were linen and cotton. During his time, Blackburn could not keep up with the demand for cotton until he developed the spinning jenny. His creation was further developed by other inventors to better accommodate the increasing demand of the world for cotton.

The Sewing Machine

Before there were sewing machines, people sewed cloths manually. As the demand for cloths increased, the supply had to keep up. However, the manual production was not effective to meet the demand.

In 1755, a German engineer who was working in England that time created the very first machine that aided sewing. His name was Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal. Many developments were made since, then, a French tailor in 1829, Barthelme Thimonnier, created the very first functional sewing machine. He used his machine to create uniforms for the French Army.

During the Industrial Revolution, the sewing machine was even more improved for better clothing production.


It’s hard to imagine a world without zippers but, believe it or not, it actually existed. It was only introduced in 1851 but did not take off probably due to the booming business of sewing machine. In 1913, it finally took off after many developments and alterations to the zipper we know today.

Little Black Dress

Black dresses were only worn during funerals and for mourning before the 1920s. Any situation outside this context did not allow the wearing of black dresses. After this decade, this simple black dress with long sleeves, and calf length became a uniform probably after the great number of deaths after the First World War

It was also suggested that it became commonly used since you can dress up or down with its simplicity and elegance co-existing.


Dresses that were below the knee in length, hats, gloves, and pantyhose were the staple outfit of women before the 1960s. Then, miniskirts became a hit.

Many claim to be the first designers of miniskirt but the alleged hit-maker was British model Jean Shrimpton for wearing a dress above the knee, with no gloves, hat, pantyhose, nor sleeves, during the first day of the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival, and kind of went against the conservative society then.

The Bra

Today, the bra is seen as something women cannot live without, let alone go outside the house without. However, in the past, before it was considered as a daily important underwear, it was nothing but a supporter – an option.

It was said that supporters for the breasts were worn as early as the 1880s. However, it was not as it had been in the 1910s wherein women were wearing fashionable bras.

The developments in bra designs were revolutionary and allowed women to sport different looks. In the 1920s, bras were designed to flatten the breasts to sport flapper dresses which were commonly worn in those days. In the 1950s, bra designs increased its function as a bust supporter and later on inspired the sweater girl look sported by Hollywood actresses. In the 1960s, a different revolution transpired and bras were not used until 1990s. During this time, the Wonderbra surfaced and became a hit. Later on in 1994, lingerie was developed and is now used by most women ever since.


The more commonly worn swim attire for women was a pair of a halter top and high-waist, wide-leg shorts, in the 1930s. On July 5, 1946, a French engineer introduced bikini to the public but was not used only until the prominence of youthful liberation in the 1960s. Today, bikinis have become a staple outfit in every woman’s wardrobe that online bikini shopping became a trend.

This is a guest post by Sunny who works at PrivyPleasures. He loves everything about clothes and online shopping. Also he understands that female buyers find it difficult to buy lingerie from retail stores, and nowadays, most prefer to buy it online.


Body Shaming Meaning

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There are times when we face criticism on our body and skin. To get approval we rely on beauty creams, slimming pills and treatments...