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Women always wish to look beautiful and for this they can go to any level. In everyday life we use many products natural or chemical based to make our skin look younger, healthier and fairer. But, with ageing and stress, wrinkles, skin pigmentations get visible on your skin. To get rid of this, many expensive beauty treatments are available and most of are really weird. So, here’s the list of unbelievable beauty treatments to get the perfect sweet sixteen glows.

Snake Venom Facial:

This anti-ageing product is based upon the venom of a Temple Viper snake which gives somewhat same effect of snake bite i.e. leaving skin bit numb. Snake Venom Facial factually freezes the face and tightens out fine lines leaving your skin tight and wrinkle free. Many of Hollywood celebrities are a regular customer of this treatment. Though, it would be foolish to try such thing in home.

Fish pedicures:

This kind of pedicure has gained popularity in spas across the UK and the US. In Fish pedicures, tiny Garra Rufa fish are kept in tank where clients can dunk their feet and get a painless cleaning by these really small fishes. The fishes nibble the dead skin of feet leaving them clean and smooth.

Bird Poop Facial:

Popularly known as the Geisha Facial in London, this unusual treatment is from Japan. Bird Poop Facial is actually made by drying bird droppings under UV lights then mixing with rice bran and water and the mixture as face mask to get fresh and glowing skin.

Bull Semen Hair Conditioner:

This treatment sound weird but it’s actually gaining popularity in UK among clients who want to enhance the beauty of their crowning glory. Bull Semen Hair Conditioner is made by organically-produced bull’s semen combined with the root of protein-rich plant katera to make a smooth mixture to massage into hair making them extra smooth.

Snail secretion skin cream:

This beauty product use snail serum which is gathered pure from live snails kept in laboratories in Chile. Snail secretion has powerful biological properties that to help relieve skin from acne, wrinkles and dull complexions.

One should always remember that all these treatments are done by professionals who have learnt every step of the following beauty treatments and any of the above treatments shouldn’t be tried at home.

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It’s an irony that we take good care of our skin and hair all around the year to make it look beautiful and healthy but we forget everything in Holi. This is a festival of bright colors, fun, dancing and eating delicacy of Holi fest. But now it’s becoming more a festival of harsh chemicals and health hazards. It will be foolish to believe that others will be using natural colors instead of chemical colors. Despite of the known fact that these colors have adverse effect on skin, many people use such colors just for enjoyment. There are many cases of skin rash, allergy in eye or ear and much more reported after Holi. These colors are actually used as industrial dyes, and can cause serious harm to skin. But still you can’t be a spoil sport and sit home avoiding Holi. With some simple precautionary measures, one can actually avoid the effects of harsh chemicals and enjoy Holi fest.

Tips for a Safer Holi:

  • Opt for natural or herbal colors as they are skin friendly. Use of too harsh chemicals will leave skin dry and even cause rashes and itching. These colors can penetrate into skin easily which can cause major skin problems. The best option for Holi is herbal gulaal which has powdery soft texture.
  • While playing with colors, avoid wearing contact lenses. If the color comes between your eye and lens, it can cause infection and even eye damage.
  • Try wearing clothes that covers maximum part of your body. Use a think body cream with UV protection that will prevent color to penetrate in your skin. You can also apply almond oil as this helps the color comes off quickly.
  • When the synthetic color comes into contact with hair or scalp, it tends to turn extremely dry and brittle. Sometime hair roots can also be damaged by coming in contact with this color. Try applying coconut oil in your hair before playing Holi. Also cover your hair with a cap or bandana in order to protect your hair.
  • If the color comes into contact with your eyes, ear or throat, wash off the color immediately. Try avoiding standing in sunlight as it will burn your skin.
  • To get rid of color, do not rub your skin vigorously. Try to remove it with some skin cleanser or almond oil as it will prevent your skin from rash. It’s must for those who have sensitive skin. You can also apply a mix of besan (Gram Flour) with milk and bit turmeric powder. Let it dry on your skin and rub off gently and then use water to remove it completely.

There is saying “Prevention is better than Cure”, so why not start a Holi by using natural or food colors. You should never forget that in festive enthusiasm, you may accidentally harm someone.


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