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The latest makeup trend this year is the nude makeup. Most of the celebrities all over the world are going for nude make up which basically is enhancing your natural look so your skin looks without much makeup yet fresh and flawless. Nude make up is the trend which most of the people are adapting as it gives you a freshly scrubbed face look but also hides your blemish quite nicely. Most of the beauticians use mineral makeup and shades that are close your skin tone. This way you enhance your natural beauty without looking artificial.

Most of the nude make up is actually very costly and out budget for most the girls. So, is there any way out to that? The answer is “YES”. I have been to my favorite cosmetic store and found few tips to get a nude makeup done with just few products. These makeup tips just worked fine with me even though I have some blemish on my side face.

Let your natural beauty come up with Nude Makeup Tips:

Nude MakeupMagic of BB Cream: There many good BB creams available in the market nowadays. They come with SPF and gives you a matt look. Basically I love BB cream as it don’t give you fake look which can be often seen if you have used a thick foundation. BB creams are generally cream base so they absorb in your skin easily and gives you even look. All you need to do is apply small spots on your skin and with the use of your fingertips just spread them evenly on your skin. Apply bit more amount on under eye and on blemish marks. For those who have oily skin problem try going for matt look BB cream.

Get The Spark with Eye Shadow: When we do makeup, the one thing we look for is an eye shadow matching to your clothes. But, this year, match the eye shadow that mix easily with your skin. You subtle colors to enhance your eyes. Don’t go for dark colors, instead just use them to give your eye a highlight.

Enhance with the Liner and Mascara: Eyes can convey the beauty of a person’s face. No matter if you have a small eyes or a large one, enhancing your eye with kajal, eyeliner and mascara is very easy. If you have white skin tone, try using brown eyeliner instead of black one. This will easily matches with your skin color and gives you a soft look. But, to get a Smokey Eye Look, use a waterproof kajal pencil and a stroke of mascara. This is the best and easiest way to make your eye look alive. Try this and you will a noticeable difference in your look.

Highlight with Blusher: The most important point of using a blusher is applying it in a correct way. A smart stoke of blusher can make your face appear thin and highlight the cheek bones. When you choose the blusher, go for the shade that is close to your skin tone. Once you have selected that, apply it on the upper side of cheeks only. The one thing that most of the girls do wrong while using a blusher is that they apply long strokes on the chin area. Never do that as you want to highlight the cheek line of your face and your entire cheek. Also, use a light stroke of bluster on your forehead and nose. This will highlight your face.

Lip Smacking Look: Lips is the most important part and it actually grabs the opposite persons attention. A good lips is very important to complete your perfect look. If you are suffering from a dry or dull lips, the best way is do a gentle exfoliation before you start using makeup. Use lip balm or any cold crème to moisturize your lips. Then either use a color that matches to your look or use bold colors like red or peach that highlights your lips. If you are having wrinkles around your lips, using dark lipstick might destroy your whole look. The best way is to stick to lip gloss or lipstick which comes with extra moisturizer. Pink, peach or red are my favorite color. Just go and choose the one that goes with your skin tone.

This is very simple way to do makeup. You can do it every day before going to office, or use some silver highlights before going for a dinner party. With only small amount of makeup, you can actually create a perfect look for yourself. To look radiant all day, use a good skin cream before applying makeup. Also, always use branded products and make sure they suit to your skin. Remove makeup when before you go to sleep which will allow your skin to breath and regain its natural beauty.

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Living healthy is the most important thing for women besides looking vibrant and younger. Today, many women either use different cosmetics, go for surgeries to look younger. Hiding wrinkles, fine lines near eyes or mouth, getting rid of uneven skin tone seems to be priorities of women today. There are many fat loss programs available too that helps or guides on “How to Lose Weight Fast for Women”. Well, I can’t really blame them as now Women play a bigger role in society where they are often judged by their overall looks. But, with so much pressure, often most of us forget that healthy body is the most important factor to look younger. You do need creams and lotions to protect your skin from outside but the major work done from inside. So have you done anything for a healthy body? Not yet… well here are just 5 Steps that will help you look up to 10 years younger and it’s absolutely free.

1. Exercise:

Shaking the booty (while walking) in morning is the most difficult thing for every women. You go to office, take care of kids, pack lunch, drive to school, go to shopping, the list seems endless. All, this work does burn your calorie but it makes you more tired which leads to your body age faster. To have a healthy body, you need to work out but in a way that you feel fresh rather than look tired. Exercising 4 to 5 times a week is the best way to make your body fit and healthy. Start with the cardio exercise for the first day followed by yoga on the second day. Practice exercise to tone your body which includes special exercise to tone arms, legs and core muscles. Keep stretch exercises for fourth day and on fifth day enjoy bicycling, swimming or any activity you love to do.

2. Eat Right:

The key here is not just eating low fat diet but you need to get all the necessary supplements you’re your food. Eating right is big step towards maintaining healthy lifestyle. Most of us always think about a diet that helps lose weight. In the process we prepare a list of what to eat to lose weight naturally. Because of living a fast paced life where many of us don’t have the patience to cook anything after leading a hectic day. As a result, many of us order our favorite fast food for night or wait till the microwave announces that the food is ready. In order to function correctly, your body needs right blend nutrients from food. Many of your fast and convenience way of eating lack in providing necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to regenerate new cells and fight diseases. While they may taste good but in reality you consume unhealthy calories only. The best is to start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, try eliminating processed food from your diet and replace it with whole grain food and fish. Opt for green salad with brown bread sandwich when you’re feeling hungry. Even with these small changes in your diet, you will find yourself healthier and younger.

3. Water:

You might always look for a good cream or soap for your body as the skin is looking dull and lusterless. But, have you ever thought that it might be because your body is not enough hydrated. Your body requires 1.5 to 2 liters water per day to stay hydrated. Also, more intake of water purifies your body from inside. All you have to bear is 2 – 3 more rounds to wash room but that’s not a bad deal when it hydrates your skin making it look healthier and younger.

4. Visit Doctor Regularly:

Sometimes, even after eating right, doing exercise, you don’t feel the strength in your body. This might be because of some disease inside your body which you are not aware off. The best way to ascertain health status is to visit your doctor on regular intervals. It’s the best way to monitor your health and avail prompt treatment if diagnosed early for certain disease.

5. Be Happy With Yourself:

Ok, we all wish to look young and fit like Victoria’s Secret models but can that be really achieved? I am not saying that you can’t. Most of the women take too much stress to look younger which actually has negative impact on their health.

On a lighter note, I hope you don’t believe in the following phrase:

“If stress burned calories, I’d be a supermodel.”

Instead try being happy on what you are and improve the way you live your life. You need to be happy about the good changes not taking stress on whether the change in you is instant or not. Also, avoid people who always pass negative comments. These people are not happy about themselves and don’t wish to see you happy too.

Many of us want to know, what is the best way to lose weight?

Frankly speaking there are no easy ways to lose weight. Follow the above steps and lead a healthier and younger life.

The mantra to look younger is start accepting yourself with smile today, become a happy person in future.

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Today is the 365th Women’s Day. All around the word, women celebrate their empowerment and freedom. For me this is not a day for women empowerment but more of celebrating the boon of “Being Women”.

Kids thank mother, husband thanks his wife, brother thanks sister, father thanks daughter – this day every role of a woman is respected. Even as a daughter, I call or meet my mother to thank for giving me birth, freedom, and power of correct thinking.

Till this day, I never forget one women who was there with me when my own mother wasn’t there to hold me. Still remember her warm hug whenever I used to raise my hands just to feel secure. I still remember the feel of her rough hands when she used to bathe me, feed me, get me ready, or made me walk. Her broken teeth smile when I used to do antics to get attention. Hazy memories always filled my heart when I remember this mother who didn’t gave me birth but holds a very high place in my memory.

Sayra Bai, my Aaya who used to wear maroon saree covering her head. Her completion was dark and skin wrinkled. She had rough hands as she worked in Construction Company. I remember people calling her bad omen as she was a child widow. She had night blindness problem, still she was there for me in the night too.

Even with so many hardships, I remember her working with smile. She was the one who taught me to fold my hands in front of God though being a Muslim. Still remember her specially cooked tomato rasam when I used to get cold. A women who took care of me, kept me clean, healthy, and gave me freedom to play in dirt. She was paid nominal fees and food to take care of me but in return she gave me one priceless thing – “Motherly Love”

On this Women’s Day… I thank you Sayra Bai for the love you have given me as a child. Hope to give same kind of love and strength to my child one day….. Respect and Love to woman who made me stand.

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Our skin gets affected a lot each time we step out of house. Starting from the dust, pollution and heat from the sun, each things makes your skin dull each passing day. We go for several skin treatments in parlor to make skin clean and pimple free. But, does that really help?

I have a sensitive skin and even a small amount of dust in my bed leads to a big red ugly pimple on my forehead, cheeks, chin and worse on tip of nose. Few days, back I met my friend and while talking I was amazed to see that she got a very clear radiant skin. So, to get the best tips, I started asking about her routine and products she use. All the things we used were same except she applied toner every day. Unlike many, I never understand the real benefits of using a toner. Still, I decided to go for one. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I started using toner and my skin feels fresh day or night. It’s good to see your face normal rather than looking similar to mars surface.

What is Toner?

Toner is alcohol based solution that removes dirt from the pores of your skin without damaging the skin. It also helps to restore pH balance, oil secretion and balance uneven skin tone of your skin. Many options in toners are available in the market, one with alcohol and herbal which comes in the combination of purified water and herbs to cleanse your skin.

How Toner is Helpful?

Like many of you, I always felt toner unnecessary. As I told that my skin is very sensitive, I am prone to acne when makeup or dust stick to my face for longer time. One of my friend recently recommended an herbal toner and after just 3 days I can see major difference in my face. Basically, toner cleans your pores from deep without removing the moisture from skin. If you are using harsh soap to wash your face, it will even remove the trace of chemicals from your skin. It tightens the open pores and makes your skin look younger. If applied on the T zone of your face, toner balance the oil secretion of this area.

How to Use Toner Every Day?

As I mentioned, using toner on regular basis help remove dust, makeup and even soap remains from your deep within your skin. But, what kind of toner one should use. For those who have sensitive skin, use rose water or toner which has need or basil. People with oily skin should opt of toner with the properties of tea tree. It controls the secretion of oil and make your face look fresh for longer time. For those who have dry skin problem, use any mild toner preferably herbal. Always use toner after washing your face with a good face wash. Apply toner with the help of sterilized cotton in an upward direction. This was it will not only clean your skin from deep but also tighten your skin. Moisturizing your skin is very important after using toner. As toner removes excessive oil from your skin, the upper layer loses some moisture making it dry. It is wise to use moisturizer containing Vitamin E which will rejuvenate and repair your skin from deep.

Benefits of Using Toner Every Day:

  • Gets easily penetrates in the skin. Facial toners cleans the skin from deep so your skin gets free from acne, works as anti-aging, locks the moisture in skin.
  • Helps in reducing irritation and inflammation on skin. Those who have sensitive skin should go for toners containing aloe Vera, lavender, neem or tea tree oil.
  • Toners helps in making open skin pores smaller which leads to tightening of skin gradually.
  • Reduce excessive oil secretion on T zone (forehead, nose and chin) of face
  • Maintains PH balance of skin.
  • Many facial toners are designed specifically to refresh the skin. Such toners often come in spray bottle and has pleasant fragrance. They are most helpful in summer days when you avoid applying thick lotions on your skin.

Since the day I started using FabIndia Neem Tulsi toner, my skin got smoother and felt soft even when I am not using any cream. If you don’t wish to spend money on toner, stay tuned and soon I will be posting on some very easy ways to make toner at home.

Keep reading and don’t forget to comment on how you liked my article.

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Recently I went to shop for my favorite Levi’s Curve ID jeans. While trying with different pants, I found one girl standing looking at her rear side. I noticed that she was not exactly happy on what was in front of her. She was quite slim and her butts were really flat. Not that I am making fun of girls who have flat butts. Most of us  are not blessed with curves on the right places. But, there’s always a hard but sure shot way to get what you always want.

A flat butt can make you feel self-conscious about your body. So, if you desire for rounder, shapelier butt that gives proper definition to lower part of your body, a combination of cardiovascular workouts and strength training exercise is very much needed that also helps strengthening of your legs too. A proper combination of these exercises will help you tone butt muscles, reduce excessive fat, built strength and redefine shape of your backside.

Exercises to redefine your Butt Shape:

  • Lunges: It’s the most effective exercise to tone your gluteus muscles and legs. To practice lunges, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Lower your rear and bend your knees as if you are going to sit on chair. Make sure your foot remains flat on the floor while practicing lunges. Practice lunges 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Squats: Like squats, lunges also work on the major muscles of your lower body. Practicing this exercise will also improve your body balance. Take right leg forward, keeping your back straight. Bend your right leg knee to about 90 degrees. Keep your body weight on your back toes and pull your body downwards so that your back foot knee gets close to floor but not touching it. Practice squats 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Dead Lifts: Stand straight keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your side. Bend your knees slightly, and try touching your feet. Hold the position for 5 seconds and come to starting position. Practice dead lift 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Hip Extensions: Lie face down, your body balanced on your knees and hand.  Tighten your abs and lift until it forms straight line of your body. Hold your leg for 5 seconds then lower down slowly.  Repeat it with the other leg. Practice hip lifts 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Cardio Workouts: The best way to make any workout effective is to practice it with any kind of cardio workout. Go for running, cycling, swimming or just walk on tread mill for 30 minutes. This will warm your body to form any kind of workout focused on specific part.

Any kind of strength training won’t shape and tone your muscles as the fat is not equally spread on body. By incorporating cardiovascular exercise, you can burn fat all over and tone your gluteus muscles. Perform 15 to 20 minutes of cardio exercise before practicing your butt-toning strength-training moves for faster and effective results.

Hope this article help to have great Butt year ahead.


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