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Most of the people think that to get a healthy body, we must exercise regularly. But do you know that regular stretching is also as important as exercise. Stretching correctly increases your flexibility and reduces the risk of muscles injury while doing exercise. The total body stretch workout offers flexibility in chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs. We give a total stretch work out which you can do any time. It can be done after your work out or even in office especially when you are sitting in the same position for too long. But you need to make sure that you do not stretch if you are having any kind of injury in your body. Giving wrong pressure on the injured body can worsen the pain in body.

  • Stretching Neck:

    It’s the most crucial part of our upper body. Sometimes we suddenly feel a lot of pain at the back of our neck area. This happens due to a wrong sitting position for a longer period of time. To strength the neck, you can incline your head forward slowly and then return into center and then incline your head backward. Similarly you can stretch your neck to the left and right. Do not roll the neck as it may harm the muscles around that area.

  • Stretching of Shoulder:

    This is one of the simplest exercise to strength your shoulder area. Put arm on your chest and grab the forearm with the opposite hand and pull gently. Keep your hand in this position for 30 sec. till you feel stretch in your shoulder. Release gently and repeat it with the other hand. You can do 5 repetitions for each hand.

  • Stretching of Triceps:

    This exercise requires certain level of flexibility, so do not push yourself too much to get it correctly. Lift your right arm and bend it from the elbow. Put your forearm down behind your head and between your shoulder blades and grab it from the right hand from behind. Pull your elbow towards your head. This will stretch your whole triceps area making it stronger.

  • Stretch of Wrist:

    We do most of the work with our hand and the wrist area generally bears all the pressure. So, it’s very necessary to build strength in the wrist. Hold your arm out and slightly pull back your hand down with your opposite hand to feel a slight stretch in your wrist. Do the same with other hand.

  • Stretching Quadriceps:

    This stretching is beneficial to those who frequently complain for pain in legs. For this exercise you need to stand straight and pull one leg behind you. Make sure to maintain the balance on your other leg. Try holding it for 5 breaths and bring the leg down. Repeat it with other leg. Regular practice of this routine with stretch your overall muscles in your legs.

  • Stretching Calves:

    This exercise will target the back part of your leg. Stand straight and bring one leg forward by two to three inches. Bend down slowly and try to touch the toe with the same side hand. Hold it for ten breaths until you can feel the stretch from hip to toe. Repeat it with the other leg.

  • Stretching Hamstrings:

    For this you need to sit on a mat and put one leg out at 90 degree and bend the other leg from knee in such a way that the foot area touches the thigh of the straight leg. Reach for the foot of straight leg and hold it for five breaths. Repeat it with the other leg. Do not push more if you feel pain in your back.

  • Stretching Legs:

    This routine is divided into two parts. Lay flat on your back on the mat and pull both the legs up in 90 degree. Grab the back of your thighs and pull your leg towards your face. Don’t jerk while doing the stretch exercise as it may cause an injury. On the second part, sit straight on mat and pull your feet of both the legs in such a way that they touch each other. Hold the toes with your hand and try lifting your legs simultaneously from the knee area. This will strengthen you thigh muscles.

  • Stretching Lower Back:

    Back is one area which holds the whole balance of your body. Lay down straight on your back. Bring one leg onto your chest and hold it for 5 breaths. Make sure your back is comfortable and not hurting in any way. Repeat it this with the other leg. This will help you get rid of your back pain.

If you don’t have time to do the whole routine of stretching, try focus on a key area of the body where you feel your muscles are tight. With the regular practice of this exercise you will feel your body more flexible than before.

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When it comes to weight loss, getting a strong and flexible body, peace of mind or just wishing for beautiful healthy skin – a regular practice of yoga can help you achieve all that. However most of the people understand yoga by limited yoga poses (aasanas). Yoga is not only to achieve a great body or to do meditation but its benefits are much more. Yoga helps you to unite the mind, body and breathe in a uniform way. It brings harmony within you to make your life quieter, happier and more fulfilling.

Here, we give you top benefits you can get from the regular practice of yoga.

• All- round Fitness of Body: All the yoga postures are made to make your body more flexible and strong. It burns extra fat, build you muscles but also improves flexibility of body which we lose after certain age. Yoga practice will bring peace at mental as well as spiritual level.

• Weight loss: This is one thing most of us wish for. Yoga asana like Surya Namskar, and Kapal Bhati are the best to help you lose weight from all over the body. These yoga poses not only helps keep a check on weight but also tighten the loose skin of your body.

• Relive from Stress: Few minutes of practice of yoga can be a great way to get rid of stress can that accumulates daily in mind and body. Doing meditation in pranayama is an effective technique to get rid of stress from mind. It also helps to de-tox your body to make you feel fresh and relaxed all-round the day.

• Improved Immunity: Most of us lead a very stressful life and often become irregular in our eating and sleeping habits. Little we know that these small things can actually harm our body and lowers down immunity power of our body. Doing yoga every day in morning will strengthen organs and muscles.

• Better Posture and Flexibility of Body: Often while building muscles and tightening your body, you forget about the flexibility of the body. With regular yoga, body muscles get stretched and toned and also get stronger in time. It also improves your body posture when you stand, sit or sleep. Our body often gets hurt by sitting or sleeping in a wrong position. With the help of yoga, you can get relief from body pain and correct your posture at the same time.

• Better Flexibility & Posture: You only need to include yoga in your daily routine to benefit from a body that is strong, supple and flexible. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong. It also helps improve your body posture when you stand, sit, sleep or walk. This would, in turn, help relieve you of body pain due to incorrect posture.

• Great Intuition Power: Yoga and meditation hold the power to enhance intuitive ability of mind so that you can take fast and correct decisions in your personal and professional life. It really works but for that you need to practice regular and see the result all by yourself.

Yoga requires continuous practices and the deeper you move into yoga, the more profound its benefits will be.

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Meditation is one of the most important principles of yoga. With the regular practice of meditation, many have achieved mental clarity and good health. With the proper information of different meditation techniques, you can choose techniques on beginner or advance level.

Studies show that meditation can bring great benefits to an individual psychological and physiological health. It is said that Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state, which is actually a level of perception that stimulates the healing state of body. With a regular practice of mediation, you can improve blood pressure and get relief from pain and stress. To give you a complete knowledge about health benefits of meditation, we have divided into three main parts: Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual Benefits.

Physiological Welfares from Meditation:

  • Research has found that with the regular practice of meditation, lower heart rate, and reduced exertion on the heart.
  • Cortisol and lactate-two chemicals are released from the body when you are stressed. Meditation lowers the level of these two chemicals in body.
  • Reduces free radicals- unstable oxygen molecules, which can cause tissue damage in the body
  • It also controls blood pressure.
  • It improves the skin resistance level which is damaged when you are stressed.
  • Drops cholesterol level which can cause major heart diseases
  • Meditation is good for patients who are suffering from chronic asthma. Doing deep breathing while meditating improves flow of air in lungs which make lungs stronger.
  • This also slows down the aging process of body.

Psychological Benefits from Meditation

  • Improves brain wave to help you think rationally
  • Enhances creativity
  • Lowers down anxiety
  • Helps to overcome from depression
  • Controls irritability and moodiness
  • Improved learning ability and memory
  • Improved self-actualization.
  • Enhance the feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Motivates the feeling of happiness
  • Make person emotionally stable

Spiritual Benefits from Meditation:

The more an individual practices meditation, the bigger the possibility that person grows in his/her personal and spiritual life. Many individual have found that their faith towards spiritual growth has increased much more with the practice of meditation. Scientists have found that patients suffering from chronic diseases like AIDS and cancer become more positive towards treatment if they practice meditation once in a day. Meditation helps them to bring the healing energy from within themselves.

Meditation is one exercise that requires no special equipment and it’s not complicated to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, at any moment and it has not a single side effects. With so many benefits, you can ask only one question to yourself “Why I haven’t started meditating yet?”


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