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Yoga Poses For Strength Training

When you think about strength training exercise, the first place that comes in your mind is the gym and heavy weights. But, most of the exercises you do in a gym are difficult and often leads to injury. While lifting weights can pump up your muscles for sure, it won’t give you the strength to balance your body weight, which can only be achieved by practicing Yoga. Yes, if practiced well and regularly, Yoga for strength training is highly effective.

This statement might look false at start but Yoga is a practice where you have to lift your own body weight. With Yoga poses you can actually strengthen all the muscles as it stretches and strengthens muscles of your whole body that protects you from getting any injury from day-to-day activities like bending, lifting, standing up, sitting down or walking.

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Love Handle Exercises

Whether you call them love handles or muffin top, losing mid-section fat is a painstaking process. But, there’s nothing to worry more. There are several love handle exercises that could help you get rid of that flab tire around your waist.

Getting rid of the stomach flab, or let say muffin top, can become a tricky task as most of the women are not able to melt down the stubborn fat deposit.

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Benefits of Plank Workout

Be it on TV, New Papers, Online sites, you see men and women posing with their toned stomach as if they are challenging you to achieve it. Frankly, whenever I see people who have toned mid-section, either I curse my curvy body or do crunches till the uncomfortable sensations starts in my stomach. Like most of the people, till this date, I felt that crunches are the best way to lose all that belly fat until a person proved me wrong by showing the way to achieve toned mid-section and lean body without doing a single crunch. “PLANKS” – one simple looking exercise that requires less space and few minutes from your daily schedule but can be really effective if you just do it in a right way. For practicing plank workout, all you need is good yoga mat and commitment.

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Home Gym Image 3

It can be really nice having a gym membership. Some gyms even offer great amenities such as tanning salons and one-on-one personal training. Yet even with the amenities, some of us would prefer to work out in the privacy of our own homes. It’s appealing to think about working out without feeling self-conscious or waiting while others finish using the machines we want to use. Especially considering memberships for families of more than one person, gym memberships can quickly become astronomical in price. We justify paying these high memberships when we assume that paying those gym dues is surely less expensive that what it would cost to have a gym at home.

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Ever girls wants to look in the best shape in the festive season – especially when they want to wear some traditional outfits like sari or chaniya choli where they can show off their toned midriff. Now, I know that you have possibly started doing the core crunch exercise and cut down your diet to half hoping that it will do miracles. Yes miracles can happen in few days but not in this way. To get a sexy toned core, you need to eat right and do exercise that focus on your core as well as burn that extra calories which has been deposited on various parts of your body.

So, we have decided a set of workout which you can practice 5 days a week. This workout includes some cardio exercise and core exercise so you get to lose weight from overall of your body. Another thing which is very important to note is that you need to do this exercises as per your stamina and flexibility. Pushing your body is good but too much stress can lead to back injury. This will put a major halt in your exercise routine which you don’t want.

Exercise Routine for Tone Midriff:

Warm Up

A good warm up exercise is very necessary to loosen the muscles and prepare your body for high intensity exercise. Make sure you practice a warm up routine every time you start doing any exercise.

  • High Knee March. This a very basic exercise. If you are doing it for the first time, do it slow but for those who have done exercise before, try to move your hands up and down in a synchronized way. Do this for one minute.
  • Wide squats. Stand on legs slight broader than shoulder width. Now slowly drop down toward the ground keeping your weight equally balance on both the legs. Keep you back straight and breathe normally. Do 15 repetitions
  • Toe Touches: Stand straight and kick one leg out and try touching this leg with your both hands. If you are not been able to touch your legs it’s completely fine. You are doing this to open your hip and back muscles. Over exerting will might give you injury. Try doing 15 repetition on each leg.
  • Alternate Lunges. This is the best exercise to tone your legs and back. Keep your both hand on the back of your head. Now, push one leg backward and bend the straight leg at 90 degree. Do 10 repetition’s on each leg.
  • Torso twist: This is the best exercise to loosen up your core and back muscles. Stand shoulder width apart with arms locked in front of your chest. Now twist right to left for 30 seconds.

Core Exercise:

For core exercise you need 2 to 3 kg of dumbbell (optional) and exercise mat. We are using dumbbell to increase the calorie burn but if you are doing the exercise for the first time, using body weight will be enough to tone your body.

  • Stand straight with weights in your hand. It’s completely fine if you don’t want to use weight. Raise your hands above your head, and pull your leg upwards to your chest and simultaneously pull your hands down. Repeat with the other leg. Your movements should be like a march. This way you not only do cardio but tone your arms, legs and abdomen muscles. Do 32 reps.
  • Backward Lunges with Warrior Pose. If you want to burn more calories, take dumbbell in your both hands. Now step one foot backward and push yourself towards floor so that your knee of bend leg remains just few inches above ground. Now hold on this position for 2 breaths and pull your both hands above your head and pull your body slightly backwards. Try to balance into this position for breath or two. Come back to start position. Repeat this 12 repetition using alternate legs.
  • Burpee: This is the best exercise to burn that extra fat from your body. To perform burpee, keep your legs shoulder width apart. Now lower down your body so that your hands touch on the ground and kick your feet backwards so that you are in a push up position. Now, kick again to the basic position and stand up. You can add jump when you stand up.
  • Squat Rotation. If you want to tone your whole upper body, then it is the best exercise for you. Squat down as low as possible and when you come up, twist your body to the opposite direction. You can use weight in this exercise to burn extra calories. Do same with the other side of 10 repetition on each side.
  • Side lunges with Bend: Lunges is best form of exercise to build strength, get toned legs and tighten lower abdomen. To do side lunges, stand with legs shoulder width apart. Kick your leg out on right side and now bend your torso in the same direction. Make sure you keep the balance. Use weight if you want to tone your muscles. Do the same with the left leg. Try doing 10 repetitions for each leg but if you can do up to 15, then go for it.
  • Single Leg Jackknife Crunch: For this exercise you need a mat. Lie down straight with hands above your head. Now raise your left leg and right hand simultaneously so that they touch in the middle part of your body. You need to push your shoulder above the ground to touch your leg and not bend your leg towards the chest. Repeat this with other leg for at least 20 repetitions.
  • Superman: When you do the core, you should always perform exercise for your back muscles also. This will help your body muscles get balanced in a nice way and save you from any injury. Lie down on your stomach with your hands straight in front of you. Now, raise your torso and legs simultaneously so that your body gets an arch. Hold for two breaths and return in a start position. For start do 10 repetitions and later go for 15.
  • Russian Twist: To have stronger core, perform Russian twist as this will tone your lower abdomen muscles and improve your body balance. Grab a medicinal ball or any other weight and sit on the mat with your feet bend at 90 degree. Now push your back slightly backwards, weights straight out in front of your chest and legs slightly above the ground. Try to balance this position. Now twist your torso from left to right. Make sure to do smooth movements and not jerky as this might injure your back. This exercise will give you maximum result when done in a slow and smooth way.
  • Side Plank with Hip Raise: Another great exercise to tone your core and built strength in your hands as to perform this, you will be using only your body weight. Lie down side facing on your mat and slowly raise your body by keeping one hand on the ground parallel to shoulder. If this posture is too tough for you, bend your elbow and knee and push your body upwards. Now, do slow up and down movements so that your core sides feel the stretch. Repeat the same with the other side. Do 10 repetitions or each side. Challenge yourself for 15 once you have mastery side plank with hip raise.

Stretch Exercise:

Stretching your body after a good workout is very important. When you do exercise, your muscles become stiff, so you need to perform certain stretch exercise to relax those muscles.

Stand legs shoulder width apart and rotate your torso in a full circle. Do it slowly as it’s a cool down. Do 10 rotations of this. Now perform the downward dog pose. In this, you bend downwards and try to walk out in front by balancing your body on both the hands so you get a triangle posture of your body. In this you should feel stretch on your hamstrings and back. Remember, if you feel pain while performing stretch exercise, stop immediately. Now sit on the floor with your legs tuck under your butt. Now perform child posture. This will give a good stretch you your back and relax your core too.

Hope, this exercise routine will help you lose the belly fat which you are trying to shed for days. Apart from performing this exercise, you can do swimming or jogging on daily basis. Remember, eat healthy and do exercise that boost your metabolism and endurance capacity.



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