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Herbs and Spices For Weight Loss

Now, fighting obesity has become easier with the health benefits of spices. As per the recent research report, consuming fresh spices will help you increase metabolism, break down fat tissue, suppress appetite as well as help in weight loss. All you have to do is add healthy spices generously to your daily meal, and you will be losing weight in no time.

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Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds

Black Cumin also popularly known as Nigella Sativa has been used for medicinal purpose for over 3,300 years. This magical seed has a dark color, thin crescent shaped and is a part of the buttercup family. The mention of Black Cumin was reported to be found while excavating Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb. The health benefits of black cumin seeds is not something new to the mankind.

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Flax seeds, popularly known as “Tisi” or “Alsi” in India, was initially used to enhance the diet of hard working villagers. However, the usage of flax seeds go far back into the history since the ancient civilizations. There are various findings that suggests that flax seeds were used from the times of Nefertiti in Egypt.

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We all need food to survive as food provides us the required energy to work and live on a day to day basis. Many of us who are healthy conscious are also aware of the benefits of important nutrients such as fiber in our diet. Some of us also realize the importance of super anti-oxidant foods that helps intoxicate our body. But did you know that certain foods can also help you against bad mood, depression and anxiety issues.

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Most of the people love to enjoy a good barbecue meal and it’s unquestionable that all the focus is either on meat or seafood like prawns and snags. But in India, among all this, what do you feel a vegetarian will do? Either they stick to their drinks and try to swallow salads while others relish a juicy piece of food. Well, this scenario is not going to stay anymore. Now, Indian vegetarians are no longer going to feel deprived using BBQ because there’s a new trend growing in India where the focus is on many meat-free BBQ recipes which are spicy and good to eat.


Body Shaming Meaning

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There are times when we face criticism on our body and skin. To get approval we rely on beauty creams, slimming pills and treatments...