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Develop Mental Strength

To fight challenges of life, one must be mentally strong.

Nobody is born with such mental strength to cope everyday problems and challenges that life throws at us. Mental strength, in fact, is an expertise that one can develop gradually with practice.

Life always throws new challenges so one should always be mentally strong to tackle such problem

Being mentally strong is about taking control on what’s happening around you as well as within you. There may be times in life when you are completely broken down because of a bad break up, family problems, losing a job or suffering great loss in your business. At these times when the life hits you down, you don’t require any physical but mental strength to get back up and face the challenges in order to eventually overcome them.

The best way to develop this skill is to observe people who are mentally strong. But before that, let’s understand the importance of mental stability or strength.

Why Mental Strength Is Important?

Mental toughness gives us the psychological edge which helps us to peak our efforts and efficiency even when the odds seem to be not in our favor. During peer pressure, it is the mental strength that guides us to get through any hurdles whether physical or emotional that we encounter in our daily life.

The basic characteristics that mental strength develops in a person are as follows:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Focus
  • Composure
  • Calmness
  • Poise
  • Positive Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Determination

Now that we know how being mentally strong can help take control of our life, here are some habits that experts’ advice which helps build your mental strength.

1. Have control over your emotions

There’s a constant belief among people that those who are mentally strong are not emotional. But it is quite the opposite. Unlike others, these mentally strong people are in total control of their emotions such that it never influences their decisions, thoughts or behaviors in life. Getting emotional stops your rational thinking and hence you end up doing things which you regret later. However, if you keep control over it you can definitely overcome your emotional bondage and follow a proper approach towards solving the problems.

2. Be optimistic with a realistic approach.

There are times when life throws up a challenge that results into piling up of negative thoughts. Many motivational speakers or personal development gurus may advice to be optimistic at such scenarios but it is a fact that adapting a positive outlook for every situation can be tough at times. Hence, it is important to strike a balance between optimism and realism. You should be practical while being optimistic rather than filling up your brains with too much negativity. Being optimistic will lift you up and push forward whereas realistic approach would make sure that you don’t get disappointed if life strikes you once or twice along the way.

3. Problem solving skills.

There are two types of people you meet in life. One who mostly spend their time on finding the fault or blaming someone for any kind of problems while the second who looks for the solution to the problem they face. The second group of people are always calm and poise during such difficult situations as their minds are often dealing with questions about solving the problems instead of wandering around multiple thoughts about who, why or how. To succeed in life, it is very important to stop whining about things and start assessing the problem and find its solution. Life is all about moving forward than suffocating yourself with the past.

4. Become self-compassionate.

Some people waste most of their time blaming themselves for the mistakes that they made in their lives. It is always important to accept your flaws or mistakes but it is also a fact that you can never undo the past. The past is already gone and it’s time to forgive yourself and encourage oneself towards your ultimate goals. To become self-compassionate, you must start encouraging and cheering yourself every time you encounter a challenge. Talking to yourself is like speaking to a good friend, which is your inner self, in order to motivate or lift up the spirits for the onward journey. Self-compassion is one of the most common signs of a mentally strong person.

5. Be Self-reliant.

One of the strong habits of mentally tough people is their self-reliance which sometimes makes them look like stubborn among the group. However, you must be stubborn when it comes to taking decisions of your life. Whether the decisions you make are right or wrong, only time can tell but never let other people dictate or make decisions for you. You must be completely determined with your decisions and accept full responsibility for their outcomes. Such an attitude towards life will make it worth living and help you learn even from your mistakes.

6. Better at Time Management.

Time is very precious in life and it flies like anything. People who are mentally tough often acknowledge this fact and use time wisely. They don’t cater their time upon dwindling over the past or wasting both time and energy on assessing why things went wrong in the past. Instead, they take time as a finite resource and set targets for the future by either going along with the time or staying ahead of it.

7. Be determined towards your goal.

In order to achieve success in life you must have patience. Nothing changes overnight because it takes the same hard work and determination or even more every day to step forward towards your goal. Mentally tough people understand this and hence they always aim for the bigger and larger goal in life appreciating the fact that whatever choices they make today will definitely bear fruits in the future.

8. Have tough attitude towards life.

Tough attitude doesn’t mean spend extra hours at the gym. It actually means that in order to achieve something which was never accomplished till date you must choose the path which was never taken. Mentally strong people see everyday challenges of life as opportunities or turn them into one in order to achieve greater returns from life in the future. Also, they always keep the hunger alive as they believe in the fact that there’s always room for improvement. Just like you need to hit the gym regularly to build physical strength, you need challenges and hurdles in life to exercise your mental muscles to build it tougher and stronger.

9. Monitor your progress regularly.

There’s always a scope of improvement and in order to achieve your greatest potential, you must assess your current progress on a regular basis. Assessment of your current progress can help you determine your weakness and prompt you to make amends to overcome those flaws. While doing such a review of their progress, mentally strong people don’t keep grumbling about their mistakes or failures but they try to find the real causes in order to make sure they don’t get repeated in future. Such approach helps them move forward without lagging behind due to past mistakes.


Our main approach towards life must always be moving forward rather than cramping ourselves with the past. Being mentally strong helps you develop an attitude that helps you foresee what future could be and builds a positive approach towards life to achieve those future accomplishments that you always dream of.

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School is a foundation establishment where you are asked to follow a regime, work hard, score high marks, and get ready for college. The teachers at the school are your guide who convince you that following their guidelines will help you become successful in life and secure a great future.

Well, for the most part it is true that working hard during school can help you be successful in life but that’s just the foundation part. School develops a fixed mindset within you providing limited career opportunities that you can secure only getting high grades in every class. And when you realize the truth in the outer world, you will face crushing defeat and let down.

Today, the schools are just pushing the kids to pursue a medical or engineering degree while there are many other alternatives and options out there which you may be good at as well as manage huge success at that. Schools seldom encourage the entrepreneur in you and instead push you more towards a boring risk-free and overly secured lifestyle.

But if you don’t wish to follow the crowd and want a life at your terms and choice then you’re not alone. There are many examples of countless entrepreneurs and business leaders who thought out of the box and eventually learned a lot of lessons the hard way that no schools will ever teach you.

Here are some important lessons on Success that you school can’t teach you:

1. Forget failure

The ultimate cause of cheating, copying or adapting to other means of deception is the fear of failure. From the beginning, the school warns you to avoid failure and some may stoop to terrible stages to prevent failing. The truth in fact is that the failure can teach you a lesson that no textbooks or teachers from school or college ever will. Many entrepreneur and business leaders have embraced their initial failures, learned important lessons from them and eventually curated their success path effectively. They chose to try and fail instead of fearing failure now and regret it later. Failure in fact is the 1st step towards success and there’s nobody in this world who has never failed once in life. Instead of emphasizing about the failure, try to learn from it and move on towards your goal to success.

2. Don’t be afraid to take action

If failure is the stepping stone towards success then fear is a huge roadblock. No matter how confident a person seems, everyone has fear. Fear of failure, rejection and pain are some of them. You are remembered not because of your fears but how you act on them. To accomplish any goal, the 1st step is the most vital and often the hardest. The main reason it is hard because you are afraid to take action. Once you take charge and despite the fear take the first step, you will get too busy following the goal that you would have no time to be afraid anymore. So don’t be afraid to fail instead step up face you fear and if you fail then learn from any failure you encounter in life.

3. Focus on short-term plans first

Parents and teachers have the habit of putting thoughts in you about the future from the childhood itself. They would define the career you must choose and set long term plans for you. Planning is essential in life but it is foolish to get carried away by such planning. Focus on today and take one step at a time towards your goal. Set milestones and plan accordingly instead of planning about the final destination from the beginning. Covering milestones will boost confidence and such small success with short-term plans will make you more positive towards your goal. Hence, create short-term plans and focus on them before thinking about the final destination. Life is a continuous journey and at the end you will reach somewhere. Enjoy the journey, learn from the mistakes, cherish the success and pass each milestone one by one.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

4. Raise your hand and ask a question

In a batch of students there are always few who will ask questions to clear their doubts whenever they are confused or get an opportunity. They are not scared or tensed while speaking in public while some others freeze when asking a question the class. It is highly essential in the competitive world of today to speak up when you are confused or have queries about your work. At workplace too, there are workers who are ignored or under-appreciated because of their lack of ability to speak up or add inputs. If you face the trouble of speaking up in the public then get help from professionals who train in public speaking with excellent and effective strategies. To be appreciated and noticed, it is vital to raise your hand and ask a question or give your opinion.

5. Belief is stronger than you think

Self-belief can do wonders in your life. The main difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is self-belief. The most brilliant and successful people in the world have one thing in common. All of them believe in their goals and honed their passions. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before inventing the lightbulb. If he had stopped believing in himself midway, the world would be still be in darkness. The same goes for you. Don’t wait for approval or validation from others. If you believe in your vision, your ideas then just go for it. Work hard for it with self-belief, and you will never look back in your life.

6. Patience is the key to success

A lot of teachers are really great at super responsive feedback, but that too can be a hindrance. It establishes an expectation for instant results, which isn’t conducive to success in the business world. Things happen slowly. They happen so slowly, that the main reason people give up on almost any endeavor in almost every aspect of life is because of the sluggish pace of dreams. They threw in the towel when they moved in inch in a year, when they expected a mile. To piggyback on the second point above, this, too, comes from fixating on the future. Successful people don’t focus only on the end, but also how far they’ve come. Jim Carrey and his family, for instance, were once so poor that they were living out of a van to keep food in their stomachs. If Jim didn’t have the patience and belief that one day he’d be a great comedian, we’d have never seen his genius shine.

7. See greatness in others, not just the mirror

In school we loathe working in groups, and are geared to focus only on our own performance. There might be a misconception that smart and successful business people are inherently selfish. While there may be a few examples of these in corporate offices across the nation, don’t let a few bad eggs spoil the whole carton. The most talented are also usually well liked because of their ability to help others shine brightly. They can easily recognize a hard worker, a hustler, and someone who lives life with a lot of passion. What’s more, successful people always help others look better than themselves. They don’t take all the credit, they do not steal the ideas of others, and they certainly do not back stab or step on others to get what they want. Dale Carnegie is the prime example of a successful entrepreneur who evokes and promotes camaraderie in the workplace through his bestselling novel, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Our formal schooling taught us many beneficial things, but there’s always more to discover and sponge up in our journey to achieve greatness. With the steps listed above you will be well on your way to learning the essential things that were unfortunately skipped in school.

The closing bell may signify the end of a scheduled school day, but not the end of your learning.

Really, it’s only the beginning.

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Every day we spend six to eight hours a day in office with coworkers rather with family. We all want a career and good paycheck, but everything doesn’t come easy especially when you have pushy coworkers sitting on your tail all the time. Dealing with such pushy people needs a strategy. Following are few simple ways to deal with pushy coworkers without putting your job at risk.

  • Be Calm: Being composed at work is important, especially if you have to deal with pushy coworker who throws drama and tantrums. Argument with them is like a ping pong match. If you keep on hitting, the other player won’t stop. All you need to is stop arguing and be cool. Never hesitate in saying “I understand your point, but I need time to think about it before acting on the matter”. This is the best way to get out of an argument and time to think about the best solution for problem.
  • Show kindness: The best way to handle a negative person is to counteract with a positive approach. Try showing your support by saying “I notice that you seem stressed out? Can I help you?” Sometimes few kind words can do the magic you have never imagined. The best way to handle such people is by letting them talk. These people need someone to listen to their voice, so become the listener for a while.
  • Stop being a doormat: There are times when you need to stop arguing and start taking the charge. In such situations, the popular phrase “Action speaks louder than words” should be applied. If someone put a finger on your idea and intelligence, it will be natural to defend yourself. The best way is to first get ready with your point and clearly state your position. All you need is to stand on your ground without giving up till the end.
  • Step out of the conflict: It’s always wise to step away from certain scenario. If a person behaves adamantly despite of conflict resolution, stress management and kindness you show toward them, just stop arguing.  Always remind yourself why you choose this job and what your goals are for future. Stepping out of conflict will always hold you up in the eyes of coworkers in comparison to the difficult person.

Don’t ever let the office stress take a toll on you or on your family life. It’s best to leave all the anger and frustration of work on the office desk rather than carrying on your shoulder till night.

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Most of the time I am the calm and peaceful person in my small world until someone comes and do one thing that makes me lose my temper. Like most of you people out there, I hate nagging, facing bottlenecks, irritating persons and doing cleaning  😀 . But, in the worst situations, I try to remain calm and keep my mouth shut. Sometimes, in anger we react in a very negative manner which makes the whole thing much worse. Keeping temper under control is the most challenging thing in our lives. So, here are the few timeout tips which help me control my anger and my head rational.

Deep Breath:

When I am too angry, generally I wish to open my mouth and starts screaming. Well not a good thing to do at – I know. So instead of doing this I do deep breathing whenever I feel my anger is rising. I don’t exactly know what kind of chemical reaction it does in my head but one thing is for sure that I feel relaxed in sometime. Try it out for yourself when you get angry and you will see the magic.

Do what you Love:

Most of the time our boring work life makes us frustrated and angry. The best way to get rid of such kind of anger is do what you love for some time. I love listening to music and walk. For people with regular jobs, it might not be possible, but still listen to your favorite music once a while. This will not only calm you but makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Take a Break:

Now, I really love to “Break” something when I am angry but it’s really not the solution. So take a break from your frustrating life and do what you love. Go out, watch movie, listen to music, play with your pet, anything which can make you relax. Though my favorite is shopping and eating :P.

Take out the Anger:

The best way to take out all your anger is exercise. I love running and doing any cardio exercise when I am angry. Most of the people do practice this but sometimes overdoing this can harm your body. So, remember do not overdo cause you can actually hurt your body. The best way is to go for a run on beach or get a punching bag and start banging. I bet you can be the next “Muhammad Ali” :P.

At one point or another in our daily life, we all face one such movement where we get close to our breaking point. That’s OK. Just keep this tactics in your mind and be ready to face the idiots in your life.

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It’s not easy to enjoy your life when you are stuck between work deadlines and household stuff. To get rid of this pressure, we do plan a lot but after sometime we get back to where we started off. So, to solve this issue from your life, in this article I will give you some time management tips that will improve your organizational skills and eventually increase productivity which I tried myself effectively.

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  • Prepare in Advance: Try preparing your work list the night before for the following day. It’s always best to plan your entire schedule for the next day before you retire at home. When you plan for your next day the night before, your subconscious mind starts working on the plans and goals even when you are asleep. This will help you sleep more soundly and when you wake up in the morning, all the ideas will be clear in your head. Practicing this every night will increase the productivity of the very next day work.
  • Scheduling Your Time: Dividing time of your daily work reduces stress and releases energy. By using your organizational skills to plan your day, week or month gives you a great feeling of control. This also increases your productivity to great extent giving you much time to enjoy other things in life. Other than this, it also gives boost to your self-esteem and sense of personal power.
  • Start Day Early: The best way to increase your productivity is to start your day bit early. This give you more time to sit, think and plan your whole day. This is the best way to organize your life, especially when you are a working men or women. Many people rise early to get more time to think and recharge their body with some exercise. As a result, they are more active in comparison to those who sleep till last minute. A few minutes of clear thinking can save your many hours executing the task. When you plan your rest of the day early, you tend to be more calm, organized and clear head throughout the day.
  • Become More Organized: More than 30% of your daily time is wasted in locating the misplaced thing both at home and at work. By keeping things at a proper place and filing the papers correctly you can save much of your energy and time. This will also help reduce your frustration level at the time when you try to find the misplaced item. You can also tag all the files to save the time of identifying them.
  • Avoid Distractions: Most of us spend 1 to 2 hours in checking our emails or social media sites which actually takes the majority of time in the morning when we sit for work. Instead try keeping this for first 15 minutes to check if there is anything important. If not, then you can start your work with a fresh mind. You can check your social media sites while on the break time or when you are tired of working. This will reduce the break time in work and will increase your efficiency eventually.


One can attain productivity by the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. Staying efficient at home as well as productive at work can be a challenging task but with the practice of following the above tips, you can achieve efficiency both at home or at work and hence increase productivity.


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