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Dieting is not an easy task to do. This requires lot of discipline, patience and time. Most of the people starve themselves while dieting which actually is a worse thing to do. Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism which actually results into weight gain. Also you will lose important nutrients from your body. Instead, while dieting if you eat right food in adequate quantity, do proper exercise and rest, you will be shedding weight much faster than by starving yourself. The following are the list of the foods which should be included in your daily diets to lose weight in proper manner.

  • Honey: It’s a sweet remedy for obesity. Honey dissolves extra fat deposits in the body and converts this fat into energy for normal body function. To get maximum benefit, take 10 gms (1 tbs) of Honey in a lukewarm water in early morning.
  • Leafy Vegetables: It has the most essential part in the diet plan and nutrients available in vegetables improve person’s health. Since leafy vegetables are less in calories and high in fiber, it make you feel full for a longer time. Avoiding green vegetables will deprive your body from the nutrients that is necessary to built immunity of your body.
  • Curd: When you plan for diet, the first thing you avoid is a milk product which is actually very wrong. Milk is the main source of calcium and vitamins. Curd and buttermilk has probiotic microorganisms which will improve your digestion. It’s also helps to cope up with stomach problems, osteoporosis, dysentery and vaginal infections.
  • Moong Dal: Rich with Vitamin A, B, C and E and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium, Moong Dal has very low fat content that is why it is recommended in many slimming programs. This lentil improves digestion, stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol level.
  • Millets:  Most consumed millets in Indian food are jowar, bajra, ragi. Millets are good in absorbing bad cholesterol which reduces the effects of heart attack. It’s the best form of diet for obese or diabetic people.
  • Garlic: Used by most of the Indians either in curry or chutney, garlic is a great healthy food for weight loss. It burns excessive fat in body and the anti-bacterial property helps reduce cholesterol and unhealthy fats.
  • Turmeric: Known for its medicinal properties, Turmeric is used in India for more than 2500 years. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial agents which are helpful in disinfecting cuts and burns. If consumed daily it prevents the formation of cancer cells in body.
  • Cardamom: This spice is generally used in any food preparation to enhance the aroma. But Cardamom is an excellent food item when we think of weight loss. Cardamom enhances appetite and also helps those who suffer from acidity and gas.
  • Chilies: This is one of very popular spices that are used in every kitchen around the world. Chili peppers contain several health benefiting compounds such as capsaicin, vitamin-C, vitamin-A, and flavonoid anti-oxidants that improves the digestion of the person.
  • Watermelon: It’s the juiciest fruit which contains 92% water and 8% good nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, potassium and lycopene. Watermelon improves digestion and also gives you many important nutrients to boost your immunity.

Dieting should be done in the natural way rather than going for chemical based dieting pills as they tend to have major side effects on your body. Instead of starving, eating balanced food with right exercise will give you the body you always wished for.

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It’s an irony that we take good care of our skin and hair all around the year to make it look beautiful and healthy but we forget everything in Holi. This is a festival of bright colors, fun, dancing and eating delicacy of Holi fest. But now it’s becoming more a festival of harsh chemicals and health hazards. It will be foolish to believe that others will be using natural colors instead of chemical colors. Despite of the known fact that these colors have adverse effect on skin, many people use such colors just for enjoyment. There are many cases of skin rash, allergy in eye or ear and much more reported after Holi. These colors are actually used as industrial dyes, and can cause serious harm to skin. But still you can’t be a spoil sport and sit home avoiding Holi. With some simple precautionary measures, one can actually avoid the effects of harsh chemicals and enjoy Holi fest.

Tips for a Safer Holi:

  • Opt for natural or herbal colors as they are skin friendly. Use of too harsh chemicals will leave skin dry and even cause rashes and itching. These colors can penetrate into skin easily which can cause major skin problems. The best option for Holi is herbal gulaal which has powdery soft texture.
  • While playing with colors, avoid wearing contact lenses. If the color comes between your eye and lens, it can cause infection and even eye damage.
  • Try wearing clothes that covers maximum part of your body. Use a think body cream with UV protection that will prevent color to penetrate in your skin. You can also apply almond oil as this helps the color comes off quickly.
  • When the synthetic color comes into contact with hair or scalp, it tends to turn extremely dry and brittle. Sometime hair roots can also be damaged by coming in contact with this color. Try applying coconut oil in your hair before playing Holi. Also cover your hair with a cap or bandana in order to protect your hair.
  • If the color comes into contact with your eyes, ear or throat, wash off the color immediately. Try avoiding standing in sunlight as it will burn your skin.
  • To get rid of color, do not rub your skin vigorously. Try to remove it with some skin cleanser or almond oil as it will prevent your skin from rash. It’s must for those who have sensitive skin. You can also apply a mix of besan (Gram Flour) with milk and bit turmeric powder. Let it dry on your skin and rub off gently and then use water to remove it completely.

There is saying “Prevention is better than Cure”, so why not start a Holi by using natural or food colors. You should never forget that in festive enthusiasm, you may accidentally harm someone.

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We live in a time where every day something new comes to life and captures our attention. In the new era, everyday a completely impossible structure comes to life, all with a start of simple imagination. But, when we just take a step out of this magnificent world constructed by man, there are whole new natural wonders of the world which are waiting to be explored. This is my list of natural wonders of world which should be visited by everyone in their life.

  • Lake Retba:

    A lake with pink water!!! Yes you heard it right; Lake Retba or Lac Rose has pink colored water caused by Dunaliella salina algae that produce a red pigment. To see this natural wonder of nature, you need to travel to the north of Senegal’s Cap Vert peninsula. Not many people even know about this place but if you are a nature lover, this is one spot one can’t just miss.

  • Mount Everest:

    Dream of every professional mountain climber, Mount Everest is the highest mountain, located on boundary connecting China and Nepal. The peak is 8,848m high and said to grow two to five millimeters each year. This marvelous structure is visited by many people. So, if you love climbing high mountains then why don’t you plan your next trip here and try conquering this mega structure of nature.

  • Death Valley, California:

    Even the name can bring shivers down the spine. Death Valley is actually a no man’s land due to its harsh environment. Adventure lovers visit here to see the “sailing stones” on Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa. The stones here move and the tracks can be seen in the dusty ground of Death Valley. Even the scientists aren’t exactly sure why or how these rocks move. So, why not go for a road trip to Death Valley and see the mysterious movement of stones.

  • Caño Cristales River:

    When you see a river, its either blue, green, or brown because of muddy water!! But ever wondered of a river in rainbow color. The thought seems something from a fairy tale, but no its not. Caño Cristales River in Colombia is river with five vivid colors. This miracle happens for a brief period of time between the wet and dry seasons. Every year when the water level and temperature get just right, a unique species of plant “Macarenia clavigera” covers the river floor and turns into bright red color. Many splotches of yellow and green sand, blue water, and many more shades in between can be seen. This natural phenomenon makes Caño Cristales River “The Most Beautiful River in the World”.

  • The eye of the Sahara:

    This is definitely the strangest place on Earth. The eye of the Sahara is located in the remote area of Sahara Desert. One couldn’t make out much about this place by just walking. This was the reason it was never noticed by people who walked by this natural wonder until it caught the eye of some astronauts who made reports about it. This 50 km structure has a giant circular depression 30 miles across caused by a geological formation exposed by erosion. The best way is to see its full glory is to see it from top.

    These wonders of the world are true example of the nature creation. It will be a lifetime experience visiting these places.

    Let us know if you know of many such mysterious natural wonders of the world in the comments below..

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Summers are approaching and temperature is rising with the exam fever among children. This is time when each every person dreams to get a break from harsh heat and busy life. So why not plan a trip to place where you not only beat the heat but also treasure and cherish the time with your family.  So here we give you some the ideal getaway destination in India to experience that perfect holiday.

  • Srinagar:

    Even with the name, you can feel the cool breeze coming from the mountains, a slow and mesmerizing ride of Shikara and talk of humble people. Srinagar is an ideal place to go for summer vacation. This city is also the summer capital of State Jammu and Kashmir. Known for its beautiful gardens built by Mughals, lakes and houseboats, Srinagar attracts tourist for all over the country. So, why not spend some time on this “Heaven on Earth” in this summer.

  • Shimla:

    It’s the most popular hill station of India and is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla was developed and established by the British during their rule in India. Most of the buildings which were constructed during British reign are now repaired and converted into luxurious hotels.  This city is a perfect mix of British influence with the simplicity of Indian culture and heritage.

  • Manali:

    This a beautiful hill station located 2000 meters above sea level. Surrounded by magnificent scenery of mountains, streams, rivers and small waterfalls, Manali is favorite destinations for travelers who wish to spend some time around nature. This also the most preferred destinations for honeymoon couples. So, why you also plan a quiet trip to this gorgeous location!!!

  • Goa:

    Dream of beautiful beaches, slow pace life, and mouth watering sea food, then Goa is the place for you. Goa has moderate climate all around the year which makes its and ideal destination for summer holiday. Most of the people visits Goa during winter, especially during Christmas and New Year, yet many budget travelers opt for Goa as the most of the hotels in offer heavy discounts for summer holiday.

  • Kodaikanal:

    Popularly known as the “Princess of Hill Station”, Kodaikanal is located in southern state of India, Tamil Nadu. Established by British, Kodaikanal come under the top destinations for summer holidays. Enjoy a simple life of this beautiful hill station this summer holiday.

  • Nainital:

    On the foothills of Kumaon range of mountains, Nainital is a popular hill station. Located in Uttarakhand, Nainital is 2,000 meters above sea level. The most popular tourist place is the “Naina Lake” which has a pear shape and is too miles in circumference.

These are some of the best places in India where you can chill out in this hot summer. Summer vacations have already begun and you are already researching where to visit this year. I hope that the above list of great chill out places will come handy to make your decision.

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Amarnath Yatra – one of the most popular pilgrimages of every Hindu who visit the most sacred and holy snow-clad cave shrine of Lord Shiva located in the beautiful northern part of India in Jammu & Kashmir. Every year the Amarnath Yatra starts in the month June till August with lots of devotees joining the sacred yatra. Visits (Darshan) to the holy cave in this part of the region open only in mid June or early July to August because of the geographical locations and risks involved. Thousands of pilgrims from all across the India and even for outside country travel to this trip in search of Divinity. After three long months, Amarnath Yatra is closed for public from the month of August around the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Legend of Amarnath:

As per the Vedas it is said that here on one day during the month of Shraavana, Lord Shiva was narrating “Amar Katha” to his consort Goddess Parvati who was the daughter of Himalayas. During this Parvarti fell asleep and two pigeons heard the whole story and attained immortality. Since then, this holy place is came to be known as “Amarnath” and it is believed that every year at the full moon day of Shraavana, a pair of pigeons can be seen inside the holy cave.

Icy Idol of Lord Shiva:

Amarnath cave shrine can be only accessed during the rainy months of July and August, as for the rest of the year whole area is covered with heavy snow. Inside the cave, a pure white ice-mound is formed in shape of a “lingam”, the symbol of Lord Shiva. When visiting one can see this mystiques ice-mound is washed by the water dripping from the top of the cave. It is said that the water comes from the Ramkund Lake situated above the cave, and drop by drop it purifies the “lingam”.

Travel to Amarnath:

To visit this divine place, you need to get a proper registration done. Without any registration, you will not be allowed to travel to the holy shrine. This is done for the protection and safety of pilgrims visiting the holy place. Amarnath is located at 14,500 feet above sea level and the oxygen is very thin here which can affect the health of people having high blood pressure, asthma or other heart related diseases. Therefore, Medical certification is also must before you go for registration as pilgrim. Nearest aerodrome to holy shrine is in Srinagar, Capital of Jammu & Kashmir or if you are travelling by train Jammu is the nearest railway station. Buses and taxies are easily available to reach Jammu or Srinagar. Most of the pilgrims cover the maximum trip by walk but vehicles can also be hired from Pahalgam, the base village of Amarnath Yatra. Though, the last 24 km to the holy cave can be only traveled on foot.

Facilities and Arrangements by Government:

Proper arrangements of drinking water and medical help are done by the government authorities for the pilgrims while traveling the holy cave. Proper power supply is maintained at the main routes especially from Sarbal to the holy cave, particularity when pilgrims travel in night. The departments of health and co-operatives maintain the food, water, medicine, oxygen cylinders, firewood, blankets and other necessities to make the trip smoother for pilgrims. But, it is also the duty of the travelers that they don’t waste any of the supplies or pollute the area in any way.

It is said that The Amarnath Yatra leaves a big impact on the pilgrims who walk all the way to enchanting and enthralling route to see shining glory of Lord Shiva.  So, why not be the part of this journey and unfold the mystery of Amarnath all by yourself.


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