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It might be tempting just to shut yourself away for the few months and wait for the warm weather to return, but a good winter break can really leave you feeling energized and revitalized  Of course, you may fancy jetting overseas to lap up some winter sunshine – and this is certainly not without its merits – but why not try a skiing holiday instead? There are scores of truly outstanding skiing resorts all over Europe and indeed further afield, so it’s well worth seeing what they have to offer. Of course, the prospect of chilling out and enjoying the après-ski scene might be almost as tempting as trying your luck up on the pistes.

Know where to go

Still, knowing when to book and how to find the best deal can be very useful. It goes without saying that looking online is a great way of tracking down a bargain skiing holiday. The internet has completely transformed the way we book our holidays, and there’s so much to choose from you might have trouble working out where to begin. Nevertheless, shopping around can really work wonders – so don’t be tempted to just snap up the first deal you come across. Take a look at price comparison websites, and do some research to find out what each resort has to offer. This should help you avoid making any costly mistakes.

Book early

Booking early-season holidays is a particularly good idea. Many ski resorts tend to open in mid-December, giving skiers a couple of weeks before Christmas to play with. Of course, it may not always be possible to get away at that time of year – particularly if you have children who are still in school – but it’s an option that’s worth keeping in mind. Resorts are less likely to be packed out in the earlier part of the season, and prices may well be cheaper. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for potential early-winter skiing bargains, of which there are usually many.

Get in early for peak times

It goes without saying that the Christmas and New Year period is always likely to be very busy, so this is something you should be well aware of when you’re planning a skiing holiday. The sheer demand for places at that time of year is likely to be considerable and will therefore push prices up. Still, if you can afford to book around that time, the atmosphere at the big ski resorts is likely to be something to savour. Booking in mid-January or early February may provide some significant savings, though.

Furthermore, if you do have your heart set on a Christmas/New Year skiing holiday, you’ll need to make sure you book well in advance to ensure you get the resort and flights you want. If you have any beginners in your party, it’s worth arranging ski lessons well in advance. There may also be a number of early-booking incentives on offer, some of which could offer significant discounts. In the current financial climate, it’s particularly important to make the effort – and there’s no reason you should pay over the odds for your skiing holiday. A bit of resourcefulness, then, can make all the difference.

This guest post is written by Sheena Willis. Sheena Willis is a freelance writer, who often covers subjects associated with holidays and the travel industry. She is dead keen on the importance of getting your coop travel break booked as early as possible this year.

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Many of us dream of fame and fortune but even if that celebrity lifestyle seems a little out of reach then you can still get a taste of it by following in the footsteps of the rich and famous. If you want to relax in style and enjoy the hidden hangouts and vacation destinations of the A-listers, then here are five celebrity holiday hotspots to check out:

Dubai, UAE

If you want to jet off for a weekend of glamorous shopping or soak up the sun at any time of year, then Dubai offers everything you need, while many of the restaurants and nightspots boast price-tags that may seem a little steep if you don’t have the celebrity income to match.

Exquisite hotels and exquisite service means this place knows how to treat its stars and its ultra-modern skyline and money-is-no-object approach to building some of the world’s most impressive facilities and attractions makes it a must-see, with the likes of the Kardashians, Claudia Schiffer, Beyonce, the Beckhams and an endless list of footballers and sports stars all jetting of to this modern-day jewel in the Persian Gulf.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Truly the preserve of the stars, this is Sir Richard Branson’s own £60m private island but is open to anyone who can afford to stay there. Designed to be a private getaway, free from the prying lenses of the paparazzi or the irritating swathes of autograph hunters, it accommodates just 28 guests all staying in luxurious villas and beach houses with panoramic views of the crystal clear waters and perfect, palm-fringed beaches.

Champagne flows freely and the private chefs cook up sumptuous feasts such as lobster and caviar. In 2011 Titanic star Kate Winslet turned real-life heroine when she helped rescue Branson’s mother from a fire, but life on the island is not normally so dramatic.

Saint Tropez, France

A bottle of sun tan lotion is as close as most normal folk get to experiencing Saint Tropez style, but the likes of Rihanna, Elton John and Kate Moss prefer to sample the real thing, choosing this couture resort in the French Riviera for a break, sunning themselves on the gorgeous beaches, swanning around on multi-million dollar yachts or browsing the designer boutiques.

Ever since Brigitte Bardot started off the influx of star visitors – and subsequently the star-spotters – this has been a place to be seen as much as to see.

Miami, USA

Will Smith sang about it, Michael Mann shot iconic 80s cop show Miami Vice there, and endless blockbuster movies and music videos have been filmed on its beaches. Miami not only looks like the set of a movie pretty much everywhere you go, but it attracts the big name stars on their holidays as well.

A true playground for the beautiful people, the kings and queens of bling as well as yuppies galore descend on South Beach to show the world how they live.

Goldeneye Resort, Jamaica

Another celebrity favourite for its combination of privacy and luxury, this was the place where Ian Fleming penned his James Bond novels and it has gone on to attract the sort of multimillionaire holiday-makers who you would expect 007 to be hanging around with.

Johnny Depp, U2 frontman Bono and Scarlett Johansson are just some of the names who’ve sampled this sumptuous hideaway nestled on the coast overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

This article has been produced by Follow UK, the website dedicated to important dates taking place in the UK. Dates include Pancake Day 2013, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bank Holidays 2013 and more.

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If you love to walk through the lonely castles, explore the lakes and forest and roam around the historical streets then Europe can be your ultimate destination. Followings are the few hottest drives which you can experience at your own pace if you are in Europe:

  1. King Ludwig’s Castle:

    The Bavarian Alps in Germany can be a great drive in the Europe. Driving through the snowy mountain range green forests and agricultural lands and the castles can remind you of the fairy tales that you have read in your childhood. You can start driving from Munich towards south and then you can drive through the German Alpine Road towards Chiemsee which is the largest lake in the Bavaria and located in the east. If you continue to the east you can find Eagle’s Nest founded by Adolph Hitler. But if you decide to drive through North you can find the beautiful Benedictine Abbey.

  2. The Amalfi Coast:

    The list containing the best drives in Europe will remain incomplete unless we mention this drive way in Italy. Once you drive through this adventurous narrow coastal road in the midst of winds you can find yourself surrounded by sheer cliffs and blue sea. This driveway is 45 miles long and is guarded by stonewall to ensure safe driving.

  3. The Estoril Coast Drive and Sintra:

    If you are in Portugal then experiencing the Estoril Coast drive should be your target after exploring Lisbon. Driving through the sandy beach, mansions and casinos and River Tejo Estuary the most luxurious resort in Atlantis which is known as the playground of the riches can offer you the best driving experience.

  4. The Giant’s Causeway Coast:

    Driving through the beautiful green northeast coast in Northern Ireland in Europe can give you an amazing experience.

  5. The Dingle Peninsula:

    Apart from the previous one Dingle peninsula is another breathtaking drive way located in Ireland. The drive way will take you to the village of Ventry through the woodlands.

  6. Bergen to Oslo driveway:

    If you ever been in Norway you may know how beautiful the experience can be while driving from Bergen to Oslo. The entire drive way runs through the coastal area and is covered with medieval Hanseatic League Houses and old wharfs. This site has been declared as heritage bu UNESCO.

  7. Highland Drive:

    If you ly to Scotland you can enjoy the 32 miles long driveway through the hills while heading towards the Loch Lomond the largest lake in Britain. Before that you can explore the Glasgow city.

  8. Dali-esque Drive:

    This is one of the best driveways, located in Europe, you can find in Europe while driving through Catalonia. The driveway is covered with small medieval villages, beaches, white houses and buildings, cafes and small seascapes.

  9. The Grand, Middle, Lower Corniches:

    This driveway is located in Monaco and France. The entire driveway go through the Mediterranean Sea. This driveway is divided into three cornices roads all of which enter the Monaco after crossing the French Riviera.

  10. Southern Poland:

    While driving towards the southern Poland you can visit Wieliczka Salt Mine which is world heritage site declared by UNESCO an underground lake and a number of underground lakes along with a number of medieval sculptures.

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Sun is everywhere around the world and we can see sun rise and sun set from every part of the world but the beauty of sun rise and sun sets are not equal everywhere. Therefore, a number of tourists especially those who are nature lovers run from one place to another in the world in to witness the most beautiful sunsets in the world. But the beauty of sunsets are not same everywhere. Sunset you see in the blazing Sahara is not same with the sunset that can be seen Scottish loch. This is the reason why we have listed up few places from where you can see the best sunsets in the world:

Hillerod, Denmark:

Hillerod, Denmark

Fredericksborg Castle located in Hillerod Denmark still reminds us about the Renaissance. It is probably the best place for sightseeing for those visiting the country. Most tourist prefer to visit the museum located within the castle during the daylight and then stay back in the evening to watch the sun setting behind the gardens and the lake of the castle. The view of sunset from this place is as mystic as the landscape.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong:

The main tourist attraction of the Lantau Island in Hong Kong is the Tian Tan Buddha statue. Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong. Everyday a number of visitors come to see the statue that speaks about the harmony between nature and mankind. The rays of sun falling all over the isle creates a celestial effect at the time of sunset.

Islamorada, Florida Keys:

This place is famous as the ‘Sport Fishing Capital of the world’ where a number of tourists especially those who are interested in fishing gather from all over the world. The keys here are dream place for the anglers. But if fishing or angling is not your cup of tea then you can also hire a boat and sail through the keys and enjoy the sunset which colors the entire place orange.

Augrabies Falls national Park, South Africa:

The name ‘Augrabies’ means ‘a place of big noise’. This national park allows you to roam under the open sky through the arid land the crashing Augrabies falls and the kokerboom trees will offer you the most beautiful sunset you have ever had in your life. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world where you can visit to see the best sunset in the world.

Sydney, Australia:

You may initially find Sydney a bit difficult for watching sunset. You have to climb the Sydney harbor bridge with the hike thanks to bridge climb to have the sunset experience. It is a great experience to watch the sun setting over the Tasman Sea.

Sahara, North Africa:

Have you ever thought of watching sunset standing on the desert of Sahara, the hottest place in the world? If not then take a plunge to the idea. Just select a country. You have a number of options as this desert covers most of all countries in North Africa. Climb a sand dune and experience the Technicolor light show in the desert of Sahara.

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Most people like to take vacation to get relief from the stress they have to go through every day. There are many others who go for vacationing as per the instruction of their doctors to recover their health. If you are planning to spend vacation with your family then you many face difficulties in choosing a place where all of you can spend time together. Your partner may ask for spa, or your kids may want to have swimming pools. Then you have to search for an accommodation where you can get all these facilities. Do not worry. This will not affect much on your savings.

To get all these facilities you can opt for the all inclusive resorts. But you should have a strong finance base as these resorts can be expensive comparing to the others. It may cost around $450 per night for an individual. Following are some of the best all inclusive resorts that suit your budget and fulfill your requirements:

Krystal, Cancun, Mexico :

The resort, Krystal is located in the heart of the hotel zone in Punta Cancun in Mexico. This resort offers its visitors the most attractive facilities such as infinity whirlpool in front of the beach. Apart from that it offers 453 rooms each of them facing either Cancun Lagoon or Caribbean Sea. Each room is decorated with flat screen televisions, marble flooring and rain showers which can be helpful to wash off all the sands just after coming back from beach. But there is a negative pointy related to this type of all inclusive resort i. e. you need to have your meals each day onsite. But Krystal Cancun offers a pass that can allow you to have a single meal at a particular local restaurant.

Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Paphos, Cyprus:

This resort having 420 rooms is located on the western coast of Cyprus. It has a big pool and blue loungers on the beach. Moreover this resort offers art and pottery classes for free.

Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, Antigua:

This all inclusive resort is built on around 40 acres of land. This place I is the hottest destination for those who want to enjoy the turquoise water. It also offers facilities like kayaking, paddle boating along with two big pools and 464 rooms that offer partial view of the ocean.

Paradise Island Harbour Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas:

Though this resort just has 246 rooms which is quite small if compared to the Atlantis standing next to it but the price it offers is also reasonable than Atlantis. This resort is located in Bahamas.

Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

This resort having 658 rooms is the ideal for spending evenings as it offers nine bars that includes sports and a piano bar and eight restaurants. This resort also has a big pool. This is located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

ClubHotel Riu, Negril, Jamaica

This resort is located in Jamaica. As it is built right on the beach the entire resort is decorated with colorful umbrellas. This resort also has two large pools and 420 rooms and party rooms etc.

Iberostar Costa Dorada, Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic:

There are six hotels which are operated in Dominican Republic by Iberostar.  But this resort is the best amongst all that can value your money. With 516 rooms and other exciting features it can be your best holiday destination.

Royal Decameron Golf Beach Resort & Villas, Farallón, Panama:

This is a giant resort with 1170 rooms in offering along with 10 restaurants, eight pools, 11 bars and etc. This resort is located in Panama.

Sunscape Dorado Pacifico, Ixtapa, Mexico:

This resort in Mexico is quite reasonable for the visitors. Many visitors come to this place as it offers rooms with all the modern facilities, spas, bars and restaurants.

Barceló Langosta Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica:

This all inclusive resort situated in Costa Rica is surrounded by national park and rain forests. The nature surrounding the resort is calm and quite as it is located a mile away from the Tamarindo town. It offers 134 rooms, bars, restaurants and a casino.


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