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In everyone’s life there comes a time when you wish for a vacation on a picturesque places with a welcoming weather, soft sand and salty yet refreshing winds. And the thing that makes its more perfect is spending the vacation as a couple. Here, in this article we give you top romantic holiday spots of the world where you can rekindle your love with your partner.            `


Known for attracting honeymooners from all around the world, The Caribbean is an amazing choice when you want to spend some magical time with your spouse. It’s amongst the most popular romantic destinations of the world. The whole ambiance around the island is relaxed and the views are breathtakingly beautiful. The islands are small but fully equipped to serve you with one of the most memorable vacation of your life.

Santorini, Greece

This Greek Islands has a picture perfect scenic beauty especially in summer months. Santorini is blessed with stunning blue water beaches, white buildings around the cobbled streets and the air is filled with the fresh smell of wild flowers. This is a perfect place to have a relaxing romantic holiday with love one.

South Africa

For couples who are looking for a thrilling holiday experience, then South Africa is a place is to be considered. Celebrate your marriage away from the fast life of the city, tasting some of the best wines or going for a great safari ride. Add-on a week holiday by taking a small trip to Mauritius for a rich beach experience!!


Make your honeymoon a lifetime experience by planning a holiday in Australia! This splendid country has something for everyone. OZ is the most popular places to visit according to the top most tourist magazines and companies. Taste different cuisines, experience wilderness and enjoy wine while seeing sun setting behind the Ayres Rock.

So, plan a small yet special honeymoon for a person you love most and the thing which makes this honeymoon better will be making this honeymoon trip a longer one. But remember, romantic holidays is not made by exotic locations, resorts or spas… but it is made by the time when you again fall in love with the person you love most.

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India is considered as the most eye catching and alluring travel destination because of it versatile terrain and cultural heritage. Be it the great Himalayan Mountains or desert of Rajasthan to the exotic beaches of Goa or the misty tropical jungles, India keep on enchanting the visitors of the world and its growing day by day. India is home to world’s largest tiger population and the species is continuously thriving among this secured environment. Even on the economical level, major growth can be seen in India especially in the IT and Finance sectors.

Major attractions which bring visitors to India are the wildlife sanctuaries and natural attractions. There are almost hundred different natural parks and wildlife preserves which help in balancing the eco system. One can see wildlife free in their natural habitat which is rarely seen in zoos. If you plan smartly your trip to India, you can be the part of timeless celebration of several heritage festivals. Make sure to plan a visit to the historical museums where you and your family can learn about the vibrant culture of this majestic country.

Cuisines of India are quite popular around the world especially for its spices which bring different flavors in just one dish. In America the word used to describe Indian food is “Curry” which is basically a blend of various aromas and spices like cardamom, ginger, coriander, nutmeg, poppy and turmeric which is used in almost every dish because of its healing properties.

Vegetarian dishes are mostly eaten in the Sothern and Western region of India and northern side is known for its Non-Vegetarian dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken. Coastal regions offer various fish dishes like pomfret, Indian Salmon and shrimp. The best place to enjoy the costal food is Goa which is also known to be the major tourist attraction for visitors who are coming to India for the first time.

The best time to travel in India is from November to January. Shopping is very easy here but the best thing is to do bargain and you can save lot of money. Renting a vehicle from a registered place is advisable rather than using public transportation unless it’s very necessary. Hotels are the best place to stay which you are visiting in India as they come with proper security and privacy. If you keep things in mind, you can experience a memorable vacation in Majestic India.

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The spring time is coming and so does the greenery. This is the best time to go for a vacation with your family before the attack of summer heat starts. If you choose wisely, there are many places that can be the perfect destination for you this spring. In this article you will get idea about some great places in the world for a spring holiday.

  • Seattle, Washington:

Seattle is coming up as an appealing springtime bargain destination this year with three low-cost carriers especially for the tourists. For those who want to experience traveling in a train then Amtrak is the best choice as it takes a round trip from Cascades (Eugene-Seattle-Vancouver), Coast Starlight (Los Angeles-Seattle), and Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle) routes. Not only that, Seattle will be hosting the top most noteworthy exhibitions this year. The Seattle Art Museum will feature an exhibition of nearly 60 of the artist’s paintings and sculptures. Don’t forget to visit the, the Pacific Science Center will be featuring objects of The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs of Egypt.

  • Hawaii:

This is one destination which can be never forgotten by the travelers. Many great deals can be seen for Hawaii during these days in some of the top most travel sites. Booking a trip to Hawaii will not only be light on your pocket but promise a great spring vacation for sure. All the major airlines are well connected to Hawaii and as sales for spring travel has been started, you are bound to get best deal for this lay back attitude place for sure.

  • Puerto Rico:-

A proud owner of the title of “Hot International Destinations for Americans in 2012” Puerto Rico comes under the best destinations to visit in this spring time. Before not many flight options were available to this place but now the scenario is changing fast. There are many attractive discount deals available for Puerto Rico.  Best is to book early to avail great discounts and you can use the spare money on the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa which is one of the popular places to stay in Puerto Rico…

  • Orlando and Central Florida:

No kids we have not forgotten to keep a destination specially keeping your wishes in mind. With the news about opening of Legoland, Orlando and Central Florida is hot destination for kids to visit in this spring. There is plenty of entertainment for the whole family which comes beyond mouse and wizard world. Loads of discount is going on this year especially for a trip to Orlando and Central Florida whether is airlines, hotels, and even Universal Orlando tickets. So, start telling your parents to plan a great trip to the fun city.

  • Portugal:

This spring visit the European Capital of Culture by spending very less amount. Portugal is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. Get a great chance to explore Portugal’s countryside, manors, monasteries and top tourist destinations this spring when there are loads of discount going on airlines. Discounts on accommodations and vacation packages are also available on many reputed travel websites.

So compare travels plans of all the above destinations and wolla!! you got a good vacation package in your pocket this spring.

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In the first part of” A Trip to Undiscovered Islands” we covered group five islands which are still hidden from the crowds. Every island is unique in its own way to give a vacation you always wished for. Now in the second part, we give you list of five undiscovered islands.

  • Roatán,Honduras

Planning to get away off-the-radar, then Roatán, Honduras is the best place for you. This serene island is surrounded by so clear water that you can easily spot dozens of tropical fishes of every imaginable color. Though the island is small and do not comes under any usual travelers map, yet it has the second largest barrier reef in the world.

  • Hvar, Croatia

Ever wonders where does rich and famous spend their quiet beach holidays? Well we got one pointed for you. Hvar, Croatia is one the favorite holiday destination for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Stephen Spielberg, King Abdullah of Jordan, Bill Gates, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Gerard Depardieu. So make sure you get a trip planned for Hvar and may be you will be lucky to spot some famous people.

  • Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Rent a 4×4 vehicle for a ride on the world’s largest Sand Island located on Australia’s East Coast. Fraser Island comes under the UNESCO World Heritage-listed islands. Take a trip to the dense rainforest, sand dunes facing endless oceans and more than 100 freshwater lakes but don’t think of swimming as the water is too foggy for swimming. Go for hike to spot some of the rare shore birds, visit 5,000-year-old Aboriginal campsites or the wreck of the S.S. Maheno.  From Luxurious resorts to cheap rentals, both kinds of accommodations are easily available on the island.

  • St.-Pierre and Miquelon, France

This island is best destination for a quiet summer holiday. Experience the local festival “St.-Pierre and Miquelon” of St.-Pierre and Miquelon. Tiny local restaurants are the best place to enjoy luscious and fresh seafood which definitely will be a treat to your taste buds.

  • Kefalonia, Greece

Got recently married or planning a second honeymoon on a romantic island? Kefalonia, Greece is picture perfect place for your next romantic holiday. Every part of island is appealing as it has remaind untouched by many tourists. Visitors can rent villas up on the hills to get fresh breeze from the sea and hire a car to explore the island. Rents a speed boat to give you’re partner a thrilling ride across the sea.

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Dreaming about lazy days or quiet nights or taking a long walk on a beach while enjoying the sunset with your beloved. Well here is a small guide for all those people who wish to visit these secret spots of heaven on earth. We know that there are hundreds of places like this in the world, but for now we bring you the ten best.


Unlike the most popular island Trinidad, Tobago, Caribbean is an island known for its peaceful ambiance and pristine natural surroundings. Tourists can hire a guide to visit the oldest and well protected rain forest of Western Hemisphere. Here the songs of more than 58 different species of birds. The island is surrounded by shallow water reefs giving snorkelers or divers an experience they can’t forget in their entire life. If you are sporty enough for this, then take a ride in a glass bottomed boat to spot some 300 variety of coral, giant tube sponges, gigantic rays and many colorful fishes.

For kids, the best place to visit is the Nylon Pool located in shallow water area of lagoon. There are many decent hotels located in the nearby area including the famous Coco Reef Resort & Spa. Tobago is an eco friendly island and an award winner of the “World’s Leading Green Destination”.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Vietnam was once an isolated place today swiftly becoming a tourist hub. But the largest island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is still remains the quiet and affordable for the visitors. The island is largely covered by mountains and is a home to Phu Quoc National Forest. Not much developed, Phu Quoc Island is home to fish-sauce factories and plantations.

Visitors can enjoy miles of deserted beaches and night so dark that you can spot many constellations which are difficult to see in the metropolitan cities. The Sea Star Resort is a fine place to stay and many good restaurants are located in the nearby areas. Away from the wild crowd and loud sounds, embrace the silence of the majestic island of Vietnam.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Looking for and ultimate private destination, the Mnemba Island of Tanzania is the place for you. The island is so quiet that you can actually hear you’re every breath. This is a private island which consists of only 10 luxurious bandas. All the cottages are built by palm matting which is hand woven. All the accommodation is spacious here and the front porch view is simply breath taking.

Enjoy scuba diving or snorkel to your heart’s delight in the clean blue sea or enjoy the special massage for two in your banda. Take a leisure moment to enjoy your food and company at a candle light dinner on the beach. Zanzibar is a home to rich people, so if you are planning a luxurious vacation, then this island is waiting for you.

Guernsey, Channel Islands

If you are a fan of “The Guernsey Potato Peel and Literary Society”, you will find Guernsey much warmer and sunnier in comparison to England. Though the island still remains under the influence of British people, geographically it’s much closer to France than England.

Guernsey, Channel Islands will not disappoint you if you are visiting here to experience the place you have read about. If you are looking for an activity here, then hike 30 miles of cliff paths above the sea, stroll around the fields filled with Guernsey cows, and walk around the gardens dazzle with flowers.

Molokai, Hawaii

The history of Molokai, Hawaii is pretty distressing but the place is good for the visitors who visit to feel the gentle breeze and tropical climate. Hotel Molokai is the only available hotel is this area, so its better to book in advance if you are planning to visit here.

The main attraction on Molokai is the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Tourists can enjoy a scenic 2.9 mile hiking trail which takes you to the world’s highest sea cliff. If you are visiting in winter, make sure to book your trip to whale watching. There are not many shops in the area but you can definitely grab a bag of strong Molokai Coffee, taking the essence of this place while you go back.


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