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Build Endurance And Run Longer

Running or jogging is one of the best forms of exercises as well as the simplest form of exercise regime out there. All you need is to get into your sneakers and start running. As simple as it sounds, many newbie runners don’t adapt well with this exercise long enough.

The main reason is the lack of endurance to keep running for a long time. After a few minutes of running, a newbie runner will start breathing heavily and the legs would be on fire begging to stop. Well, one simple advice for those who are trying this exercise for the first. Don’t expect to run five miles or even a mile for that matter at the first attempt.

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Ever girls wants to look in the best shape in the festive season – especially when they want to wear some traditional outfits like sari or chaniya choli where they can show off their toned midriff. Now, I know that you have possibly started doing the core crunch exercise and cut down your diet to half hoping that it will do miracles. Yes miracles can happen in few days but not in this way. To get a sexy toned core, you need to eat right and do exercise that focus on your core as well as burn that extra calories which has been deposited on various parts of your body.

So, we have decided a set of workout which you can practice 5 days a week. This workout includes some cardio exercise and core exercise so you get to lose weight from overall of your body. Another thing which is very important to note is that you need to do this exercises as per your stamina and flexibility. Pushing your body is good but too much stress can lead to back injury. This will put a major halt in your exercise routine which you don’t want.

Exercise Routine for Tone Midriff:

Warm Up

A good warm up exercise is very necessary to loosen the muscles and prepare your body for high intensity exercise. Make sure you practice a warm up routine every time you start doing any exercise.

  • High Knee March. This a very basic exercise. If you are doing it for the first time, do it slow but for those who have done exercise before, try to move your hands up and down in a synchronized way. Do this for one minute.
  • Wide squats. Stand on legs slight broader than shoulder width. Now slowly drop down toward the ground keeping your weight equally balance on both the legs. Keep you back straight and breathe normally. Do 15 repetitions
  • Toe Touches: Stand straight and kick one leg out and try touching this leg with your both hands. If you are not been able to touch your legs it’s completely fine. You are doing this to open your hip and back muscles. Over exerting will might give you injury. Try doing 15 repetition on each leg.
  • Alternate Lunges. This is the best exercise to tone your legs and back. Keep your both hand on the back of your head. Now, push one leg backward and bend the straight leg at 90 degree. Do 10 repetition’s on each leg.
  • Torso twist: This is the best exercise to loosen up your core and back muscles. Stand shoulder width apart with arms locked in front of your chest. Now twist right to left for 30 seconds.

Core Exercise:

For core exercise you need 2 to 3 kg of dumbbell (optional) and exercise mat. We are using dumbbell to increase the calorie burn but if you are doing the exercise for the first time, using body weight will be enough to tone your body.

  • Stand straight with weights in your hand. It’s completely fine if you don’t want to use weight. Raise your hands above your head, and pull your leg upwards to your chest and simultaneously pull your hands down. Repeat with the other leg. Your movements should be like a march. This way you not only do cardio but tone your arms, legs and abdomen muscles. Do 32 reps.
  • Backward Lunges with Warrior Pose. If you want to burn more calories, take dumbbell in your both hands. Now step one foot backward and push yourself towards floor so that your knee of bend leg remains just few inches above ground. Now hold on this position for 2 breaths and pull your both hands above your head and pull your body slightly backwards. Try to balance into this position for breath or two. Come back to start position. Repeat this 12 repetition using alternate legs.
  • Burpee: This is the best exercise to burn that extra fat from your body. To perform burpee, keep your legs shoulder width apart. Now lower down your body so that your hands touch on the ground and kick your feet backwards so that you are in a push up position. Now, kick again to the basic position and stand up. You can add jump when you stand up.
  • Squat Rotation. If you want to tone your whole upper body, then it is the best exercise for you. Squat down as low as possible and when you come up, twist your body to the opposite direction. You can use weight in this exercise to burn extra calories. Do same with the other side of 10 repetition on each side.
  • Side lunges with Bend: Lunges is best form of exercise to build strength, get toned legs and tighten lower abdomen. To do side lunges, stand with legs shoulder width apart. Kick your leg out on right side and now bend your torso in the same direction. Make sure you keep the balance. Use weight if you want to tone your muscles. Do the same with the left leg. Try doing 10 repetitions for each leg but if you can do up to 15, then go for it.
  • Single Leg Jackknife Crunch: For this exercise you need a mat. Lie down straight with hands above your head. Now raise your left leg and right hand simultaneously so that they touch in the middle part of your body. You need to push your shoulder above the ground to touch your leg and not bend your leg towards the chest. Repeat this with other leg for at least 20 repetitions.
  • Superman: When you do the core, you should always perform exercise for your back muscles also. This will help your body muscles get balanced in a nice way and save you from any injury. Lie down on your stomach with your hands straight in front of you. Now, raise your torso and legs simultaneously so that your body gets an arch. Hold for two breaths and return in a start position. For start do 10 repetitions and later go for 15.
  • Russian Twist: To have stronger core, perform Russian twist as this will tone your lower abdomen muscles and improve your body balance. Grab a medicinal ball or any other weight and sit on the mat with your feet bend at 90 degree. Now push your back slightly backwards, weights straight out in front of your chest and legs slightly above the ground. Try to balance this position. Now twist your torso from left to right. Make sure to do smooth movements and not jerky as this might injure your back. This exercise will give you maximum result when done in a slow and smooth way.
  • Side Plank with Hip Raise: Another great exercise to tone your core and built strength in your hands as to perform this, you will be using only your body weight. Lie down side facing on your mat and slowly raise your body by keeping one hand on the ground parallel to shoulder. If this posture is too tough for you, bend your elbow and knee and push your body upwards. Now, do slow up and down movements so that your core sides feel the stretch. Repeat the same with the other side. Do 10 repetitions or each side. Challenge yourself for 15 once you have mastery side plank with hip raise.

Stretch Exercise:

Stretching your body after a good workout is very important. When you do exercise, your muscles become stiff, so you need to perform certain stretch exercise to relax those muscles.

Stand legs shoulder width apart and rotate your torso in a full circle. Do it slowly as it’s a cool down. Do 10 rotations of this. Now perform the downward dog pose. In this, you bend downwards and try to walk out in front by balancing your body on both the hands so you get a triangle posture of your body. In this you should feel stretch on your hamstrings and back. Remember, if you feel pain while performing stretch exercise, stop immediately. Now sit on the floor with your legs tuck under your butt. Now perform child posture. This will give a good stretch you your back and relax your core too.

Hope, this exercise routine will help you lose the belly fat which you are trying to shed for days. Apart from performing this exercise, you can do swimming or jogging on daily basis. Remember, eat healthy and do exercise that boost your metabolism and endurance capacity.


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Gym is becoming the necessity for those who wants to get a perfect figure. I agree on the point that gym does help you to tone your body to some extent. But, once you leave the gym, your body get again in that previous bulky shape. Also, I feel that instead of using equipment’s, using body weight while performing floor exercise help you lose weight body fast, built lean muscles and makes your body strong internally. Like you guy, I try to look for the best floor exercise plan on the net and got information about some channels on YouTube where trained instructors show you the correct way to perform different exercises that will tone your body.

So, here are the list of Top Five Fitness Channels on YouTube which help me be healthy and strong:

1. Fitness Blender:

Daniel and Kelli – for me they are the superstars of fitness world. I saw their full length video workouts and fell in love with the way they guide people to use body weight to build stamina and lose extra body weight. Their full length exercise video are available on YouTube, and whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscles, you can get all the information here. Also, do check out their food and nutrition advice as they are very helpful. Right now I am following their 5 Day free workout challenge and soon planning to purchase their 8 week workout challenge. For all those who hate to go gym but looking for videos that guide them to do best exercise for their body type, then Fitness Blender is the best place for you.

Visit Fitness Blender YouTube Channel!

2. BeFit:

Get trained by some of the best experienced in fitness world like trainers like Kym Johnson, Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Scott Herman, and many more. Every week you get a new workout video where you can see some great moves to tone up your body. Also, they provide great health advice which will help you to slim down, get back in shape and be stronger from within.

Visit BeFit YouTube Channel!

3. Tone It Up:

Want to get a beautiful bikini shaped body then Tone It Up is the channel for you. As the name suggest, here you get the videos of Karena and Katrina who guide you exercise to tone your booty. Exercise performed by them are easy to do and also there are some good yoga exercise for those who wants to relax their body.

Visit Tone It Up YouTube Channel!

4. The Daily Hiit:

For those who lead a busy schedule life – The Daily HIIT channel offers you exercise that will melt down all the excessive fats from your body leaving you exhausted, sweaty and definitely happy. Try few of their workouts and you will understand what I am talking about. The channel almost update some fitness videos daily which includes HiitReps, HiitBody, HiitCore and Yoga, so you will never have an excuse of not doing workouts.

Visit The Daily HIIT YouTube Channel!

5. Tara Stiles:

If you are tired of doing high intensity workouts and want to do some relaxing exercise to loosen up, then search for Tara Stiles Videos on YouTube. The founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles perform some of the best Yoga exercise that will help you relax and tone your body.

Visit Tara Stiles YouTube Channel!

These are just few fitness channels on YouTube which I follow on regular basis to get some good exercise videos. There are many good trainers out there who post exercise video on YouTube which help people to preform exercise at home. If, you know name of any such people, do send us their name and we would love to read and write about them. By that time – Stay Healthy and Stay Fit.

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To become healthy, we need to do some kind of exercise at least 5 days a week. But, this sometimes becomes an impossible task because of our hectic schedule or the lazy side of the brain telling us to remain asleep. The best way to remain healthy without doing much effort is to start jogging. It is the best form of cardio exercise that will help your body burn calories fast and reduce body fat considerably. Also, it will strengthen your lungs, heart, toned leg muscles and hand, relaxes your mind and improves oxygen flow all over body.

Each day we lead a very hectic life but this doesn’t involve any kind of physical exertion. Instead it actually harms our body as we tend to take tension or stress. To reduce this, we need to take out sometime for ourselves – few minutes where you can run and drain all your worries with sweat.

But, before you start your jogging routine, you should keep few tips in your mind to avoid any kind of muscle injury. With a proper running gear, few tips and strong will, you can jog daily and keep your body in best shape.

Here are some good tips you must follow the next time you’re jogging:

Do Stretching:

Before you start running on your jogging track, try doing some light stretch exercises for at least 5 minutes to open your leg and back muscles. This will avoid any kind of strain on your body while you are jogging. Also, remember not to do any fast movements while practicing stretch exercises as it can possibly give you injury.

Get into Right Posture

Jogging with the right posture can prove much beneficial to your body. When you start jogging, always stand up tall while running. This posture will help increase blood flow in your body. Keep your back straight and chest open so that you can breathe easily.

Breathe-In and Out Properly

Most of the people feels that longer they run, the more beneficial for their health. But, this is only the half-truth. Breathing is the most important part of jogging. When you are jogging, try inhaling deeply to get maximum amount of oxygen in your body. This will help you remain fresh and active for longer time. Try not to push too much which your body can’t take. Jog till your body takes and try not to exhaust yourself. The best way to jog is running while listening to the music you love. Find the rhythm and tune your body to run with the same flow.

Take Proper Strides While Jogging

There are certain techniques one should always follow if they are planning to start jogging on a regular basis. When the toes land on the ground while running, it means you are taking short strides. But if you are landing on your heels, then your strides are getting longer. Remember, the key to healthy jogging is to find a perfect balance so that your body gets proper exercise without getting any injury.

Setting a Momentum

We always challenge our body to go for an extra mile while running. But, with such a will you also need a momentum to thrust your body forward for that extra mile. Also, good momentum will help you get your body flow in a correct way so you get less tired.

Give your Knees a break

When your body is feeling a bit stiff, try jogging in the light mode. Putting too much pressure on your legs will surely damage knee and calf muscles. So, try enjoying your jogging instead of putting too much pressure on your body which you can’t handle.


It’s very important to give your body a break after a good run. Even when you run with right shoes, proper posture and momentum, your body gets tired after running few miles. To get the boost for the next run, give your body a good amount of rest.

Jogging is the best way to burn those extra calories, relax your mind and tone body muscles. Keeping the above points in your mind you can enjoy your exercise and be healthy without much of hassle. The best way to jog is in the morning. Just pick the best jogging track, music you love and you are good to go.

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Recently I went to shop for my favorite Levi’s Curve ID jeans. While trying with different pants, I found one girl standing looking at her rear side. I noticed that she was not exactly happy on what was in front of her. She was quite slim and her butts were really flat. Not that I am making fun of girls who have flat butts. Most of us  are not blessed with curves on the right places. But, there’s always a hard but sure shot way to get what you always want.

A flat butt can make you feel self-conscious about your body. So, if you desire for rounder, shapelier butt that gives proper definition to lower part of your body, a combination of cardiovascular workouts and strength training exercise is very much needed that also helps strengthening of your legs too. A proper combination of these exercises will help you tone butt muscles, reduce excessive fat, built strength and redefine shape of your backside.

Exercises to redefine your Butt Shape:

  • Lunges: It’s the most effective exercise to tone your gluteus muscles and legs. To practice lunges, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Lower your rear and bend your knees as if you are going to sit on chair. Make sure your foot remains flat on the floor while practicing lunges. Practice lunges 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Squats: Like squats, lunges also work on the major muscles of your lower body. Practicing this exercise will also improve your body balance. Take right leg forward, keeping your back straight. Bend your right leg knee to about 90 degrees. Keep your body weight on your back toes and pull your body downwards so that your back foot knee gets close to floor but not touching it. Practice squats 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Dead Lifts: Stand straight keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your side. Bend your knees slightly, and try touching your feet. Hold the position for 5 seconds and come to starting position. Practice dead lift 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Hip Extensions: Lie face down, your body balanced on your knees and hand.  Tighten your abs and lift until it forms straight line of your body. Hold your leg for 5 seconds then lower down slowly.  Repeat it with the other leg. Practice hip lifts 15 to 20 times in 2 sets.
  • Cardio Workouts: The best way to make any workout effective is to practice it with any kind of cardio workout. Go for running, cycling, swimming or just walk on tread mill for 30 minutes. This will warm your body to form any kind of workout focused on specific part.

Any kind of strength training won’t shape and tone your muscles as the fat is not equally spread on body. By incorporating cardiovascular exercise, you can burn fat all over and tone your gluteus muscles. Perform 15 to 20 minutes of cardio exercise before practicing your butt-toning strength-training moves for faster and effective results.

Hope this article help to have great Butt year ahead.


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