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Best Face Packs For Glowing Skin

It’s a dream of every woman to look beautiful and have the everlasting, clearer, glowing skin, throughout the life. However, even though you take care of your skin daily, due to the growing pollution, harsh sunlight and hectic schedules inviting stress and anxiety, the dream of clearer and glowing skin seems a distant one.

Whether it’s the hormonal changes in younger teenage girls or the stress of day-to-day lives for adults, the skin becomes vulnerable to pimples or acne, tanning, blemishes, spots that restricts the skin from having clearer flawless skin. Although, there are a lot of skin care products available in the market, which could effectively solve these problems, they also dig a deep hole in your pocket.

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Winter is the most pleasing season to me as I have to bear less heat as compared to rest of the year. But the biggest problem of living in the plains is your skin becomes too dry in winter. As the winter has arrived, my skin becomes super dry and wrinkled which I absolutely hate it.

Main Cause of Dry Skin:

Dry skin problem occurrence cannot be because of one single reason. The causes can be due to external and internal reasons. External factors are the most common cause of dry skin problems among women which include factors like cold temperatures, low humidity, bathing with too hot water, over use of harsh soap and improper use of moisturizer on skin. Sometimes, even certain clothing can also affect dry skin. Materials such as wool or synthetic fibers tend to irritate the skin and worsen dry skin problems.

When you have flaky, itchy, dry skin – you wish to have a faster relief and that too for a longer time. Cold creams give soothing effect to your skin but it only last for 3 to 4 hours. To lock the moisture on your skin for longer time, use natural products that nourish your skin and rejuvenate the dead cells of skin.

This year I have decided to save money by not investing so much on skin creams and use homemade packs which gives a good amount of moisture to my skin throughout winter. All the packs are really easy to make and made from easily available ingredients

Face Packs for Dry Skin Problem

  • Cream – Honey Face Mask: For those who have super dry skin, mix a spoon of milk cream and honey. Apply this mixture on your face and neck and let it there for about 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and dab your face with clean towel gently. Milk Cream moisture your skin while honey will gives glow to your face. You can also use rose water in this mixture.
  • Almond Oil – Milk Face Mask: Mix a spoon of almond oil with two spoons of raw milk and apply on your face for 10 minutes or so. Wash it off with cold water. Almond Oil – Milk Face Mask is wonderful if your skin looks dull.  This mix contains goodness of milk and the hydrating properties of almond oil which restores the softness in skin. Also, almond oil penetrates your skin and restores the moisture content in your skin.
  • Rosewater – Strawberry Face Mask: This time save few strawberries for your face before you relish them. Blend few strawberries and mix it with rose water. Apply this to your face for 20 minutes and risen off with cold water. Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C as well as omega-3 fatty acids which helps removes the dullness of skin making it softer.
  • Banana – Rose Water Face Mask: Banana contains moisturizing properties. Mix a spoon full of mashed banana with rose water. You can add few drops of honey too if you have dull skin problem. Apply the mask and wait for 20 minutes, then rinse off. You will get a smooth, soft and radiant skin in just few minutes.

For the best results, you should apply the face pack at least two times a week. Choose the face pack as per you skin type so that it gets required nourishment. If you are allergic to any to the ingredients, avoid using that face pack as it might aggravate acne problem on your skin.


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