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Flax seeds, popularly known as “Tisi” or “Alsi” in India, was initially used to enhance the diet of hard working villagers. However, the usage of flax seeds go far back into the history since the ancient civilizations. There are various findings that suggests that flax seeds were used from the times of Nefertiti in Egypt.

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Living healthy is the most important thing for women besides looking vibrant and younger. Today, many women either use different cosmetics, go for surgeries to look younger. Hiding wrinkles, fine lines near eyes or mouth, getting rid of uneven skin tone seems to be priorities of women today. There are many fat loss programs available too that helps or guides on “How to Lose Weight Fast for Women”. Well, I can’t really blame them as now Women play a bigger role in society where they are often judged by their overall looks. But, with so much pressure, often most of us forget that healthy body is the most important factor to look younger. You do need creams and lotions to protect your skin from outside but the major work done from inside. So have you done anything for a healthy body? Not yet… well here are just 5 Steps that will help you look up to 10 years younger and it’s absolutely free.

1. Exercise:

Shaking the booty (while walking) in morning is the most difficult thing for every women. You go to office, take care of kids, pack lunch, drive to school, go to shopping, the list seems endless. All, this work does burn your calorie but it makes you more tired which leads to your body age faster. To have a healthy body, you need to work out but in a way that you feel fresh rather than look tired. Exercising 4 to 5 times a week is the best way to make your body fit and healthy. Start with the cardio exercise for the first day followed by yoga on the second day. Practice exercise to tone your body which includes special exercise to tone arms, legs and core muscles. Keep stretch exercises for fourth day and on fifth day enjoy bicycling, swimming or any activity you love to do.

2. Eat Right:

The key here is not just eating low fat diet but you need to get all the necessary supplements you’re your food. Eating right is big step towards maintaining healthy lifestyle. Most of us always think about a diet that helps lose weight. In the process we prepare a list of what to eat to lose weight naturally. Because of living a fast paced life where many of us don’t have the patience to cook anything after leading a hectic day. As a result, many of us order our favorite fast food for night or wait till the microwave announces that the food is ready. In order to function correctly, your body needs right blend nutrients from food. Many of your fast and convenience way of eating lack in providing necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to regenerate new cells and fight diseases. While they may taste good but in reality you consume unhealthy calories only. The best is to start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, try eliminating processed food from your diet and replace it with whole grain food and fish. Opt for green salad with brown bread sandwich when you’re feeling hungry. Even with these small changes in your diet, you will find yourself healthier and younger.

3. Water:

You might always look for a good cream or soap for your body as the skin is looking dull and lusterless. But, have you ever thought that it might be because your body is not enough hydrated. Your body requires 1.5 to 2 liters water per day to stay hydrated. Also, more intake of water purifies your body from inside. All you have to bear is 2 – 3 more rounds to wash room but that’s not a bad deal when it hydrates your skin making it look healthier and younger.

4. Visit Doctor Regularly:

Sometimes, even after eating right, doing exercise, you don’t feel the strength in your body. This might be because of some disease inside your body which you are not aware off. The best way to ascertain health status is to visit your doctor on regular intervals. It’s the best way to monitor your health and avail prompt treatment if diagnosed early for certain disease.

5. Be Happy With Yourself:

Ok, we all wish to look young and fit like Victoria’s Secret models but can that be really achieved? I am not saying that you can’t. Most of the women take too much stress to look younger which actually has negative impact on their health.

On a lighter note, I hope you don’t believe in the following phrase:

“If stress burned calories, I’d be a supermodel.”

Instead try being happy on what you are and improve the way you live your life. You need to be happy about the good changes not taking stress on whether the change in you is instant or not. Also, avoid people who always pass negative comments. These people are not happy about themselves and don’t wish to see you happy too.

Many of us want to know, what is the best way to lose weight?

Frankly speaking there are no easy ways to lose weight. Follow the above steps and lead a healthier and younger life.

The mantra to look younger is start accepting yourself with smile today, become a happy person in future.

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Gym is becoming the necessity for those who wants to get a perfect figure. I agree on the point that gym does help you to tone your body to some extent. But, once you leave the gym, your body get again in that previous bulky shape. Also, I feel that instead of using equipment’s, using body weight while performing floor exercise help you lose weight body fast, built lean muscles and makes your body strong internally. Like you guy, I try to look for the best floor exercise plan on the net and got information about some channels on YouTube where trained instructors show you the correct way to perform different exercises that will tone your body.

So, here are the list of Top Five Fitness Channels on YouTube which help me be healthy and strong:

1. Fitness Blender:

Daniel and Kelli – for me they are the superstars of fitness world. I saw their full length video workouts and fell in love with the way they guide people to use body weight to build stamina and lose extra body weight. Their full length exercise video are available on YouTube, and whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscles, you can get all the information here. Also, do check out their food and nutrition advice as they are very helpful. Right now I am following their 5 Day free workout challenge and soon planning to purchase their 8 week workout challenge. For all those who hate to go gym but looking for videos that guide them to do best exercise for their body type, then Fitness Blender is the best place for you.

Visit Fitness Blender YouTube Channel!

2. BeFit:

Get trained by some of the best experienced in fitness world like trainers like Kym Johnson, Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Scott Herman, and many more. Every week you get a new workout video where you can see some great moves to tone up your body. Also, they provide great health advice which will help you to slim down, get back in shape and be stronger from within.

Visit BeFit YouTube Channel!

3. Tone It Up:

Want to get a beautiful bikini shaped body then Tone It Up is the channel for you. As the name suggest, here you get the videos of Karena and Katrina who guide you exercise to tone your booty. Exercise performed by them are easy to do and also there are some good yoga exercise for those who wants to relax their body.

Visit Tone It Up YouTube Channel!

4. The Daily Hiit:

For those who lead a busy schedule life – The Daily HIIT channel offers you exercise that will melt down all the excessive fats from your body leaving you exhausted, sweaty and definitely happy. Try few of their workouts and you will understand what I am talking about. The channel almost update some fitness videos daily which includes HiitReps, HiitBody, HiitCore and Yoga, so you will never have an excuse of not doing workouts.

Visit The Daily HIIT YouTube Channel!

5. Tara Stiles:

If you are tired of doing high intensity workouts and want to do some relaxing exercise to loosen up, then search for Tara Stiles Videos on YouTube. The founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles perform some of the best Yoga exercise that will help you relax and tone your body.

Visit Tara Stiles YouTube Channel!

These are just few fitness channels on YouTube which I follow on regular basis to get some good exercise videos. There are many good trainers out there who post exercise video on YouTube which help people to preform exercise at home. If, you know name of any such people, do send us their name and we would love to read and write about them. By that time – Stay Healthy and Stay Fit.

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To become healthy, we need to do some kind of exercise at least 5 days a week. But, this sometimes becomes an impossible task because of our hectic schedule or the lazy side of the brain telling us to remain asleep. The best way to remain healthy without doing much effort is to start jogging. It is the best form of cardio exercise that will help your body burn calories fast and reduce body fat considerably. Also, it will strengthen your lungs, heart, toned leg muscles and hand, relaxes your mind and improves oxygen flow all over body.

Each day we lead a very hectic life but this doesn’t involve any kind of physical exertion. Instead it actually harms our body as we tend to take tension or stress. To reduce this, we need to take out sometime for ourselves – few minutes where you can run and drain all your worries with sweat.

But, before you start your jogging routine, you should keep few tips in your mind to avoid any kind of muscle injury. With a proper running gear, few tips and strong will, you can jog daily and keep your body in best shape.

Here are some good tips you must follow the next time you’re jogging:

Do Stretching:

Before you start running on your jogging track, try doing some light stretch exercises for at least 5 minutes to open your leg and back muscles. This will avoid any kind of strain on your body while you are jogging. Also, remember not to do any fast movements while practicing stretch exercises as it can possibly give you injury.

Get into Right Posture

Jogging with the right posture can prove much beneficial to your body. When you start jogging, always stand up tall while running. This posture will help increase blood flow in your body. Keep your back straight and chest open so that you can breathe easily.

Breathe-In and Out Properly

Most of the people feels that longer they run, the more beneficial for their health. But, this is only the half-truth. Breathing is the most important part of jogging. When you are jogging, try inhaling deeply to get maximum amount of oxygen in your body. This will help you remain fresh and active for longer time. Try not to push too much which your body can’t take. Jog till your body takes and try not to exhaust yourself. The best way to jog is running while listening to the music you love. Find the rhythm and tune your body to run with the same flow.

Take Proper Strides While Jogging

There are certain techniques one should always follow if they are planning to start jogging on a regular basis. When the toes land on the ground while running, it means you are taking short strides. But if you are landing on your heels, then your strides are getting longer. Remember, the key to healthy jogging is to find a perfect balance so that your body gets proper exercise without getting any injury.

Setting a Momentum

We always challenge our body to go for an extra mile while running. But, with such a will you also need a momentum to thrust your body forward for that extra mile. Also, good momentum will help you get your body flow in a correct way so you get less tired.

Give your Knees a break

When your body is feeling a bit stiff, try jogging in the light mode. Putting too much pressure on your legs will surely damage knee and calf muscles. So, try enjoying your jogging instead of putting too much pressure on your body which you can’t handle.


It’s very important to give your body a break after a good run. Even when you run with right shoes, proper posture and momentum, your body gets tired after running few miles. To get the boost for the next run, give your body a good amount of rest.

Jogging is the best way to burn those extra calories, relax your mind and tone body muscles. Keeping the above points in your mind you can enjoy your exercise and be healthy without much of hassle. The best way to jog is in the morning. Just pick the best jogging track, music you love and you are good to go.

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We all need food to survive as food provides us the required energy to work and live on a day to day basis. Many of us who are healthy conscious are also aware of the benefits of important nutrients such as fiber in our diet. Some of us also realize the importance of super anti-oxidant foods that helps intoxicate our body. But did you know that certain foods can also help you against bad mood, depression and anxiety issues.


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