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Travel Beauty Essentials for Vacationing

Looking good can be a tricky job, especially when you are traveling. Since you can’t take every beauty essentials with you, there’s no way you can sort all the necessary products which will help you look good all the time. So, for all those women doing long distance traveling, following tips will help you in deciding beauty products you need to carry in your luggage.

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Our skin gets affected a lot each time we step out of house. Starting from the dust, pollution and heat from the sun, each things makes your skin dull each passing day. We go for several skin treatments in parlor to make skin clean and pimple free. But, does that really help?

I have a sensitive skin and even a small amount of dust in my bed leads to a big red ugly pimple on my forehead, cheeks, chin and worse on tip of nose. Few days, back I met my friend and while talking I was amazed to see that she got a very clear radiant skin. So, to get the best tips, I started asking about her routine and products she use. All the things we used were same except she applied toner every day. Unlike many, I never understand the real benefits of using a toner. Still, I decided to go for one. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I started using toner and my skin feels fresh day or night. It’s good to see your face normal rather than looking similar to mars surface.

What is Toner?

Toner is alcohol based solution that removes dirt from the pores of your skin without damaging the skin. It also helps to restore pH balance, oil secretion and balance uneven skin tone of your skin. Many options in toners are available in the market, one with alcohol and herbal which comes in the combination of purified water and herbs to cleanse your skin.

How Toner is Helpful?

Like many of you, I always felt toner unnecessary. As I told that my skin is very sensitive, I am prone to acne when makeup or dust stick to my face for longer time. One of my friend recently recommended an herbal toner and after just 3 days I can see major difference in my face. Basically, toner cleans your pores from deep without removing the moisture from skin. If you are using harsh soap to wash your face, it will even remove the trace of chemicals from your skin. It tightens the open pores and makes your skin look younger. If applied on the T zone of your face, toner balance the oil secretion of this area.

How to Use Toner Every Day?

As I mentioned, using toner on regular basis help remove dust, makeup and even soap remains from your deep within your skin. But, what kind of toner one should use. For those who have sensitive skin, use rose water or toner which has need or basil. People with oily skin should opt of toner with the properties of tea tree. It controls the secretion of oil and make your face look fresh for longer time. For those who have dry skin problem, use any mild toner preferably herbal. Always use toner after washing your face with a good face wash. Apply toner with the help of sterilized cotton in an upward direction. This was it will not only clean your skin from deep but also tighten your skin. Moisturizing your skin is very important after using toner. As toner removes excessive oil from your skin, the upper layer loses some moisture making it dry. It is wise to use moisturizer containing Vitamin E which will rejuvenate and repair your skin from deep.

Benefits of Using Toner Every Day:

  • Gets easily penetrates in the skin. Facial toners cleans the skin from deep so your skin gets free from acne, works as anti-aging, locks the moisture in skin.
  • Helps in reducing irritation and inflammation on skin. Those who have sensitive skin should go for toners containing aloe Vera, lavender, neem or tea tree oil.
  • Toners helps in making open skin pores smaller which leads to tightening of skin gradually.
  • Reduce excessive oil secretion on T zone (forehead, nose and chin) of face
  • Maintains PH balance of skin.
  • Many facial toners are designed specifically to refresh the skin. Such toners often come in spray bottle and has pleasant fragrance. They are most helpful in summer days when you avoid applying thick lotions on your skin.

Since the day I started using FabIndia Neem Tulsi toner, my skin got smoother and felt soft even when I am not using any cream. If you don’t wish to spend money on toner, stay tuned and soon I will be posting on some very easy ways to make toner at home.

Keep reading and don’t forget to comment on how you liked my article.

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Navratri Festival is here and every girl wants to look best. With so much pollution, wrong eating habits the skin becomes lifeless. So, instead of using lots of cosmetics to make your skin look fairer and glowing, try these homemade face packs to get clear and glowing skin every day. You will be amazed to find plenty of ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen to make an effective face masks for your skin.

Homemade face pack for glowing skin:

Before making any of the following face pack, remember that it’s important to use fresh ingredients for best results. Also after washing the face pack, always moisturize your skin to get rid of dryness.

  • Besan Pack: This is a very effective face pack if you have oily skin or your skin looks dull. All you have to do is simply mix two tablespoon of besan with few drops of rose water. Apply this paste on your face and neck area but not under your eyes. Once the pack dries, wash it off with cold water. Besan pack absorbs excessive oil from your skin making it soft and supple. If you have dry skin, try adding 1 tablespoon of curd in this mixture.
  • Mint Face Pack: Pudina (mint) has cooling properties and mint face pack is best for those who have tanning on face. For this pack, ground a handful of fresh mint leaves and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on the face and neck area. Leave this pack until it dries off completely and then wash off with cold water. This pack not only removes tan but also dries pimple.
  • Oatmeal Mask: When you are planning to go for facial, try oatmeal mask at home before spending lot of money on some parlor. Mix 1/2 a spoon oatmeal with sufficient amount of milk and water. Keep this mixture aside for few minutes until the oats are fully soaked, then apply it on face and rub in circular motion. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.
  • Tomato Mask: This mask not only removes tan from your skin but also tightens your pores of skin. Take one fresh tomato, 1/2 spoon of dried lemon peel powder and few drops of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients in a blender to make a coarse paste. Apply this on your face and on other tan areas. Wash with cold water 15 minutes to get naturally toned skin.

These face packs are effective on all skin types in all season. If you think that any of the above is too risky to apply on your skin, simply try a little patch of the pack on the skin of your wrist to check whether you get any kind of itchy rash or burning sensation. We hope that these face packs help you get clean skin.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below and also ask any queries regarding skin or health problems using the comment form below or directly contact us from here. We will help you with natural remedies possible for your health issues.

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We live in an urban world surrounded by facilities that makes our life smoother but everything has a drawback. Every single day we face dust, pollution, stress, and wrong eating habits all resulting into a greasy face at the end of the day. It’s not that you go to restroom every time to wash your face or carry a bunch of tissue with you to clean face. So, there must be some way to get rid of oily skin and not look like a bottle of grease.

I found some top cleansing tips to fight oily skin as below and hope these tips will help you too:

  • Know your skin: The first step before deciding a routine for your skin is to know what type of skin you have. No, you don’t have to go to a dermatologist for that. All you need to check the T area of face (area near your nose and eyebrows). Also check if you have oily face when you wake up in the morning. Once you are sure what kind of skin type you have, choose a good product accordingly.
  • Exfoliation Weekly:  The main reason of acne on oily skin is the blockage of pores. It’s very important to take care of it by using a mild scrub to exfoliate dead skin and oil so that your pores can open. The best way is apply a mild scrub in a circular motion on skin so that the pores of skin can be cleared from deep. Wash your face with cold water as the cold water it closes down the open pores making your skin tighten naturally.
  • Water Based Products: Today in market you can find different variety of products for almost any type of skin. These creams available in the market not only keep your skin moisturized but also help from not getting oily. Use water based moisturizer so that you don’t sweat after applying it. You should never forget to wear sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out in sun. If you are spending more time out in the sun, use sun screen with more SPF and apply in every 2 hours.
  • Make a Skin Routine: Its very necessary to have a designed routine for your skin. Choose two days in a week for deep cleansing. Wash your face 4 to 5 times a day with cold water if you have oily skin. Always carry a sun screen in your bag if you are going to spend time out in the sun. If you have sensitive skin, let your dermatologist suggest you cream based on your skin type.
  • Balanced Diet: What you eat shows on your skin. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that helps to get glow on your skin. Try resisting oily and spicy food as they are good on taste bud but extremely bad on skin. Such type of greasy food can make your skin even oilier. The best way to keep your skin hydrate and nourished is to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

It doesn’t really matter how much hectic life you lead, 2 minutes of personal care can never be waste. Dust, pollution and oil can ruin your skin texture and also makes you feel irritated. So, next time look fresh rather than looking like a greasy pan.

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Fruits are always adviced to be cosumed daily because of the nutritional content they have in them in terms of vitamins, minerals, fibres which actually helps your body become healthy and remove all the toxins in your body. The medicinal value of fruits are so high that fruit pulp or juice are even considered for facial to get rid of those pimple scars or pigmentation due to excess sunlight or dead skin cells.

Everyone is aware of the fact that a cup of a season fruit juice guarantees a clear complexion. But a massage with a fruit pulp or fruit facials are considered to be the better way to pamper your skin than opting for chemical beauty treatments which may further intoxicate your skin rather than getting rid of it. When fruits are considered to be the best option to hydrate as well as rejuvenate your skin, they also leave that refreshing smell which is quite distressing  Also unlike the chemical beauty treatments, fruits are cost-effective, organic and also bring an effective visible difference instantly giving your skin a young and refreshing look.

Here are a few fruits and their properties, choose what suits you best!

  • Banana:

    In India especially you can find bananas all round the year irrespective of what season is going on. This is one fruit that you get abundantly everyday. The nutritional value of bananas is also very high as it’s a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium as well as comes to good aid to reduce menstrual cramps. The effect of banana as a facial product also have its own merits. Rich in Vitamin A, B and E, bananas can be used as an anti-aging agent. If you apply a fresh mashed banana on your face daily then it may do wonders to your skin.

  • Lemon:

    Lemon juice is the first thing that comes to our mind in this hot killing weather whereas lemon juice is also a key ingredient in most Indian recipes to add that extra flavor. Like the bananas, lemon are also available in all seasons throughout the year and would always be found on your kitchen shelf or refrigerator. Drinking lemon juice everyday will make your skin glowing and beautiful as it’s rich with Vitamin C. Taking a dash of lemon juice mixed with a tsp of honey and a glass of warm water can work as a great skin cleanser. Lemons also do come handy when you need to get rid of those acne scars or lighten your skin tone because of its astringent properties. Rubbing the inside of a lemon peel can help you remove the dark patch on your elbows. Also a mixture of lemon and honey can be used as a natural bleach to your skin.

  • Apple:

    Everyone has heard the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and has already been fed up of hearing it again and again. But let me assure you no matter how irritating it may sound, the health benefits of an apple are indisputable and helps you be immune to many diseases. Apple works as an antioxidant and prevents cell and tissue damages. According to the expert nutritionists, apple contains abundant amounts of elastin and collagen which helps you skin remain fresh and young for a longer time. Applying a mixture of mashed apple, honey, rose water and oatmeal can act as a great exfoliating mask on your skin.

  • Orange:

    Rich in vitamin C that improves skin texture. Like apple, orange too contains collagen that slows skin aging process. Rub the insides of orange on your skin to tighten the skin. Oranges can be dried and powdered and used as a natural scrub. Like lemon, oranges too help clear skin blemishes.

  • Papaya:

    The benefits of this fruit on skin have perhaps been talked about since the time of our ancestors. Papaya is rich in antioxidants and contain a special enzyme called papain that can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities. A glass of papaya milk or just applying the flesh of papaya on your skin can do wonders to your skin.

  • Mango:

    Rightly called the king of fruits for not just its taste but also for health benefits. The soft pulpy fruit has an amazing effect on skin too. Rich in vitamin-A and rich antioxidants, it fights against skin aging, regenerates skin cells and restores the elasticity of skin.


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