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3 Simple Exercises That Help You Get A Flat Tummy

Ask anyone who has a round belly or tummy with some extra fat layer on their stomach area, how do they feel about having a flat tummy. They would be ready to do anything to have a flat tummy. To have a flat tummy especially for girls makes them feel more confident plus losing that extra fat from your body makes you healthy and fit all at the same time.

Everyone knows that a Guy would always look for that flat tummy in a Girl and the Girls will always look for that six-pack abs. Believe it or not but this is the truth. There is no big science or some hard core stuff required to have a flat tummy or a slim waist line. Just follow these the simple exercises listed below to get rid of those extra fat and calories.

3 Simple Exercises To Get A Flat Tummy:

Bicycle Crunch:

The Bicycle CrunchLay down pressing your back on the floor. Use a mat if possible. Now place your hands on the back of your head and bend your legs so that your feet are facing the floor. Once in that position, bring the right knee towards your chest and straighten the left leg almost parallel to the floor. Simultaneously rotate your top half so that your left elbow goes towards the right knee and then switch to the other side with your left knee towards your chest, straightening your right knee and simultaneously rotate your top half again now with your right elbow towards the left knee. Repeat one cycle with 5 repetition (reps) and take rest. Don’t push your self at the start. If you can’t do 5 reps then go for 3 reps and take rest. The Bicycle crunch exercise is very effective when shedding off those extra fat on your tummy area.

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The Boat Exercise:

The Boat ExerciseThe Boat is actually not an exercise but a posture that helps put pressure on your tummy and helps loose those extra fat from there. To perform the Boat posture you must sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Now tilt your torso backward and extend your legs upwards such that your body forms a 90-degree i.e. right angle. Pull your abs in to balance and extend your arms forward at shoulder height past your knees. Hold for five slow breath and return to the starting position. Repeat it for 5 reps taking rest between each reps. Again don’t put extra effort beyond your body limits or capacity. If you can’t do 5 reps, then do 3 reps.

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The Plank:

The Plank Exercise

Now again the Plank is not actually an exercise but a posture. I would recommend to use a mat whenever you are performing the Plank. The reason is that the Plank can hurt your elbows and forearms a bit when done on a hard and flat surface. To perform this exercise, lay face down on the mat. With the support of your toes and your forearms, lift your body upwards as shown in the image above. Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Hold this position for 10 seconds or if you can’t hold it longer then go for 5 seconds. The Plank posture puts pressure on the core muscles of your stomach area, shoulder area, chest area, upper thighs and knees. Do at least 5 reps of the Plank and take rest for 2-3 seconds in between each rep.

These are the 3 simple exercises which are really effective for shedding of that extra fat layer on your stomach area. So if you are keen to get that slim waistline then perform the above exercise regularly and see good results in a month. Please don’t injure yourself while performing this exercises. If you feel any pain while doing this exercises stop it immediately.

Keep reading folks and have a healthy fit life ahead. Thanks for stopping by..

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