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3 Ways to Store Your Wine Indoors

When it comes to wine, this fine quality drink is really difficult to preserve indoors. Unless you have the ideal storage options, the room temperature, climatic features and even light can alter the taste and make your favorite wine turn into an unpleasant experience. So here are three ways to store your wine indoors without altering the taste, the shape and the overall quality.

#1: Wooden Boxes

Yes, you can store your wine bottles in wooden boxes without any worries. Wood will prevent light from entering, while also absorbing the indoor temperature. We totally recommend using at least 2 boxes in Matroshka style: a bigger wooden box for extra measures and a smaller wooden box placed inside the bigger one. This way, the temperatures and light will not “sneak” inside. Your wine bottles will be “safe from harm”.

The good part: Wood is easy to maintain. If you change the furniture, you can easily paint the boxes to fit in the ambience. Wood is also easy to transport and finding a place for your wooden boxes should not be nerve-wreaking.

The bad part: Light and high temperatures can change the consistency of the material. The wooden boxes can actually shrink and form cracks and openings. While they are easy to store, they don’t guarantee that while transporting the “cargo”, the bottles won’t get harmed in the way. Or worse, broke.

#2: Cold Storage Places

Another great way to store your wine bottles is in a special recipient located in the fridge. Most people use them to cool wine, but it can become a good storage option, as well. You can buy a fridge with bottle storage options or manually add one to your old one. However, keep in mind that some wines are sensitive to extremely low temperature and you can’t place more than 4-5 bottles at once. We don’t recommend keeping the good old wine bottles in there for too long.

The good part: Very handy and easy to use. Keeps the wine cold and ready to be served. Keeps the wine bottles away from light and high temperatures, dust, children, pets.

The bad part: Very low storage space. You can’t place more than 5 bottles. Bottles might crack if the fridge is too heavily loaded with other foods and drinks. Some wines are really sensitive to over exposure at low temperatures and that can alter the quality and taste of your favorite wine.

#3: Metal Storage Options

The thing with metal wine rack storage solutions is their durability. And when you want to properly store wine bottles, durability is a must. Metal is “immune” to heat and light – well, not extreme temperature or exposure – but at least for the usual indoor amounts of light and high temperatures, metal storage solutions might do the trick.

The good part: It is stylish and goes well with the new trends in furniture, so it will fit in perfectly. You can change the colors, the paint, store up to 30 bottles of wine, cover it with material etc.

The bad part: Needs extra precaution in terms of measurements: width, height, space occupied and regular maintenance.

Of course, these are just three out of endless possibilities to store your wine bottles. Let us know if we missed anything in the list and leave your feedback in the comments.

One thought on “3 Ways to Store Your Wine Indoors”

  1. RyanZ says:

    I would recommend buying a thermoelectric wine cooler. You can get a pretty nice one for under $200. If you think about how much you spend on wine annually, it’s not too expensive all things considered.

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