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9 Habits You Must Develop To Achieve Mental Toughness

To fight challenges of life, one must be mentally strong.

Nobody is born with such mental strength to cope everyday problems and challenges that life throws at us. Mental strength, in fact, is an expertise that one can develop gradually with practice.

Life always throws new challenges so one should always be mentally strong to tackle such problem

Being mentally strong is about taking control on what’s happening around you as well as within you. There may be times in life when you are completely broken down because of a bad break up, family problems, losing a job or suffering great loss in your business. At these times when the life hits you down, you don’t require any physical but mental strength to get back up and face the challenges in order to eventually overcome them.

The best way to develop this skill is to observe people who are mentally strong. But before that, let’s understand the importance of mental stability or strength.

Why Mental Strength Is Important?

Mental toughness gives us the psychological edge which helps us to peak our efforts and efficiency even when the odds seem to be not in our favor. During peer pressure, it is the mental strength that guides us to get through any hurdles whether physical or emotional that we encounter in our daily life.

Develop Mental Strength

The basic characteristics that mental strength develops in a person are as follows:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Focus
  • Composure
  • Calmness
  • Poise
  • Positive Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Determination

Now that we know how being mentally strong can help take control of our life, here are some habits that experts’ advice which helps build your mental strength.

1. Have control over your emotions

There’s a constant belief among people that those who are mentally strong are not emotional. But it is quite the opposite. Unlike others, these mentally strong people are in total control of their emotions such that it never influences their decisions, thoughts or behaviors in life. Getting emotional stops your rational thinking and hence you end up doing things which you regret later. However, if you keep control over it you can definitely overcome your emotional bondage and follow a proper approach towards solving the problems.

2. Be optimistic with a realistic approach.

There are times when life throws up a challenge that results into piling up of negative thoughts. Many motivational speakers or personal development gurus may advice to be optimistic at such scenarios but it is a fact that adapting a positive outlook for every situation can be tough at times. Hence, it is important to strike a balance between optimism and realism. You should be practical while being optimistic rather than filling up your brains with too much negativity. Being optimistic will lift you up and push forward whereas realistic approach would make sure that you don’t get disappointed if life strikes you once or twice along the way.

3. Problem solving skills.

There are two types of people you meet in life. One who mostly spend their time on finding the fault or blaming someone for any kind of problems while the second who looks for the solution to the problem they face. The second group of people are always calm and poise during such difficult situations as their minds are often dealing with questions about solving the problems instead of wandering around multiple thoughts about who, why or how. To succeed in life, it is very important to stop whining about things and start assessing the problem and find its solution. Life is all about moving forward than suffocating yourself with the past.

4. Become self-compassionate.

Some people waste most of their time blaming themselves for the mistakes that they made in their lives. It is always important to accept your flaws or mistakes but it is also a fact that you can never undo the past. The past is already gone and it’s time to forgive yourself and encourage oneself towards your ultimate goals. To become self-compassionate, you must start encouraging and cheering yourself every time you encounter a challenge. Talking to yourself is like speaking to a good friend, which is your inner self, in order to motivate or lift up the spirits for the onward journey. Self-compassion is one of the most common signs of a mentally strong person.

5. Be Self-reliant.

One of the strong habits of mentally tough people is their self-reliance which sometimes makes them look like stubborn among the group. However, you must be stubborn when it comes to taking decisions of your life. Whether the decisions you make are right or wrong, only time can tell but never let other people dictate or make decisions for you. You must be completely determined with your decisions and accept full responsibility for their outcomes. Such an attitude towards life will make it worth living and help you learn even from your mistakes.

6. Better at Time Management.

Time is very precious in life and it flies like anything. People who are mentally tough often acknowledge this fact and use time wisely. They don’t cater their time upon dwindling over the past or wasting both time and energy on assessing why things went wrong in the past. Instead, they take time as a finite resource and set targets for the future by either going along with the time or staying ahead of it.

7. Be determined towards your goal.

In order to achieve success in life you must have patience. Nothing changes overnight because it takes the same hard work and determination or even more every day to step forward towards your goal. Mentally tough people understand this and hence they always aim for the bigger and larger goal in life appreciating the fact that whatever choices they make today will definitely bear fruits in the future.

8. Have tough attitude towards life.

Tough attitude doesn’t mean spend extra hours at the gym. It actually means that in order to achieve something which was never accomplished till date you must choose the path which was never taken. Mentally strong people see everyday challenges of life as opportunities or turn them into one in order to achieve greater returns from life in the future. Also, they always keep the hunger alive as they believe in the fact that there’s always room for improvement. Just like you need to hit the gym regularly to build physical strength, you need challenges and hurdles in life to exercise your mental muscles to build it tougher and stronger.

9. Monitor your progress regularly.

There’s always a scope of improvement and in order to achieve your greatest potential, you must assess your current progress on a regular basis. Assessment of your current progress can help you determine your weakness and prompt you to make amends to overcome those flaws. While doing such a review of their progress, mentally strong people don’t keep grumbling about their mistakes or failures but they try to find the real causes in order to make sure they don’t get repeated in future. Such approach helps them move forward without lagging behind due to past mistakes.


Our main approach towards life must always be moving forward rather than cramping ourselves with the past. Being mentally strong helps you develop an attitude that helps you foresee what future could be and builds a positive approach towards life to achieve those future accomplishments that you always dream of.

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