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Welcome To LifeBlender!

LifeBlender is a lifestyle blogazine dedicated towards uplifting and guiding people across the world to lead a fit, healthy and beautiful lifestyle. At LifeBlender, we understand that because of busy routines embedded into the lives, most of us are not able to take out time for ourselves.

LifeBlender is started with an aim to deliver the best guides and hacks that are designed to help you in leading a healthy and stress-free life. However, it won’t come easy, as you must have to get out of your comfort zone and adapt a whole new routine in your life.

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LifeBlender is co-owned and managed by Pooja Sehra, who believes in mind over body when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. She leads by example and spends a good 45 mins to 90 mins every day performing a different set of exercises that consists of High-Intense Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, Pilates, Zumba, Intense Cardio and sometimes a mere long walk when she is stressed out for a workout. Besides workouts, she also takes a clear note on her daily diet with occasional cheat day in a week when she munches on her favorite dark chocolate and other delicacies.

So, how did it all start?

In order to know the story behind LifeBlender, you must know about me a little.


I am Pooja Sehra, the co-owner and manager of LifeBlender. Since childhood, I have an independent attitude and that actually made me what I am today. Being an independent girl comes with a lot of challenges and luckily I somewhat aced at it. Because my parents were away, I had to look after myself, which eventually made me stronger in spirit.

Although away from my parents for most of the times, I learned a lot from them about plants, animals, flowers and most importantly life. With such an extensive knowledge about nature, I became more alert about my surroundings which eventually made me realize the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle surrounded by the nature, consuming organic products, and doing all sorts of outdoor activities such as jogging, trekking, traveling etc.

At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it.

Later they will ask you how you did it.

However, there were a few mishaps in my life too. Because of my adventurous lifestyle, I aspired to become an archaeologist. However, because of parental pressure and lack of facilities for Archaeology in my city at that time and I end up being a commerce graduate. Yet, I don’t regret that decision as I was introduced to an all new field called Digital Marketing, all thanks to my degree in commerce.

During my work tenure switching different jobs, I made a lot of new friends on the way. Among these friends, I also found Rajeesh Nair, who in a way introduced me to professional blogging and encouraged me to write blogs on the topics I enjoy. Although, I don’t consider myself as a great writer, he often trusted my writing skills saying that I am a better writer than him. And today, we are business partners or better say blogging partners.

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LifeBlender has been active since January 2012, however, it wasn’t the name of the blog then. During a discussion once, out of nowhere Rajeesh asked me if I would like to be his business partner for the new blog, (not active currently). Our intention was to build a multi-niche blog, hoping to gain more traffic with more topics. However, due to inconsistency because of our client assignments and other commitments, we couldn’t reach the success, we were hoping for.

Also, it was very tough to manage a multi-niche blog by two of us, both of whom were inconsistent. Eventually, we decided to split the blog into two: 1) A Lifestyle Blog and 2) A Tech Blog.

And that’s how LifeBlender was born

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