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Adult Acne – Fight With Simpe DIY Methods

Adult acne is the nightmare for most of the women who are in their twenties or early thirties. These acne are completely different from the acne you get in teens. Most of the time, you get acne on the T Zone of your face, but when it comes to Adult Acne, they appear on the side of your face – more on the V cut. No matter what you do, they seems to be pop out on the side of your cheek. The worst things is you can’t actually do anything about it as they appear because of the hormonal imbalance your body is facing. Also, trying to burst this pimple might give you a blemish scar which you won’t like at all.

The first step you should do if you are facing adult acne is stop using any whitening cream as it will worsen your skin. Such creams contains high amount of chemicals that will irritate your sensitive cream which cause more acne to appear on cheek area. Use face wash which contains salicylic acid which acts as an antibacterial on your skin and removes dust or impurities that causes acne. For the rest, you can use some easy homemade remedies to fight adult acne.

Remedies to Clear Adult Acne

Adult Acne Home RemediesGreen Tea Cubes: We all know that green tea contains anti-oxidants that cleanse your body. The same way it will work on your skin. All you need to do is get some green tea and boil it in a clean water. Let the tea cool down. Now drain the clear liquid into ice tray and freeze them. Use it on your face daily. Green tea will not only help you cleanse your skin, but give soothing effect and also close down the open pores.

Yoghurt and Baking Soda Mask: The reason behind having adult acne is the clogged pores which can be due to excessive oil secretion, dust and pollution. To clean your pores from deep within, take two tablespoon of yoghurt and mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Wet your face and apply this mask. Wait for 5 minutes and wash with warm water. If you feel tingling sensation, don’t get scared. This happens as baking soda act as exfoliating agent on your skin and removes all the impurities from the pores. Apply twice a week for best results.

Clear it With Epsom Salts: The one thing you need to control while battling adult acne is the excessive secretion of oil glands. Epsom salts work great on the oil glands making them calm and restore the oil balance on your face. All you need is to add them to your cleanser twice a week and give a gentle scrub to your face. This will help you to control the excessive oil of your face and remove dead skin leaving your skin fresh.

Lightening Lemon Juice: The most difficult part of having adult acne is the scars that are left behind on your skin. Dab some lemon juice on the affected area and wash it off with warm water. If lemon juice is too harsh on your skin, then try some fresh aloe vera gel twice a day on the skin. This will lighten your blemish making skin look younger.

Having an adult acne can be a huge problem, especially when you love to socialize. Don’t break your bank account to get miracle creams as the remedy to this problem lies in your kitchen. The best thing to eat healthy, drink lots of water and workout so your body hormone cycle gets balanced. Avoid stress as it won’t help much. The best way to treat acne is through a natural process which has no side effects.

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