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Anger Management Tips to Tame Your Temper

Most of the time I am the calm and peaceful person in my small world until someone comes and do one thing that makes me lose my temper. Like most of you people out there, I hate nagging, facing bottlenecks, irritating persons and doing cleaning  😀 . But, in the worst situations, I try to remain calm and keep my mouth shut. Sometimes, in anger we react in a very negative manner which makes the whole thing much worse. Keeping temper under control is the most challenging thing in our lives. So, here are the few timeout tips which help me control my anger and my head rational.

Anger Managment Tips

Deep Breath:

When I am too angry, generally I wish to open my mouth and starts screaming. Well not a good thing to do at – I know. So instead of doing this I do deep breathing whenever I feel my anger is rising. I don’t exactly know what kind of chemical reaction it does in my head but one thing is for sure that I feel relaxed in sometime. Try it out for yourself when you get angry and you will see the magic.

Do what you Love:

Most of the time our boring work life makes us frustrated and angry. The best way to get rid of such kind of anger is do what you love for some time. I love listening to music and walk. For people with regular jobs, it might not be possible, but still listen to your favorite music once a while. This will not only calm you but makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Take a Break:

Now, I really love to “Break” something when I am angry but it’s really not the solution. So take a break from your frustrating life and do what you love. Go out, watch movie, listen to music, play with your pet, anything which can make you relax. Though my favorite is shopping and eating :P.

Take out the Anger:

The best way to take out all your anger is exercise. I love running and doing any cardio exercise when I am angry. Most of the people do practice this but sometimes overdoing this can harm your body. So, remember do not overdo cause you can actually hurt your body. The best way is to go for a run on beach or get a punching bag and start banging. I bet you can be the next “Muhammad Ali” :P.

At one point or another in our daily life, we all face one such movement where we get close to our breaking point. That’s OK. Just keep this tactics in your mind and be ready to face the idiots in your life.

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