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BBQ – A New Trend among Vegetarians in India

Most of the people love to enjoy a good barbecue meal and it’s unquestionable that all the focus is either on meat or seafood like prawns and snags. But in India, among all this, what do you feel a vegetarian will do? Either they stick to their drinks and try to swallow salads while others relish a juicy piece of food. Well, this scenario is not going to stay anymore. Now, Indian vegetarians are no longer going to feel deprived using BBQ because there’s a new trend growing in India where the focus is on many meat-free BBQ recipes which are spicy and good to eat.

The main trick behind creating a perfect vegetarian BBQ meal is to find a good protein substitute and mix them with some colorful veggies. Most if the vegetarian barbecue recipes are Indian like paneer tikka, vegetarian kebab, or grilled corn. The trick is to create a perfect barbecue meal is to cook all the vegetables and spices in such a way that one can actually taste the sweetness of roasted vegetables with a hint of spices used in marinating. You can also mix these barbecue dishes with bread to make it a whole stomach filling meal. To make your BBQ food an instant hit among family and friends, you need to follow a simple rule:

Pack Protein with Vegetable Crunch:

Tofu is a perfect substitute for meat for barbecue for all the vegetarians. You can add some Indian Spices in curd and marinate the tofu and vegetables for an hour or so. This will let all the spices get soaked up in tofu and create a good coat around the vegetables. If you are planning a family picnic, try doing all this work overnight. By using Indian spices, you well a very spicy and juicy texture of tofu and kebabs. You can also use soya mixed with spices to create a thick tasty slice that is grilled to perfection and enjoyed in for of burger with lots of nuts, seeds, and beans.

Suzy Spoon provider of vegetarian sausages have told:

“People know exactly what to do with them, how to cook them and serve them up in a roll with salad, there are no surprises, whereas a hunk of seitan might still freak some people out and they wouldn’t necessarily know what to do with it,”.

Her many customers are either half vegetarians or vegans who come here to enjoy some barbecued food and chat. Barbecuing vegetables and kebabs is a trick thing to practice. You need fresh vegetables like, onion, potato, capsicum, sweet corn, eggplant and zucchini. Also, cottage cheese and tofu are considered to be the best option if you don’t want to try meat.

Barbecuing caramelizes the natural sugars in vegetables and makes them taste amazing – sweet, smoky and char-grilled. Try eggplant, zucchini, capsicums, onions, tomatoes, sweet corn or pretty much any root vegetable thinly sliced (par-boil first for quicker cooking).

A perfect barbecue recipe will be choosing all the vegetables and some cottage cheese or tofu. Marinate all this with some Indian spices and curd. After some time, heat your barbecue and place the mixture on sticks. With slow cooking, the sweetness of these vegetables will come out making this whole dish a treat to vegan, vegetarians and non-vegetarian people.

So, if you have held a family get together or decided a picnic, don’t hesitate to cook some excellent barbeque dishes for your vegetarian friends.

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