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8 Fantastic Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil for Skin and Hair

Aromatherapy is getting more and more popular these days as the essential oils now hold a special place in the beauty industry. One such unexplored magical oil with substantial cosmetic quotient is Bergamot Essential Oil. This oil comes with a broad spectrum of hair and skin benefits. But before we begin with the beauty benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil, let’s know a little bit about the bergamot oil.

What Is Bergamot Essential Oil?

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the fruits of the Bergamot tree are found in many parts of South Africa and Europe. The fruit of this tree holds lemon fragrance yellow fruit called “Citrus Bergamia” or “Bergamot Orange.” Once the fruit is picked, the rinds and peels are sent to process with a cold pressed method to extract this essential oil. The characteristic of bergamot oil is light texture, fresh, sweet and little citrusy aroma that is refreshing and has the power to enhance skin and hair texture.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Adding bergamot oil for hair regrowth or in your day-to-day skin routine can be extremely beneficial. All you have to do is use some beauty recipe that contains this essential oil and see the wonders all by yourself. Check out some of the astounding ways one can benefit from Bergamot Essential Oil.

Benefits of Bergamot Oil for Skin:

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil for Skin


Suitable for Oily Skin Beauties:

Most of the people who have oily skin tend to face acne problem. Unusual antiviral properties of bergamot oil help the skin combat the acne bacteria. It reduces the oil secretion from sebaceous cleans, improve skin tone, reduce itchiness and redness. With regular application of bergamot oil on face, one can see the deep acne scars lighten over the time.

Skin Hydrant:

If you have dry and flaky skin, then handle it by using bergamot essential oil. You can also make a unique mix bath mix by adding six drops of bergamot oil, rosewood oil, sesame oil and one tablespoon of home. Blend all things and use it in bath water. This particular beauty mix when used will hydrate the skin making it appear softer instantly.

Anti-Scar Agent:

Skin marked with blemish can never be a pretty sight. But, instead of feeling low, take the assistance of bergamot essential oil to lessen the appearance of imperfections. Mix ten drops of lemon and bergamot oil and apply in the scar region. Massage the face gently leaving the eye area. Use cotton to wipe the oil and then wash with lukewarm water. Moisturize the skin if needed. This routine is proven effective to lighten the scar and acne marks.

Bergamot Essential Oil for Hair

Bergamot Essential Oil for Hair

Bergamot Oil for Hair Regrowth:

This essential oil is one of the best natural stimulants you can find for the hair growth. The Bergamot essential oil improves blood circulation, provide nutrients to hair follicles and boost new hair growth significantly after regular application.

Soothing Agent for Itchy Scalp:

There is a time where our scalp feels itchy even after the wash. It happens due to the microbe’s growth due to infection or other scalp issues. The bergamot oil is a potent antimicrobial agent that cleans the scalp, heals the skin and boost hair growth.

Repair the Frizzy Hair:

If you wish to have a straighter hair with no frizzes, the instead of going for any chemical treatment, apply bergamot oil which makes hair softer instantly and alter the structure of hair making then straighter in a natural way.

Give Sheen to Hair:

With regular use of bergamot essential oil on hair, you will find the lock getting luster and appear to be livelier than ever before.

Damage Repair:

Your scalp and hair need care minimum once a week to repair the damage done by you. By oiling the hair using bergamot oil, you can heal severe hair damages and boost healthy hair growth.


Bergamot oil is the safest to use among all essential oil. Make this as your beauty companion, and we are sure, you won’t have any regrets. This stimulating oil will help you achieve flawless skin and thick, shiny hair naturally.

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