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8 Benefits of Camphor Oil for Skin and Hair

Camphor is one of the oldest element used in Indian households. Used in prayers and keeping the moths away from woolen clothes, people have been using camphor for ages. The final product is processed from the Cinnamomumcamphora tree which is mainly grown in certain parts of China, Japan, and Vietnam.

Camphor is known for its therapeutic qualities and hence it is used in many medicines to treat health ailment as well as skin and scalp related problems. Now long forgotten, let’s take out time to rediscover the benefits of camphor oil for skin and Hair.

Benefits of Camphor Oil for Skin

Benefits Of Camphor Oil

Cure Itchy Skin

There are times when the skin develops a specific type of rashes due to the growth of bacterial infection. With constant scratching, the infection spreads all around the body making it unbearable and painful for an individual. To get rid of itchy skin problem, you can apply camphor oil on the affected area to soothe the skin and get free of any bacterial formation.

Treat Acne

Everyone in their lifetime has dealt with acne issues. Acne happens due to hormonal imbalance, wrong eating habits or use of chemical based products on the face. If you have a severe acne problem, use camphor oil to treat the acne and reduce redness. Just take a clean Q-tip and apply the oil directly on the pimple to dry them naturally.

Camphor Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Lighten the Burn Marks

If you have nasty burn marks on your body which lowers down your self-confidence, then treat them by using purr organic camphor oil. This oil is known for always fading the burn marks and even out the skin. All you need to do is mix few drops of camphor oil in water and apply it on the affected region to get rid of discomfort, swelling, and scar.

Medication for Rashes

If you got sunburn rashes, then camphor oil is your best friend. As this essential oil contains soothing properties, it reduces the inflammation and burning sensation in outbreaks. All you need to is dissolve, camphor powder or few drops of camphor oil in water and apply to the affected area with the help of clean cotton. This solution will provide immediate relief from burning sensation and heal the skin.

Treating Fungal Infection

Fungal infection in feet and nails are prevalent in the wet seasons. Most of the times, we don’t dry our feet, and the moistures remain trapped between fingernails which rise bacterial growth resulting into a fungal infection. To treat fungal disease and to stop it from growing further, manage it by using camphor oil on the affected area. One can also use camphor on the bathing water to halt fungal infection from spreading any further.

Curative Therapy for Cracked Heels

Cracked feet can be embarrassing but also painful when you have stood for a longer time. If you are looking for a solution to treat cracked heals, then the answer lies within the camphor oil. This oils locks the moisture in the cracked skin, increase skin regeneration, and repair the cracks. Using camphor on a regular basis will make feet soft, smooth and prevent the cracks from repapering.

Benefits of Camphor Oil for Hair

Beauty Benefits of Camphor Oil

Hair Growth Booster

Did you know that in olden times, camphor was added to hair oils to boost hair growth? Camphor contains soothing properties that reduce itching and relaxes the stressed nerves. Also, regular oiling the hair with special oil containing camphor strengthens the hair and boost hair growth. You can also create a hair mask by combining yogurt, camphor oil and eggs to hydrate the dry hair and scalp.

Prevent Hair Fall

Hair loss is one of the most common problems nowadays. Instead of spending loads of money on repairing the hair, get hot oil massage using any hair oil with few drops of camphor oil. This essential oil has hair growth properties that are effective in hair loss treatment. Try using coconut oil or olive oil as the carrier oil and add few drops of camphor oil to create your very own serum to fight hair loss.


Camphor has attained so much popularity that today pharmaceutical companies are using them in creating medicines to relieve pain, fight viral infection, treat fungal infection, digestion problem, fight skin and scalp infection. Today the versatile properties of camphor are recognized by the world so why remain ignorant of this essential oil. One can use camphor in car, home or offices as the smell relaxes the mind as well create an antibacterial environment. Do let us know if you know any fantastic benefits of this amazing essential oil.

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