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Plank Workout – 7 Remarkable Benefits of Plank Everyone Must Know

Be it on TV, New Papers, Online sites, you see men and women posing with their toned stomach as if they are challenging you to achieve it. Frankly, whenever I see people who have toned mid-section, either I curse my curvy body or do crunches till the uncomfortable sensations starts in my stomach. Like most of the people, till this date, I felt that crunches are the best way to lose all that belly fat until a person proved me wrong by showing the way to achieve toned mid-section and lean body without doing a single crunch. “PLANKS” – one simple looking exercise that requires less space and few minutes from your daily schedule but can be really effective if you just do it in a right way. For practicing plank workout, all you need is good yoga mat and commitment.

Yes, if you could just take some time in the morning for your core, you would easily get that toned stomach in matter of few weeks.

Why you need strong Core Muscles?

There are people who always either show their disinterest towards toned stomach or don’t find the core workout useful. What they don’t understand is that our abdominal muscles provide support for our entire back and spinal column. If you want to avoid any kind of back problem in future, then try focusing on getting your core muscles stronger. This can be achieved by doing plank exercise on daily basis and preferably empty stomach in morning.

What will happen if you start doing plank workout every day?

Benefits of Plank Workout

Doing planks regularly will not only strengthen your core muscles but it would also build your posture and help you get rid of all the fat around the core area.

Here are some excellent benefits of plank workout that you can achieve if you perform this workout everyday:

Defines your core and boost performance:

As stated, planks are the best form of exercise for abdominal muscles. When you do a plank, you engage the rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscle, the transverse abdominis, and the glute. By strengthening all these parts of core, you will be able to lift heavier weight, jump higher, get toned booty and get six pack abs.

Minimize the risk of back injury:

When you perform a plank workout, you distribute your body weight equally on your elbows, toes and core without putting any pressure on your spine. This way you actually minimize the risk of having spine injury while doing core exercise which generally happens during crunches. Plank exercises are the best way to build your muscles without lifting any extra weight or risking your spine to injury.

Drastic boost in metabolism:

Plank is a great exercise that works on every muscle of your body resulting into burning more calories with each plank exercise you perform. So, if you want to lose weight, then do planks and cardio exercise on regular basis. The best part of doing plank on regular basis, it boost your metabolic rate throughout the day long even when you are sleeping…. Amazing isn’t it!!!

Improve your body posture:

Sitting 8 to 10 hours a day in front of the computer can really damage your posture. You might not notice the change but others will tell you about the hunching or notice the odd posture. Doing planks can help you greatly in improving your posture by strengthening your core. Once your core starts getting stronger, you will notice difference in the way you stand or sit. Remember, a correct posture can make you look confident, smart, alert and lean.

Regaining Overall Balance:

As a kid we all try to hop around on one leg without losing balance. If you try that now, you won’t be able to stand for a minute. This is because your abdominal muscles are not strong enough to maintain your balance. To improve your balance, try practicing side plank or plank with extensions to regain on daily basis. So, next time you want to hop on one leg, you will have all the strength of bunny.

Makes you Flexible:

By doing plank workout every day, you expand, stretches all your muscles from head to toe. With side plank you tone your oblique muscles and also improving your body balance. So, next time when you feel bit stiff after a workout, practice plank for a minute to stretch your shoulder blades, collar bone, back, hamstrings and toes.

Mental Strength:

Plank might be stagnant exercise but it actually increase the blood circulation on your nerves which is actually very good for your brain. By practicing plank workouts, you pump blood on the every corner of your body, able to sense even the smallest muscles of arms, legs and core and motivates you to do more.

If all these benefits are enough to motivate you to have a stronger core then make sure to include 5 to 10 minutes of plank workout in your daily routine.

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