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Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands Everyone Must Know

Are you planning to try out essential oils for your skin or hair issues? Well! Essential oils are oils directly extracted from the different parts of medicinal trees. Several different kinds of essential oils are beneficial for various problems ranging from the hair fall to acne etc. However, there are different brands available in the market, and it can be a daunting task to choose one of the best essential oil brands. No need to worry as here we have listed down top 5 best essential oil companies.

How to choose the reputable essential oil companies?

If you want to look out for the best essential oil that can solve your problems, then here are the things to consider before you opt for one.


It is one of the major points to keep in mind. Don’t forget to check whether it is pure and unadulterated essential oil or not. However, you must do an olfactory test to appraise the quality.

Brand Reputation:

Another critical factor to consider before purchasing an essential oil is to see the brand reputation. Check whether the brand is trustworthy or not.


The most important factor is to check the purity percentage of the essential oil you are thinking to buy. Research well and check out for pure oils and other measurements.


Price is always an essential factor to check out. Check whether you are paying for the best and worthy one or not.

Service and Guarantee:

Last but not the least is to check out the bottles and the outer packaging as well. See whether it is expired or not. Does it work or not? All these factors need to be considered.

Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands

#1. Plant Life Essential Oils

The best essential oil without a doubt comes from the brand of Plant Life Essential Oils. They have some unique blending techniques. They offer you 100% original and organic essential oils that are thoroughly checked quality wise. The essential oils are paragon free and have no SLS, GMOs or any other artificial substances present in it.

#2. doTERRA Essential Oils

The best essential oil brand so far in the market that launched in the year 2008 is none other than

doTERRA Essential Oils. They offer excellent quality essential oils and are CPTG certified and is 100% pure and natural. There are no synthetic elements used in the production of essential oils from the respective brand.

#3. Rocky Mountain Oils

If you want to look out for essential oils that are extracted from the naturally grown herbs, then Rocky Mountain Oils are the best for you. It gives you 100% natural and high-quality essential oils. It has more than 70 blended oils and 100 single essential oils. The best part is that if it doesn’t serve your purpose, then there is the 90-day money back guarantee from the time of buying.

#4. Now Foods Essential Oils

Now Foods Essential Oils are excellent and long lasting since a very long in the market. It is perfect for solving any problems related to hair or skin. You can surely try it out without a single doubt in mind.

#5. Young Living Essential Oils

One of the best quality essential oil brands is the Young Living Essential Oil brand. You can rely on them as they are successfully ruling the market since 1993. It has 86 single and even more than 79 blended essential oils. However, they are a little expensive if you consider other brands.


So these are some of the reputable essential oil companies that can help you to deal with any of your problems related to your skin or hair. Choose one of them wisely and follow the methods correctly to see good results.

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