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Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds: 21 Health Nigella (Kalonji) Benefits You Never Knew

Black Cumin also popularly known as Nigella Sativa has been used for medicinal purpose for over 3,300 years. This magical seed has a dark color, thin crescent shaped and is a part of the buttercup family. The mention of Black Cumin was reported to be found while excavating Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb. The health benefits of black cumin seeds is not something new to the mankind.

If we look at the ancient manuscripts of the Middle East, Mediterranean and India, we would come to know that Black Cumin was used to treat basic health issues from minor headaches to healing major heart diseases. Till this date, people, in the Middle East, use this seed as an anti-inflammatory drug. With the help of old medical records from Middle Eastern Countries and followed by the research done by scientist, we have accumulated 21 magical benefits of Black Cumin Seeds that can do wonders on your body.

Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds Everyone Should Know

Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds

Curing Asthma: Research shows that by consuming black cumin seeds on a regular basis can control asthma. The compound present in black cumin seeds reduces coughing, wheezing and lung infection.

Hay Fever: This is one of the most deadly diseases which has taken a toll on humanity in the olden times. Health experts have found that by consuming Black seeds, you can ward off hay fever virus to a great extent.

Skin Disorder: Applying black seed oil on skin can improve skin condition and even cure many skin disorders. If you are suffering from itchy or inflamed skin, then apply black seed oil for 4 weeks to see magical results.

Controlling Seizures: There are several researches showing that children suffering from epilepsy should be given a dosage of black seeds by mouth every eight hours for 3 to 4 weeks to see a considerable reduction in the number of seizures.

High Cholesterol: A small quantity of black seed if taken on a regular basis before meal for 4 weeks can reduce bad cholesterol. Many cases have been found where patient suffering from high cholesterol have shown positive results after consuming black seeds.

High blood pressure: Similar to heart disease, if you have high blood pressure, taking black seeds orally will get your blood pressure under control within a month.

Metabolic Syndrome: Those who suffer from Metabolic Syndrome to usually have high cholesterol and elevated sugar level in the body. By consuming Black Cumin Seeds, you improve your digestion and get rid of Metabolic Syndrome.

Relief from Sore throat and Swollen Tonsils: Throat infection can be really difficult as the inflammation can be painful and they can face difficulty in drinking or eating. With regular intake of black cumin seeds for 7 days, you can get rid of bacteria that cause sore throat and inflammation of tonsils.

Backache and Rheumatism: Heat small amount of Black Seed Oil and apply on the rheumatic area on a daily basis to reduce the rheumatic pain.

Headache: If you are suffering from a headache or severe migraine, apply black seed oil on the side of face near ears and bandage the forehead. This will soothe your facial muscles and get rid of a nasty headache.

Hair Loss: Losing hair can be really embarrassing for many of us. Massage black seed oil on your scalp before every shampoo to restore the moisture in the hair and nutrition to root for healthier and stronger hair.

Hair Graying: Today, most of the younger generation is facing the problem of premature graying of hair. By massaging black seed oil in your scalp will provide nutrients to the root of the hair thus hindering premature graying.

Diarrhea: This disease mostly happens because of consuming contaminated food. Diarrhea is not a life threatening disease, but can put you into a lot of pain if not controlled in time. By drinking a mixture of black cumin seed oil in a cup of yoghurt, you reduce the effect of diarrhea in no time.

Laziness and Fatigue: One tablespoon of black cumin seed oil on a daily basis, followed by healthy diet for 10 days can make alert and active.

Bronchitis: If you have a  breathing problem and suffering from bronchitis, consuming black seed oil will help you get rid of the inflammation and clear lungs so you can breathe easily.

Cancer Prevention: There have been research which suggests that compounds present in black cumin seed can prevent cancer growth in the body.

Birth Control: In olden day, especially in the Middle Eastern countries, women used to take black cumin seeds as a birth control remedy.

Breast Milk: Women who are pregnant or just delivered the baby should intake small amount of black cumin seeds to get healthy production of milk.

Menstrual disorders: Women or young girls having menstrual disorder or suffer from painful periods should consume black cumin seeds as it controls the hormones which cause menstrual disorder.

Healthy Complexion: Suffering from acne problem or dry skin, then gently massage black seed oil on your face and leave it for an hour. Wash with mild soap to get a soft glowing skin.

Boost Immune System: With the lack of nutritious diet, children and adults both face low immunity problems. By consuming black seed oil with milk for a month will boost your immune system and guard your body against many diseases.

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