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What Is Body Shaming And Why You Shouldn’t Take It Seriously?

There are times when we face criticism on our body and skin. To get approval we rely on beauty creams, slimming pills and treatments that can alter our real appearance. So, what forces to change your identity? The answer lies around the people of your inner circle. Body shaming is done by parents, siblings, teachers, friends, or colleagues. The damage is done daily whether intentionally or not, it gives blows until you crack and give it to the negativity.

Well, as per the society, beauty is bestowed upon those who are slim, fair, have a clear skin, etc. The perfect examples are set by the celebs featured in movies, top magazine covers, and TV commercials. Most of us are compared with these professionals and often body shamed based on how different we appear from them.

Body Shaming Meaning and Its adverse effects

Body Shaming simply means commenting or criticizing somebody’s appearance and rating them low on beauty accords based on their body weight, skin complexion, any birth marks on the skin, or natural appearance that are not up to the standards set in the society, etc.

Body Shaming Meaning

This is highly prevalent throughout the globe where people are often categorized and shamed based on their body size, shape, color, and appearance. Anyone who doesn’t fit within the beauty standards set by the fashion or glamor industry is often insulted, criticized, and termed unfit in terms of beauty, hotness or sex appeal.

Such behavior is inhumane and takes adverse effects on the minds of the people who are on the receiving end of things. They are often the topic of most jokes not just within the society or community but in comedy movies, sitcoms, or other comic talk shows around the globe. These jokes and insults are extended to magazines, public speeches, and sometimes during a family gathering.

Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us become a part of such body shaming. Those who are often targeted for such shaming since from their childhood become insecure and low on confidence over time. They start believing that they are inferior to so-called hot and sexy men and women out there. They also think that they are not cool or attractive like others and often suffer from inferiority complex.

Three Types of Body Shaming Manifestation

There are three ways we are either connected or related to body shaming that exists in this world. There are as follows:

Criticizing own appearance –

Often compares self with other people or celebs around the globe of the same gender. Keeps criticizing certain body parts and often thinks self as being ugly compared to others.

Criticizing other’s appearance in front of them –

They always try to body shame others by commenting on their weight, body size, shape, or color. They often criticize people about how fat or ugly they are and how they would never find a suitor in their life.

Criticizing other’s appearance behind their back –

Then, there are those who criticize other’s appearance behind their back. They often try to be cool or try to lift their own confidence by body shaming others with their friends. Often commenting on the type of clothes, appearance, makeup, or anything that’s insulting to the one being criticized but without their knowledge.

Irrespective how body shaming is manifested into our society, its focus remains on comparison and shame. It shows hypocrisy and the judgmental mindset of people and their habit of often defining beauty comparing physical features.

Why shouldn’t you take Body Shaming Seriously?

If you’re a target of body shaming, then I would simply advise not to take that seriously. Better, you must ignore it or confront those who are body shaming with confidence and bold attitude by telling them how proud you feel about your body.

Things you must do to overcome such body shaming attitude:

There’s no way such an attitude would go away so easily or it ever will. Where there are humans, there would be judgments, hypocrisy, and comparisons. So, instead of trying and focusing on this attitude or giving them importance, you must start ignoring it.

You can do that by developing a confident mindset against body shaming. Here’s what you should do.

Stop comparing yourself with others

First and foremost, stop comparing yourself with others. All of us have different genes, body types and physical attributes. There’s no way you can be the next someone. You are the first you and always be proud of it. Follow healthy habits of your idol if you must but not try to ridicule your appearance and focus on getting an appearance similar to your idol.

Believe in yourself

Have faith in yourself and your body. Your confidence and attitude is, what makes you sexy and attractive. If you can’t believe in yourself, you can’t be confident in life. Without confidence, no matter if you are a carbon copy of a famous celeb, there’s no way you will be attractive. Belief is everything and having faith in yourself and accepting your body as it is, will make your look more confident and positive in life to others.

Always feel good about yourself and be positive

Feel good about your body. There’s no benefit in starving yourself to look slim and avoid all the great food delicacies in life just because of gaining that extra fat. Enjoy life at its best rather evaluating and measuring each and everything at every step. The more you feel good about your body, the more positive you will feel about your life.

Take care of your body with a right approach

You must join a fitness center and start working out. You must take occasional visits to beauty salons and pamper your body every now and then. However, you shouldn’t be doing this to get rid of excess fat or in order to get a skin tone lighter. You must take care of your body with the right approach.

Rather than focusing on getting slimmer, you must focus on fitness and health when you join a gym. Instead of avoiding all foods, you must pick a healthy dietary lifestyle and every now and then have cheat days to enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Instead of using or trying skin treatments for fairness, visit beauty centers or use cosmetic products to nurture and cleanse your skin rather than changing your skin tone.

Over to you!

Well, it is often said that “Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.” Although partially true, I believe that beauty is the reflection of what you feel about yourself. The more confident and positive you’re about the body, the more beautiful and attractive you are to everyone.

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