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Adult Acne – Fight With Simpe DIY Methods

Adult acne is the nightmare for most of the women who are in their twenties or early thirties. These acne are completely different from the acne you get in teens. Most of the time, you get acne on the T Zone of your face, but

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Nude Makeup – A New Trend in Town

The latest makeup trend this year is the nude makeup. Most of the celebrities all over the world are going for nude make up which basically is enhancing your natural look so your skin looks without much makeup yet fresh and flawless. Nude make up

Old School New Body – 5 Steps to Looking 10 Years Younger

Living healthy is the most important thing for women besides looking vibrant and younger. Today, many women either use different cosmetics, go for surgeries to look younger. Hiding wrinkles, fine lines near eyes or mouth, getting rid of uneven skin tone seems to be priorities

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Women’s Day – Remembering The Lost Face OF Sayra Bai

Today is the 365th Women’s Day. All around the word, women celebrate their empowerment and freedom. For me this is not a day for women empowerment but more of celebrating the boon of “Being Women”. Kids thank mother, husband thanks his wife, brother thanks sister, father thanks