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Tone Up with Top Five Fitness Channels on YouTube

Gym is becoming the necessity for those who wants to get a perfect figure. I agree on the point that gym does help you to tone your body to some extent. But, once you leave the gym, your body get again in that previous bulky

7 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Jogging

To become healthy, we need to do some kind of exercise at least 5 days a week. But, this sometimes becomes an impossible task because of our hectic schedule or the lazy side of the brain telling us to remain asleep. The best way to

12 Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Having a perfectly equipped gym is a dream of every women who wishes to stay fit and more importantly have a toned body. Women play different role in their life. They do job, take care of home, do cooking, look after kids, the list seems

8 Helpful Jogging Tips For Women

Jogging is a great physical activity that does not require athleticism or expensive equipment. It’s a fantastic cardio workout, too! To help you get started, here are some jogging tips for beginners that can make the exercise fun and beneficial. 1. BE AWARE OF ANY PHYSICAL