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Diet Myths Debunked

Diet Myths Debunked: 7 Weight Loss Myths You Must Know

We never question the “Diet Fact” said to us which are wrong as many of these so called healthy eating facts are the biggest diet myths one can adapt. It’s time we peel the platitude of the health knowledge and test all the research which

Remedies to Control PMS

PMS Depression: 7 Effective Ways To Overcome Period Blues

PMS depression is a bad omen every woman face during periods. Apart from the cramping, bloating and unnecessary craving, women tend to get emotionally stressed. No matter how many pep talks you do with yourself, there is no end to control mood swings during PMs.

Tampons or Pads

Tampons vs Pads – Which one is Right for You?

Few days ago, I saw a post about a girl (young model) who lost her leg because of the Tampons she used. After reading the article, I was a bit shocked that a really small thing can do such a severe damage to your body