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BBQ – A New Trend among Vegetarians in India

Most of the people love to enjoy a good barbecue meal and it’s unquestionable that all the focus is either on meat or seafood like prawns and snags. But in India, among all this, what do you feel a vegetarian will do? Either they stick

India – Land of Multi Cuisines

The traditional food of India is widely appreciated all around the world. Indian cuisines are known for its rich taste and fabulous use of all kind of herbs and spices. The herbs gives a unique taste to any dish as well as it makes the

Hydrating Drinks for the Rainy Season

Rainy season has finally entered in most parts of the country. But, it’s not really a relief as there still lot of humidity, dust winds and continuous changing weather that affects our body. Most of us face either some kind of stomach problem or health

3 Ways to Store Your Wine Indoors

When it comes to wine, this fine quality drink is really difficult to preserve indoors. Unless you have the ideal storage options, the room temperature, climatic features and even light can alter the taste and make your favorite wine turn into an unpleasant experience. So