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Dark Underarms – What are the Main Reasons and Causes?

Are dark underarms stopping you wearing sleeveless tops, swimsuits or going to a salon for body treatment? There are many remedies to get rid of dark underarm problems. But, first you need to know the reason behind the cause of dark under arms. So, here is the list of things that might be the reason behind your dark underarms.

  • Shaving: If you are using razor to remover underarm hair frequently, then you might be facing the problem of dark underarms. The main reason behind this is the uneven removal of hair. Razor removes the hair but unevenly, which make your underarms appear darker. This also happens if you use hair removal cream on your underarms. Instead, try using Epilators or reduce the use of razors.
  • Excessive Use of Deodorants: You might be seeing deodorant ads everyday that promises to keep you fresh and scented all day long. What we don’t know is these deodorants are chemically based and regular use of these deodorants near your skin can leads to pigmentation, resulting to permanently darker armpits. The best way is to apply it from distance on skin.
  • Layer of Dead Cells: The main reason behind darker underarms could be the result of accumulation of dead cells on underarm skin. The best way is to daily use gentle exfoliation scrub on your underarms daily. This will slowly but definitely remove dead cells from your skin.
  • Friction: Wearing too tight clothes especially on the underarms area can lead to darker underarms. Skin of underarms is very thin. Continuous friction thus can lead to darker underarms. Try wearing loose clothes especially in summers when you sweat a lot.
  • Hereditary: I really don’t  know the main reason how hereditary can leads to darker underarms. For what I have researched, it can be because of excessive weight gain, hormonal imbalance and pigmentation on underarms. If you have darker underarm problem due to hereditary reason, its best to visit a good skin specialist for remedy.

Most of regular habits can cause major skin darkening problem in our body. However, getting rid of this problem is possible with some simple home based remedy and some precaution to avoid further damage.

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