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Dekh Le – Women Empowerment Film By Whistling Woods International Crosses 359K Views In 5 Days

To honor, the symbol of courage, Nirbhaya who passed away last year on 16th December, Whistling Woods International (WWI), an institute for studies in film, media and fashion, release a YouTube video on the same day this year to drive awareness on Women Empowerment. The video titled ‘Dekh Le’, which has been issued in public interest by WWI has already picked up quite well among the online viewers who watched the video over 349k times in just 5 days of its launch.

Already it has been a year since that horrific gang rape case in Delhi, but till date we hear news about rapes, sexual assualt, molestations cases almost every day. Specially in India, men look at women in public places as if they are watching a display item, as though women exist on a television screen. But, in reality, these women do see the men staring at them, and those stares make them feel not only uncomfortable and objectified today, but downright unsafe as well.

This short film ‘Dekh Le’ produced by WWI alumni, Ketan Rana is a film on ‘Women Empowerment’ has four different scenarios setup in traffic, on a bus, in a train and in a cafe where women are subjected to ever-pervasive male gaze while going about their daily lives out in the public. But then a reflective surface, be it sunglasses or a necklace, turns these gazes back towards the men.

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