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Diet Myths Debunked: 7 Weight Loss Myths You Must Know

We never question the “Diet Fact” said to us which are wrong as many of these so called healthy eating facts are the biggest diet myths one can adapt. It’s time we peel the platitude of the health knowledge and test all the research which can put a light on all about weight loss myths. This information is very necessary if you want to live healthy, boost metabolism and have healthy weight loss. We have debunked the seven diet myths that need to be corrected if you wish to trim down.

Diet Myths Related To Weight Loss

Diet Myths Debunked

Eat When Hungry:

Eating a meal can be a dilemma for someone who wants to lose weight. The common mistake made by the person is not eating or eating very low quantity when hungry. If you think that eating when hungry helps in weight loss, then you are wrong. As per National Weight Control Registry, one needs to eat food at a small time interval. Adapting this will help your stomach to feel fuller and stop your body to store fat. Also, adopting a right eating habit will also keep your mood uplifted.

Snacking = Weight Gain:

Getting obese by eating snacks hugely depends on what you are eating. Instead of consuming processed food, have fresh fruits, unsalted roasted nuts, or grains like muesli. You can also combine a cup of green tea with your snacks to boost metabolism and hinder calorie deposits.

Adapting Low Carb Diet:

This is a common belief that our body can excrete ketones (fat fragments) through urine by adopting low carb diet. As per a research at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, there is no relation between urinary ketone levels and weight loss. So, adapt healthy eating instead of thinking on how to flush down calories from down there.

Avoid All Fat:

The first thing one needs to understand that removing fat completely from your diet will harm your body. Fats is divided into two basic sections, saturated fat, and unsaturated fat. By picking up, the right fats you can achieve the satisfaction of feeling fuller for a longer time. Try using monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your cooking to make your meal more healthy. The best options of healthy fat are olive oil, avocados, nuts, and fish.

Assess Motivational Level Before Weight Loss:

Well, you need to remain strong when you plan a weight loss regime. When you change your diet, you face a lot of physical and psychological changes that affects your motivation. But, there is not need for getting an assessment done to start a healthy life. If you require a weight loss, just go for it instead of getting confused between the stats and data.

Never Eat After Six:

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Well, most of us become less active at the end of the day. But if you are doing any form of physical activity three hours before going to sleep, it will boost your metabolism, and you might have empty stomach feeling in the middle of the night that can lead to late night munching. The best way is to eat light and healthy three hours before hitting the bed. Also, if you exercise in the morning, you will be increasing the sleeping metabolic rate for sure.

Protein Rich Diet to Burn Fat:

Even if you are doing the HIIT or Cardio exercise on a regular basis, you won’t require much of protein. Our body needs the healthy amount of protein to build tissues and muscles which can be easily attained by pulses, nuts, eggs and skinless chicken. So, instead of on fretting about protein rich diet, adopt healthy eating for a healthier body.

That’s it.

So, we have busted all the weight loss myths that you believed are true. If you have busted any such diet myths feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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