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Wedding Special: Dieting Tips for Brides To Look Fit Before the Big Day

Looking good on the wedding day is important for every girl. As discussed in my previous article, I gave you series of fitness exercises to tone different parts of your body. But, for best result, one needs to balance their diet also.

Every bride wishes to look her best on her wedding day resulting too many girls go on a crash diet which can be dangerous for health. Some girls even start taking slimming pills just to lose some extra kilos. What they don’t understand is these short-term plans affects your metabolism that can be harmful to the body. Weight gain among women can be due to various reasons – wrong lifestyle, stress, bad food habits, smoking, drinking or hormonal imbalance. To lose weight in a healthy manner, you don’t need to stop eating instead just “change eating habit”.

So, here are few very simple dieting tips for brides to be followed before the wedding to lose weight in a healthy manner:

Measure Up:

Mirrors are always tricky. If you feel you are fat, the image in mirror will look bulky and gloomy on the other hand if you’re happy, you will see yourself. No matter, how you look, what’s your body shape – you need to accept your body. If you wish to lose some weight, first measure yourself. There are tons on BMI calculator available online. See the results are set some practical goals to lose weight. It’s not healthy and even possible to shed 4 to 5 kilos in matter of few weeks. So, be practical and plan your diet and exercise routine as per BMI not by your dreams.

Team Up:

The first step every person does while dieting is leave their favorite food. Well it’s not bad, but when your enthusiasm wanes down, the first thing you do is hit the freezer to dig some favorite chocolate ice-cream. By morning, you being Idiot cry all over on how many calories you have gained. The best thing you can do is team up with the person who also wishes to lose weight like your best friend, sister or anyone close to you. This way you can lose weight and there will be someone to watch on you if you get distracted by a piece of sweet.

Be Busy:

Boredom can lead you to the den of junk food. So, beat the boredom with any of your favorite activity. Do gossip, go to parlor, check out latest fashion on store or just start bitching. Anything that keeps up distracted from going to junk food.

Pack Snacks:

Hunger is the only thing that can stop women from shopping. Food temptation lurks around every corner of shopping mall to tempt you to take all those unhealthy calories. If you are going out for shopping or watching movie, pack your snacks where ever you go. You can carry some nuts, fresh fruits with you. Start munching whenever you are free with a bottle of cold water. This is the best and healthiest way to calorie-laden temptation at bay.

Eat At Home:

Eating out not only put lot of weight on your stomach but also on your wallet. Best, prefer homemade food especially at dinner time. Cook some of your favorite dishes in healthy way with your family and friends. I guarantee, you will enjoy every meal cooked at home.  

Stay Hydrate:

Glowing skin, healthy body, good metabolism – every single thing can be achieved by just glass full of water. It’s no wonder that most of the dietician, beauticians and doctors suggest people to have 12 to 15 glass of water daily. So, are you have you got yourself a glass of water?

Have Cheat Day:

Keeping away from sweets can be difficult and frustrating. So have a cheat day if you have avoided junk food for weeks, exercised daily and practiced all the healthy things you have decided. This will give you boost and sense of achievement.

There comes a time where you become jaded in wedding planning process. Maybe the venue is not right, the flowers you want or out season and your weighing scale is not giving results as per your liking. Whether you lose 1 kilo or 5 kilos in month, remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t achieve your goal. Your fiance will continue to love you, family will adore you and you will be always the prettiest bride in the world for people who love you.

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