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Understanding ED: What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and its Common Reasons

Satisfying your sexual partner or giving the best sexual pleasure to your partner has always been taken as a challenge by most men. Men often consider it as a thing of pride when it comes to their performance in bed. However, irrespective of how important performance is for men, not many talk about the problems such as Erectile Dysfunction that is quite prevalent even younger men today.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical terminology used to denote the inability to perform satisfactorily sexually. The recent survey by the experts shows that at least one among five men suffers from this disorder and the numbers increase with age. Even though, over 50% of men between 50 and 70 years experience varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, there are no hard facts that suggest that ED is caused because of aging.

Erectile Dysfunction And its Causes

Specialist doctors believe that ED is caused due to both physical and psychological reasons and with proper health care and adapting a healthy lifestyle could ward off the problem for you. Latest research also shows that erectile dysfunction is most among men with heart related diseases, diabetes or an inactive lifestyle. Hence, if you are worried about your sexual performance lately then it’s time to add regular exercise and a healthy diet into your lifestyle which is highly important to ward off the risk factors that results into erectile dysfunction.

Most Common Reasons Leading to ED

ED is a condition, mostly seen in men above 40 which is the age limit when most men start getting inconsistent erections while in some cases only brief erections. However, there are no proven theories that connect ED with age directly.

So now the question arises about the most common reasons that lead to Erectile Dysfunction in men. As discussed earlier, ED can be caused due to both physical (i.e. Diseases) and psychological factors.

Sexual arousals in male are highly dependent on psychological triggers that stimulate the blood flow around the penis causing an erection. If any factor whether psychological or physical is disturbed, it will result into premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The physical causes for erections are highly dependent on the blood flow within the body. Hence, the body needs to be healthy and physically active for better performance. On the other hand, psychological triggers are activated due to the emotions or thinking of the person.

Any cause of unhealthy condition related to the heart that pumps the blood into different parts of the body can cause hindrance in the physical event of arousals. Ailments such as diabetes, any cardiovascular or heart related conditions can result into erectile dysfunction in men. Any kind of kidney disorder can also cause ED in men. Unhealthy habits such as chain smoking and excessive alcoholism are also among the known causes that are responsible for erectile dysfunction in men.

Besides the physical disorders, there are many psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear of sexual failure, as well as any side effects from prescribed drugs. These psychological ailments don’t allow the men to focus properly while in the bed which leads to either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Most commonly, it is just a matter of getting your mind to focus on sex and having pleasure by getting rid of any thoughts that lead to stress, anxiety, fear or depression.

Too Much P*rn: Good or Bad?

Many people believe that excessive masturbation or watching too much p*rn can cause erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders. Although, these factors can lead to erectile dysfunction or low performance in bed, they are certainly not the main causes.

For me, excess of anything has its own disadvantages whether its smoking, drinking, working, spending a lot of time on computer or Smartphone, or even watching p*rn. Of course, too much p*rn will be bad eventually as it will make you inactive and cold when it comes to sexual performance as real life is way more simple than what we see on p*rn videos. Once your emotional trigger is set on such visuals, it becomes hard to get it active at normal scenarios.

There are many people all over the globe who find sexual pleasure in intense pain or bondage. These folks don’t get sexual arousals unless there is any kind of intense pain or bondage involved in the sexual encounters. The same principle applies on p*rn addiction as well. Watch too much p*rn and masturbating rigorously multiple times a day can lead to a stage where normal sexual encounters don’t stimulate arousal in the body which eventually results in erectile dysfunction.

So, what’s the remedy?

Sex is one of the most important parts of our lives and there’s no way any civilized society would abolish it. Hence, sexual performance is the key for men to satisfy their partner and lead a healthy stress-free life.

To prevent any sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, you should start leading a healthy life that includes regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet. It is in the best interest of everyone if you quit smoking and drinking. If not quit, then it is highly essential both for your health and sexual life to moderate the amount while smoking and drinking.

If you feel a lot of stress, anxiety, fear or depression from your day to day tasks, it is highly advised to consult an expert counselor who can help you fight these psychological disorders and assist you to lead a healthy life both physically and mentally.

The best way to counter ED is to consult a Sexologist who can advice better to overcome this sexual disorder as well as would recommend the best treatment and drugs highly effective to help you perform better sexually.

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