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Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil: Know the Difference

As the fan following of essential oils is growing, the confusion on what they are is also on the rise. While shopping, most of the customers get confused between essential oils and fragrance oils. If you are a novice, then both oil will look same, smell sweet but in reality, these two oils are poles apart. If you are looking for something to improve health and calm the senses, you got to know the main difference both the oils. Hence, we decided to post an article on Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil to help the readers know the difference.

While both essential oils and fragrance oils offer great fragrance in a pleasant way, the effect of essential oils is much more profound and contribute in a positive way for overall health. Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are lovely but the enjoyment of fragrance is for short time while the benefit to health is negligible. To know more about how both the oils are different from each other, continue reading below.

Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil

The primary factor that distinguishes essential oil and fragrance oil is the way they are made. Essential oils are usually created using a thorough distilling process. Most of the essential oils are extract using flowers, herbs, fruits, and different natural ingredients. On the other hand, fragrance oils utilize synthetic compounds having few or no natural ingredients.

Essential Oil vs Fragrance Oil

It doesn’t mean that fragrance oils don’t hold any value. Most of the fragrance oils are used to enhance the overall freshness of the surroundings. Regarding health benefits, essential oils are much more useful and beneficial compared to fragrance oils.

Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils in Candles

Today, almost every person wants to go for aromatherapy to relax their stressed nerves. Lighting fragrant candles are one of the ways to enjoy aromatherapy without any fuss. Candles manufactured using essential oils are pricey compared to the fragrance oils which are a lot cheaper. Synthetic fragrance oils contain chemicals and petroleum by-product that might cause allergic reactions. Instead of artificial fragrance, pick candles that include essential oils of flowers, plants or herbs.

Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils in Candles

These candles have spot aroma but inhaling the smell will do positive effects on the body. In terms or fragrance for Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils in Candles, the synthetic oils throw more sent while natural will be mild in the background. While with everyday research, scented candles are manufactured using safe products, it is crucial to choose the one which is beneficial to health.

Fragrance Oil vs. Essential Oil in Soap

It will be wrong to say that all fragrance oils contain chemical as today manufacturers are using plant-based scent to enhance the aroma. Still, fragrance oil added in soap might not be the best thing to try on as it tends to dry the skin. Many premium qualities of essential oils are beneficial to skin and hair. The authenticity of high usage of essential oil can be seen by people buying soaps and shampoos containing different essential oils.

Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil in Soap

In soap making, essential oil works the best. People with sensitive skin opt for such soaps as it offers great aroma and contains no chemical what so ever. So, for Fragrance Oil vs. Essential Oil in Soap, we advise you to pick the soap made using essential oil as they hydrate the skin, improve skin texture and effective in fighting skin problems.

Are Fragrance Oils safe to Use Instead of Essential oils?

Well, buying fragrance oils or essential oils depend on the person. Essential oils are organic, chemical free and manufactured using distillation process that retains the benefits of herb, flower or fruit. In fragrance oils, some part of the natural ingredient is mixed with petroleum product and chemicals to enhance the fragrance. Research shows that using fragrance oil can cause a severe reaction to vomiting, rashes, dizziness, cancer, and pregnancy issue.

Are Fragrance Oils Safe

On medical terms, both fragrance oil and essential oil should be avoided by kids, pregnant women, old age people, or those who are suffering from chronic diseases. Essential oils are in use since ages because of its immense benefits to mind, body, and soul.

Wrapping it up!

On end, we can say that in comparison of Essential oils v/s Fragrance oil, we found that essential oils are way safer to use compared its chemical counterpart. Fragrant oil is simply a fleeting mood booster or a substance to aromatize the surrounding. At the end of a day, choose the one which is beneficial to your mind and body both.

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