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Essential Oils for Depression – How Essential Oils Can Counter Depression?

Do you know that several people including kids are suffering from depression? Yes! One of the biggest factors is stress, and due to it, depression can happen. However, apart from stress, there are other factors that cause depression such as failure, genetic vulnerability, medical conditions as well.

Sometimes even hormonal misbalance can cause depression to few people. But to give you some relief you can surely try out essential oils for mood lifting. Essential oils are the oils that are directly extracted from the medicinal plants. There are certain essentials oils that can easily cure your depression without much trouble.

How can essential oils help counter depression effectively?

Essential oils are great for any kind of skin issues as we all know. However, they can also be very beneficial for depression. As to cure depression, all you need is a lot of relaxation. Essential oils have some great aromatic smell that provides instant relaxation to the body and mind. This automatically helps to cool the body down. These oils directly hit the limbic system and turn on your mood and thus they can prevent depression.

6 Effective Essential Oils for Depression:

Here are top 6 essential oils for depression recipes to help you in your anxious moment.

Lavender Essential Oil:

One of the best essential oil for depression is none other than lavender essential oil. It is highly popular and the aroma is so soothing and relaxing. Lavender essential oil is one of the uplifting essential oils.

You can use it directly by rubbing it onto your feet, palms or ears. However, since this oil is strong, you can mix it with any carrier oil and apply it onto your face for an instant uplift.

Bergamot Essential Oil:

Have you ever tried the smell of grey tea? Well! That is exactly the smell of bergamot. It is citrusy and contains limonene which helps while in depression.

You can mix and match other oils along with the bergamot essential oil and also can rub directly onto your writs or feet for extra relaxation.

Grapefruit Essential Oil:

Another essential oil used in aromatherapy is Grapefruit essential oil. It is one of the best essential oils for anger and can give you a great happy mood.

You can use it as a diffuser or you can put a drop of it in your shower and get instant rejuvenation and refreshment.

Sandalwood Essential Oil:

If you are the food of warm and woody smell, then sandalwood essential oil is for you. It helps to increase your mental stability and has therapeutic properties. This essential oil also helps to improve your sleeping quality.

You can rub it on to your wrist or palms or apply it directly. Another way to use this oil is to mix it along with carrier oils such as orange essential oil to decrease the levels of cortisol.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:

Ylang Ylang essential oil is directly extracted from the medicinal tropical tree itself and it has some incredible benefits. It also helps to promote hormonal balance and is one of the great essential oils for happy mood.

You can take a little bit of this oil and then rub it onto your feet and forehead to provide extra goodness and relaxation.

Jasmine Essential Oil:

Jasmine essential oil is extracted from the flower itself and has great calming and cooling properties. It helps to stimulate the brain and uplift the mood within some time.

You can use it directly to cure your anxiousness or simply take vapor of the oil to calm yourself down.


So now that you know about essential oils for depression, you can easily pick any one of them for yourself and lift your mood to accomplish better and greater things in life.

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