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Skincare Essential Oils: Amazing Essential Oils for Skin Repair and Skin Ageing

For centuries, people all over the world have been using essential oils to attain beautiful skin, lustrous hair, treat various health ailments or just for attaining a healthy body. Essential oils don’t just smell nice, the potent plant extracts are the holy grail to achieve flawless skin, fight wrinkles and diminish pigmentation.

Picking out the best essential oil for skin care can be a task when you are using them for the first time. Some essentials oil is used to treat skin problems like acne, spots and aging while others can be used to improve skin quality no matter if you have dry, oily or normal skin.

In this article, we have noted down best essential oils for skin repair and reversed the skin aging. Also, you will know the correct way to use an essential oil on the skin to avail maximum benefits.

Best Essential Oil for Skin Repair:

If you have dull skin, pigmentation or acne issues, here is the list of best essential oils for skin repair. These essential oils are easy to use, works with all skin types and on all age group.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

This essential oil has been used since ancient times for skin repair. Frankincense oil contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the appearance of fine line, increase skin elasticity, even out skin tone and works a miracle on hyperpigmentation.

Turmeric Essential Oil:

Known as superfood around the world, the golden root veggie is being used to treat many health ailments, but now turmeric essential oil is being used by many people to reverse the skin damage. If you have acne, inflammation, uneven skin tone or facing any other skin disease, using turmeric oil on a regular basis will help repair the skin cells much faster. Curcumin present in turmeric is known to smooth skin while the antioxidant properties protect skin from environmental pollution.

Rose Essential Oil:

When the search is for an essential oil that hydrates skin, soften and work as astringent on the skin, you pick Rose oil. This face oil is a mild essential oil that works best for dry skin and sensitive skin. If you are looking for natural serum substitute that keeps the skin in best shape, then go for rose essential oil.

Best Essential Oils for Skin Ageing

We always wish to look best despite the growing age. To maintain youthful skin, here is the list of best essential oils to slow down skin aging and fight all types of skin aging problems.

Lavender Essential Oil:

The best oil to fight skin aging issues is the lavender essential oil. Most of the skin problems occur due to stress, wrong eating habits and application of chemical based products on skin. Lavender oil is easy to use and can be applied daily to the face to reverse skin aging, fight wrinkles and hydrate the skin from deep.

Rosemary Essential Oil:

Another great option is rosemary essential oil that is voted as the best essential oil for skin aging. Similar to lavender oil, it gets rid of free radical that damage the skin. One can apply rosemary oil by diluting it in a carrier oil to reap its benefits.

Geranium Essential Oil:

This delicate floral oil is active when you are using it to achieve ageless skin. Geranium contains anti-inflammatory properties that slows skin aging, improve skin quality, even skin tone and works as a shield on the surface.

How to Use Essential Oils for Skin?

Essential oils are getting popular because of its incredible results to treat health ailment, skin problem, and scalp issues. We all know that essential oils have incredible healing properties. There are various texts on using specific oil to address skin issues like acne, flaky skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

But, to get the maximum benefits of essential oil, you need to pick an oil that suits your skin type, treat existing skin problem and moisturize the skin. When using essential oil for the first time, always go for a patch test. Mix two to three drops of essential oil in a carrier oil like almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil before applying on the skin.

To treat specific skin issues like acne, use any one essential oil that suits your skin and directly apply it to the affected area. If you have sensitive skin, use two to three drops in your facewash, pack, serum or cream to get maximum benefits.There are Photosensitive essential oils which should never be applied while going under the sun as they cause severe sunburn on the skin.


Essential oils are suitable for aromatherapy but they can give miraculous results on skin. If you wish to pamper the skin, get rid of signs of aging or any other skin problem, we recommend using essential oils. If you tried any of these oils do let us know which worked best for you.



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