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6 Excellent Essential Oils To Help You Sleep Better

Falling asleep as soon as you hit the bed seems like a surreal thing for the youngsters today. With the excessive use of mobile phones and busy lifestyle, there are times when you remain wide awake even you are about to sleep. The struggle is real when it comes to having a sound sleep every day.

Lack of sleep not only reduces the productivity; it can be proven harmful to the health. If you have trouble in sleeping or facing insomnia, then before turning to medication, experiment with essential oils that are proven to lower down stress hormones and act as a natural sedative.

Best Essential Oils for Sleep and Anxiety


There is no surprise in seeing lavender essential oil on the top list of essential oils for deep sleep. Lavender oil is the most common and practical remedy to cure insomnia. A study shows that using lavender in aromatherapy will help relax stressed muscles and put you in a deep sleep with ease.


This citrus smelling cold pressed essential oil is said to give a positive effect on the stressed mind. Bergamot is like any other citrus oils, but you just need few drops on your pillow to calm the nerves for enjoying a sound sleep. A word of caution Bergamot essential oil is highly photosensitive and makes your skin burn under the sun. Never use this oil under the sun as you might wake up with a severe sunburn case.

Roman Chamomile:

Chamomile is known for soothing, calming and relaxing properties. Whether you are drinking in the form of tea or applying it as an essential oil, the floral scent of Roman Chamomile will bring out a peaceful ambiance in the bedroom so you can enjoy a sound sleep.


Used in most of the Asian countries, sandalwood essential oil has a soothing smell. Though this essential oil is expensive, just a few drops of sandalwood oil will aromatize entire place for the whole night. Sandalwood oil is also proven effective in reducing migraine effect.


The earthy smell of this essential oil can bring peace to the ambiance. Mostly used in a diffuser, the cedarwood essential light floral fragrance enhances the ambiance yet doesn’t overpower the senses. If you desire a relaxing ambiance at the workplace, just use cedarwood oil and enjoy its calming effects.


Never heard of flower “YlangYlang.” Not so popular but extremely useful essential oil to reduce anger, stress, nervous irritability and tension, YlangYlang oil is helpful for those who are depressed or lead a stressful life. This flower is so noted that the chief ingredients of this flower are used in the famous perfume Chanel No. 5!

How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep?

There are so many essential oils for sleep available in the market, that a novice is bound to get confused. Also, picking the essential oil works best for you can be a task? Since each person is different, specific oil can make you feel relaxed while other will put straight into dreamland. Finding the best essential oils for deep sleep is somewhat a trial and error method. But, once you discover the perfect list of essential oil, the sleep problem will no longer exist for you. Here are the tips on using essential oil before you hit the head.

Topical Application:

One of the easiest way to apply essential oil by rubbing few drops on the back of neck and bottom of the feet. If you have sensitive skin, mix it with any base oil like almond or coconut oil and rub it on the skin. This method is highly effective with lavender oil which also enhances the skin texture.

Aroma Therapy:

Another best way to use essential oils for sleep and anxiety is by aromatherapy. All you need is a suitable diffuser and bottle of essential oils that calm your senses. Pick the diffuser that is branded, got reviews from many customers and comes with a warranty. Before using essential oil in a diffuser, make sure to read instruction and never go overboard with oil as the powerful smell might give you a headache. Just use 2 to three drops with a bit of water in the diffuser, and you are all set for aromatherapy.


Essential oils are now easily available in most of the big shopping portal. All you must do is a bit of research before ordering them online. Use essentials oils from a branded company to avoid any reaction. Always go for a patch test to prevent any significant reaction from the oil. Hope with the list of essential oils for deep sleep; we attempted to guide towards a holistic approach to fight anxiety and stress.

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