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Get Rid of Dark Underarms Using Natural Therapy

Most of the women face the problem of dark underarms. This is not any disease or medical problem, but a simple dark coloration of skin in the underarms. The main cause of dark underarms are regular shavings, excessive use of hair removal creams, sweating, wearing too tight clothes, accretion of dead cells. Use of alcohol based deodorants and obesity.

Having dark underarms is embarrassing but you can easily come over it by getting rid of these dark patches with simple homemade remedies. These remedies are safe to use, extremely effective and affordable. So, try any one of them to get rid of dark underarms without being worried of side effects.

  • Cucumber: Known for its bleaching properties, cucumber juice is a great way to lighten underarms skin. Cut fresh cucumber slice and apply on the affected area. If you got any cut or blister on your underarms, crush cucumber and mix pinch of turmeric in it. Having antibacterial properties, turmeric will heal the wound while cucumber will lighten the dark patch.
  • Potato: This vegetable contains a mild acidic property which acts as bleaching agent on skin. Either u can cut thin slices of potato on your underarms and let your skin absorb potato juice or you can grate it and apply on the underarms. For the best results, apply daily. The best part of using potato is that it won’t cause any kind of skin irritation.
  • Lemon: The citric fruit as a natural cleanser on skin, also it acts as a powerful anti-septic. Lemon is works as a miracle on underarms skin problem. Lemon juice is the best way to remove dead cells layers from the skin. While applying lemon juice, make sure you don’t have any cuts as it might sting. Also, make sure that lemon juice should be washed within 15 minutes as it tends to make skin dry. You can apply moisturizer after application to restore softness in the skin.
  • Gram Flour: This great ingredient to dead cells from underarms. You can easily make a whitening pack at home. Take a handful of gram flour and mix with yogurt and few drops on lemon juice. Apply on your underarms and leave it to dry. Wash it cold water after at least half an hour. Use this pack daily for best results.

Underarm skin is very sensitive. If not taken proper care of, it can turn dark due to formation of dead cells. You don’t need fancy products and cream to get healthy skin. Just go to the kitchen and you got all the remedies lying on your cabinet.

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