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Women’s Day – Remembering The Lost Face OF Sayra Bai

Today is the 365th Women’s Day. All around the word, women celebrate their empowerment and freedom. For me this is not a day for women empowerment but more of celebrating the boon of “Being Women”.

Kids thank mother, husband thanks his wife, brother thanks sister, father thanks daughter – this day every role of a woman is respected. Even as a daughter, I call or meet my mother to thank for giving me birth, freedom, and power of correct thinking.

Till this day, I never forget one women who was there with me when my own mother wasn’t there to hold me. Still remember her warm hug whenever I used to raise my hands just to feel secure. I still remember the feel of her rough hands when she used to bathe me, feed me, get me ready, or made me walk. Her broken teeth smile when I used to do antics to get attention. Hazy memories always filled my heart when I remember this mother who didn’t gave me birth but holds a very high place in my memory.

Sayra Bai, my Aaya who used to wear maroon saree covering her head. Her completion was dark and skin wrinkled. She had rough hands as she worked in Construction Company. I remember people calling her bad omen as she was a child widow. She had night blindness problem, still she was there for me in the night too.

Even with so many hardships, I remember her working with smile. She was the one who taught me to fold my hands in front of God though being a Muslim. Still remember her specially cooked tomato rasam when I used to get cold. A women who took care of me, kept me clean, healthy, and gave me freedom to play in dirt. She was paid nominal fees and food to take care of me but in return she gave me one priceless thing – “Motherly Love”

On this Women’s Day… I thank you Sayra Bai for the love you have given me as a child. Hope to give same kind of love and strength to my child one day….. Respect and Love to woman who made me stand.

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