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Top 10 Yummy Tummy Healthy Breakfast Ideas of India

As a vehicle needs fuel to run similarly we need energy to work all the day. The main source of energy for us comes from the food we eat on a daily basis. A nutritious diet is also very helpful to be healthy and active all the time.

But have you ever thought of the best time to refill your energy bar? Or what is the best time when your metabolism is on the high?

If not, then let me disclose this to you. Morning breakfast is the best time to recharge yourself as well as it’s the time you wake up when your metabolism process is on the high. Hence it’s must to eat a healthy breakfast everyday in the morning that keeps you full all the day till lunch and keeps you fresh and active for all your daily chores.

But, the question is what to cook for breakfast?

Don’t worry; we have listed 10 healthy breakfast dishes popular in India that are easy and fast to cook as well as very healthy for your body.

  • Parathas: This is the most popular breakfast options among North Indian families. Parathas are made from wheat flour with fillings made from different vegetables. The most popular variations of Indian Parathas are Aaloo Paratha, Methi Paratha and Gobi Paratha. In many parts of Gujarat, the similar dish are called Theplas.
  • Upma: My favorite breakfast item, upma is a made from Semolina. This breakfast option can be ready in a few minutes and taste better when fresh vegetables are added. It is also very healthy and is good enough to keep you active all the day.
  • Eggs in Breakfast: Eggs are considered to be the ideal breakfast as they are rich in proteins which are helpful in keeping you energetic all the day. Also you can make many different egg breakfast such as Boiled Egg, Masala Omelet or even Egg Sandwich – cook it any way, Eggs can make your breakfast healthy.
  • Poha: Made from flattened rice, Poha can be cooked in very little time but still it is one of the most tasty and healthy breakfast option. Just throw some veggies like onion, peas in a nonstick pan, soaked Poha with some chilies, dry masalas and stir for a while and you have a tasty breakfast ready.
  • Oat Meal: Oat Meal is considered to be the best meal for those who are dieting or are very health conscious. This is a great breakfast option for diabetic people too. Oats can also be taken by milk or if you like spicy food then you can enjoy some Oat Upma too.
  • South Indian Breakfast: In a recent study it was declared that the most popular South Indian dish “Idli-Sambhar” is the most nutritious Indian Breakfast. Packed with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, Idli is one breakfast which is not made from any masala or oil and still tastes good. If not with Sambhar, then try having Idli with honey, peanut butter or if you don’t want to experiment, have it with the coconut chutney. Other than Idli, you can also include Dosa, Uttapam and many other south indian dishes in your breakfast.
  • Sabudana Khichdi: Mostly consumed in fasting days in India, Sabudana (Sago) Khichdi is one good option for breakfast. Sabudana is full of carbohydrates and starch which gives a boost of energy in morning. It’s easy to digest and keep you full for a longer time.
  • Fruits Punch: This is in fact not consumed pretty much as a breakfast but if you could then having fruits in breakfast is the most ideal way of charging up yourself in the morning. Go for seasoned fruits instead of going for the only ones you love as seasoned fruits are considered to be the most nutritious. You can have fruits sliced up on a plate or go for a fresh fruit juice without sugar or added preservatives, i.e. 100% organic. You can also have some fruits like Strawberries with fresh yogurt to form a healthy breakfast option.
  • Baked Beans Salad or Sprouts: If you are a rigorous workout person, then this is the most ideal breakfast for you if you are a 100% vegetarian. Baked beans or sprouts are full of proteins which actually is necessary to generate energy for extensive work outs. Hence, include these food in your morning meal and be full of energy while exercising to achieve that perfect body.

These are some of the best and healthy breakfast options in India. Always remember that skipping breakfast in the morning can make you lousy or tired all day. So take out a recipe book or watch an youtube video and make these awesome breakfast and make your mornings delightful. 🙂


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