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How I Spent An Inspiring Evening with Kids Preparing for Their Udaan?

Childrens Day Painting ExhibitionChildren’s Day as I remember used to be a lot of fun during school days given the fact that there were no classes on this day. Those memories of every Children’s Day celebrated at School have faded a bit yet I remember getting chocolates from teachers and most of all there used to be singing and dancing events for the entertainment part.

All those memories came back to me yesterday while attending the event organized by Women Planet and Srotoswini Trust Vadodara where 100 kids participated in a painting exhibition at the Kamatibaugh Amphitheatre in Vadodara on the eve of 14th November 2014, i.e. Children’s Day.

The experience was completely blissful to see these kids unaware of what’s going on exactly, unaware of what they are doing, unaware of what future beholds were eagerly participating in painting the canvas set up in a semicircle with ample space for all of them. They also had a Canvas space for Visitors where even I gave a shot at my painting skills. I realized later on that Painting isn’t my cup of tea but then it wasn’t a competition or display of your skills instead it was about displaying your vision and creativity. Although I envied how these small kids were more creative than me, it was yet more inspiring and motivating for me to do what I am best at – i.e. Writing.

So I decided to give a shout out about such a noble cause that these people are doing for these kids.

What’s special about these 100 Kids?

I hate to call them street kids as it will be stereotyping which I am strictly against but then to make my readers aware of them I have to use the term anyhow. These kids belong to poor families who can’t afford sending their children to school and end up giving away their kids into Child Labor. These kids are picked by the volunteers and team members of Srotoswini Trust which indulges in a program called Pathshala to educate these street children.

For me, there can’t be a bigger cause than educating a child. As I don’t believe in Gods, I won’t say Children are closer to Gods. Instead I believe that Children are the most innocent and uncluttered beings. They are in the primary stage of life where they can be nurtured or molded into a specific character with respect to the kind of education they receive.

Education doesn’t mean things what you learn only from schools but it also defines anything that you learn in life with various different experiences. I was fortunate enough to get the much needed primary education because of which I can write today and convey my thoughts to the readers of my blog. At the same time there are lots and lots of kids who are not fortunate enough to get the much needed basic education which can help them become a better person in life by guiding them to make better choices in life.

Hence, a proper education is the birth right of every child. It’s not a favor or aid that we give to these kids but it’s more about giving them a chance, an opportunity that all of us who can read, write and understand today got. Everyone deserves an opportunity. It was my honor actually to be a part of this noble cause where I observed these innocent minds who are willing to make their Udaan!

You can also be a part of their noble cause or please give a shout out about them on your social media profiles. You can find their amazing work here:

2 thoughts on “How I Spent An Inspiring Evening with Kids Preparing for Their Udaan?”

  1. Jonathan Page Acabo says:

    Wow! I always admire those people working for a cause. And this group is one true evidence that humanity is always everywhere and the atmosphere of peace and camaraderie would be achieve if we will try to understand each others differences regardless or religion, race and economic status.

    More blessings to this endeavor. More power to Women Planet and Srotoswini Trust Vadodara!

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Thanks Jon for the valuable feedback.

      Keep Reading!! 🙂

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