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Interesting Question: Mother-in-Law or Monster-in-Law?

Marriage is said to be the most important decision two person make in their life. Either it can take you to a ride of heaven or you live in hell. In India, marriage is not just marrying the person you love, it’s filled with endless rituals, pleasing every person even you hate them actually and being an ideal daughter in law. So, if you are married and have an understanding mother-in-law, sit back and enjoy every moment of your relation. But, if you don’t feel blessed like this or you are about to wed, it’s time to do some research about your mother-in-law for the sake of your future life.

A perfectionist: Now, we all want to be a perfectionist in our life. But, the truth is that we are not. So, your mother-in-law might be the first one to point this thing to you. Perfectionists usually expect everyone around them to behave in way they want. Such situation can be trick and irritating. The best way is to keep hold on to your patience and sanity. The best way is to talk about the way you wish to work.

Interferes often: Do you feel that you are nagged by your mother-in-law every now and then? If so, you might be dealing with a person who is either suffering from depression or behavioral disorder. Not many people accept that they have a tendency to interfere in others matter. Although, with your relation, the best thing you can do is to keep your husband aware of every such matter. If it’s necessary that you listen to them, it’s also important that you should allow sharing your views for your life.

A control freak: You find that your mother-in-law has an opinion about everything you do in your life. Without any hesitation she gives you commands on how you should lead your life and also pretending that she is not demanding. Then it’s a serious problem and you need to cope with the matter fast before it become routine in life.

Barge into the bedroom without knocking: We all shut our bedroom doors to enjoy the private moment with our husband and as far as I know it’s a legal thing. But, not for your mother-in-law!! I don’t understand why they need to check every few minutes on their son. They enter into the bedroom without knocking and pretend to search for a thing which is never there. I wish there is some way I could make them understand that we are not going to eat their son.

Try to influence you: One of the most dangerous things that can happen to you is being influenced by wrong person. Mothers-in-law can be extremely influential when it comes to your household matters. They will without hesitation tell you to keep house in their way or tell you how wrong you keep the house according to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Common, this is 21st century!!! We hardly get a time to talk to each other and now we have to look at how the good vibration can enter into our house.

For me marriage life is all about making every moment special with the person you love. But these small things can slowly break your relations to dust. If you feel that you are losing it, try taking a step and tell your mother-in-law to stop. It’s not that you want her son to be yours only, but its time she starts accepting that you and your husband has a life to live and build a family of your own.

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