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How to Keep Pushy People at Bay?

Every day we spend six to eight hours a day in office with coworkers rather with family. We all want a career and good paycheck, but everything doesn’t come easy especially when you have pushy coworkers sitting on your tail all the time. Dealing with such pushy people needs a strategy. Following are few simple ways to deal with pushy coworkers without putting your job at risk.

  • Be Calm: Being composed at work is important, especially if you have to deal with pushy coworker who throws drama and tantrums. Argument with them is like a ping pong match. If you keep on hitting, the other player won’t stop. All you need to is stop arguing and be cool. Never hesitate in saying “I understand your point, but I need time to think about it before acting on the matter”. This is the best way to get out of an argument and time to think about the best solution for problem.
  • Show kindness: The best way to handle a negative person is to counteract with a positive approach. Try showing your support by saying “I notice that you seem stressed out? Can I help you?” Sometimes few kind words can do the magic you have never imagined. The best way to handle such people is by letting them talk. These people need someone to listen to their voice, so become the listener for a while.
  • Stop being a doormat: There are times when you need to stop arguing and start taking the charge. In such situations, the popular phrase “Action speaks louder than words” should be applied. If someone put a finger on your idea and intelligence, it will be natural to defend yourself. The best way is to first get ready with your point and clearly state your position. All you need is to stand on your ground without giving up till the end.
  • Step out of the conflict: It’s always wise to step away from certain scenario. If a person behaves adamantly despite of conflict resolution, stress management and kindness you show toward them, just stop arguing.  Always remind yourself why you choose this job and what your goals are for future. Stepping out of conflict will always hold you up in the eyes of coworkers in comparison to the difficult person.

Don’t ever let the office stress take a toll on you or on your family life. It’s best to leave all the anger and frustration of work on the office desk rather than carrying on your shoulder till night.

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