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Love Handle Exercises: 5 Best Muffin Top Workouts

Whether you call them love handles or muffin top, losing mid-section fat is a painstaking process. But, there’s nothing to worry more. There are several love handle exercises that could help you get rid of that flab tire around your waist.

Getting rid of the stomach flab, or let say muffin top, can become a tricky task as most of the women are not able to melt down the stubborn fat deposit.

Even if you lose the flab from the front of your stomach, the love handle on the sides don’t budge much because the lack of exercise targeting oblique muscles. If you want to lose muffin top, you need to work out smartly.

By doing cardio exercise or HIIT exercise, you can shed mid-section fat faster. Practice at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise or the strength building exercise followed by some oblique specific love handle exercises for toning your stomach and waist area.

Best Love Handle Exercises:

Love Handle Exercises

To help you achieve a toned mid-section, we have incorporated top five love handle exercises that will help you get rid muffin top quickly and effectively.

Standing Twist:

If you hate doing crunches but wish to lose belly fat then standing twist might do wonders for you. All you need is to master the moves and keep up the speed to burn off the unwanted calories and tone oblique muscles easily. For standing twist, stand feet shoulder width apart with 8 pounds of weight in your hand. Now tighten your abs and twist the torso side to side in a smooth movement until you complete 30 reps each.

Jack Knife Crunches:

This is a low impact exercise for strengthening your core muscles. When you perform jack knife crunches, your movements should be fluid at even pace. Any jerky movements can damage your back muscles. To perform Jack Knife Crunches, lay down on back on yoga met. Stretch your arms above your head and now lift your arms and legs upwards simultaneously so that your fingertips touch your foot. Repeat this motion 30 times to get toned stomach.

Double Crisscross Crunch:

Another core exercise that melts your stomach fat, build entire abdominal wall and tightens oblique muscles is the Double Crisscross Crunch. When you perform this crunch exercise, make sure your lower back sticks on the mat. To get the maximum benefits from your crisscross crunches, make sure your knee stays at 90 degree angle so your torso has to twist more to perform perfect crunch.

Side Elbow Plank with Twist:

Planks are a great way to tone your body, boost stamina, build your strength and tone all the stomach muscles. But, if your target is to get six pack abs, then you might need to perform side elbow plank with twist which will work on your oblique muscles and melts the muffin top. It’s advisable to use yoga mat to practice side elbow plank with twist as it will give arm and legs better grip to balance the body. If you are beginner and finding difficult in balancing the body, twist the leg below for better support. Once you are in position of side plank, twist your body to the mat without losing balance. This way you tighten your oblique muscles making the fat burn with ever repetition.


This is one form of Pilate’s exercise that not only strengthen your oblique muscles but also your back muscles. When you do swimmers, make sure you feel the stretch on your back but not any kind of pain as any jerky movements can lead to a back injury. For swimmers, you have to lie face down on a mat with the arms stretch straight in front of you. Now raise your right arm and left leg for one breath. Do the same with left arm and right leg for 30 reps each.

These love handle exercises are really easy to execute and will only take 5 minutes of your day time. Practicing this routine combined with any kind of cardio exercise will help you achieve greater results and a toned body.

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