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PMS Depression: 7 Effective Ways To Overcome Period Blues

PMS depression is a bad omen every woman face during periods. Apart from the cramping, bloating and unnecessary craving, women tend to get emotionally stressed. No matter how many pep talks you do with yourself, there is no end to control mood swings during PMs. The hard truth is there is permanent cure PMS; still, there are few ways to control PMS mood swings as well as get rid of PMS depression. If interested, then read below on ways to overcome period blues.

How To Control PMS Depression Naturally?

Remedies to Control PMS Depression

Pen Down the Symptoms:

PMS is a real problem and every woman needs to deal with it in a smart way. The best way to write down what you feel is before and during the periods. There are cases where the PMS have lead to depression among many women. Periods takes a toll on your physical and emotional health. So be smart and pen down what you feel. If you think that there is something wrong with you, don’t hesitate to consult ob-gyn.

Improvise Your Diet:

Getting cravings for sweet, salty or oily food is quite normal during periods but you may not know that such foods can make you bloat more, aggravate irritability, spike blood sugar and worsen your depression. The best way to overcome period blue is by adopting a healthy diet. Consume fruits, vegetables and whole grain food week before your period date. Try consuming 3 liters of water as it will help cleanse your system.

Practice Light Exercise:

First and second day of the menstruation cycle is often painful. Even though you don’t feel the energy to move around, try doing light exercise during periods. This will loosen the muscles, lessen cramps, pain and balance your mood swings. Try yoga or Pilates for two days and practice moderate cardio exercise when you feel good. As per the research, women who work out five times a week don’t get affected by the PMS.

Take Multi-Vitamins:

Another reason for a bad PMS might be due to vitamin deficiency. There is not much research done on this but many Ob-gyn feels that multi-vitamins can control PMS issue to a certain extent. Also, these vitamins give energy to a weak body and reduce pain or bloating problem.

Focus on Destressing:

The most important thing you need to overcome period depression is by taking adequate rest during painful days. Get a good sleep as deprived sleep can lead to mood swings and anxiety. If you are still stressed, try foot massage, yoga or meditation that will help you relax mind and body. Try out all the stuff you like and write a journal, so next time while PMSing you will know what to do.

Try Pain Relievers:

Many women complain about backaches, tender breast, headache, and cramping before or during periods. To overcome this problem, you can try some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers (NSAIDs) by consulting your doctor. Make sure you tell all the symptoms to your doctor before taking medicines for PMS as you don’t want to end up with the side effect from medicine.

Try Considering Birth Control:

If you’re not already using a form of birth control that you’re happy with, you might consider trying low-dose oral contraceptives, which may reduce PMS symptoms.

The medications work to even out hormones over the course of a woman’s cycle, Dr. Piscitelli says.

Some women use them continuously instead of in the typical cycle to avoid getting their period, which can also reduce PMS symptoms, though it can lead to breakthrough bleeding.

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